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In 1999 MacCase invented the Apple specific case market. In 2007 we reinvented it with the collection we dubbed
"The Pinnacle of Apple Portable Protection" that you see below, bringing levels of craftsmanship and quality 
heretofore available only from the most prestigious design houses. For the first time, the best laptop computers
had laptop cases that were their equal. Our Collection sets the standard for materials and workmanship offering the
world's best MacBook case, MacBook Air Sleeve, iPad Folio, iPad Air Sleeve and iPad Mini Case designs available.
It's called the "Pinnacle of Apple Portable Protection" because it is.

Leather iPad Case or MacBook Case Value

There is an old adage that you get what you pay for. At MacCase, we could use cheaper
hides than we do to create our shoulder bags, we could remove the details that take longer to
sew one of our leather iPad case and we could skimp on the parts you don't see, like the steel
inserts in our backpacks. But we don't. Our hides are some of the best available and are sewn with
such care that they rival some of the most expensive brands in the world.

You feel this when you pick up our iPad Mini Folio or a MacBook case or when you convert
your Flight Jacket into the slickest MacBook Pro leather backpack available. We hope you choose to
experience the quality of our Collection for yourself and realize like so many of our customers,
what a truly great value these products offer.

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