beat leather ipad 9.7 case bundle


Getting the best of both worlds with the Flight Jacket Bundle.


With the plethora of cases available for Apple tablets, MacCase have come up with something truly unique. The Premium Leather Flight Jacket Bundle includes two of MacCase's most popular models: the Flight Jacket combined with their Mini Folio or Air Folio cases. This bundle promises excellent comfort, high style and proven protection no matter where you are traveling. Whether you use this bundle on a daily basis or choose to bring it along on an extended trip, there are many beneficial features built right into each product. Let's take a closer look at each. 

1.    Premium Leather Flight Jacket – MacCase likes to remind everyone about how one reviewer called their laptop Flight Jackets the "Greatest Laptop Case Ever Designed". Many would agree and their popular model has lost none of it's panache in the scaling down to fit the Apple tablets.  While the case is visually stunning, it's very compact. If you're looking for the absolute minimal tablet shoulder bag, with room for your tablet, kets, wallet, phone and passport and that's about it, this is what you want. If you're a pack rat who brings their entire collection of everything you own with you every time you leave the house you're going to need to look elsewhere. Despite it's diminutive size, iPad Flight Jacket comes equipped with a wide variety of different features including the aforementioned compact design, beautifully lined interior, front and rear flat pockets, a front flap pocket and a removable front storage pouch. There are two colors to choose from including a unique distressed brown vintage hide or a rich, satin finish pebble grain black. 

2.    Premium Leather Air & Mini Folio – Because this is a bundle, the Flight Jacket is combined with the Air or Mini Folio. The current Folio is designed to fit the following models:

a.    Air, Air 2

b.    Mini, Mini Retina, Mini Retina 3

If you need one for an earlier models, give the company a call at 866. 526. 2247

As this is a matched pair of products, the same attributes that make the iPad Flight Jacket so attractive apply to the Folios as well. Bullet proof build quality, tough durable hides that are beautifully stitched together, and lots of functionality. The Folios are more personal and therefore the details that make these products worth the money are more apparent. The richness of the natural material combine nicely with the black ultra-suede interior that absorbs all the ambient light so all you see is screen. It's a nice touch and a next affect. The handmade quality is all over the Folios and you feel good just using it. Colors for the Folios are the same as for the Flight Jackets and if you choose the Vintage, the company will do their best to match the two pieces as each Vintage hide is slightly different which adds to the character of the leather and of the products. 

How Do They Work Together? - Either Folio, the Air or Mini model, fit's in the Flight Jacket without a problem, especially given that the iPad Flight Jacket was designed for the much wider original Apple tablet models. This is a plus as it leaves a bit more room for other items. Because the overall design is basically a case within a case, protection is extremely high and you should not have any issues with your tablet being damaged during transport. There is something wonderful about how the vertical oriented Flight Jacket feels when it's on and your walking with it. It moves with you and is almost not there. Very comfortable. The two products that make up this bundle are visually seamless, elegant and beautiful. They work together the same way. 

 Conclusion: While these products are available separately, this review is about the bundle and since the Folio is going inside the Flight Jacket, you either want a case set up this compact or you don't. If you do, there is nothing quite like what MacCase has created here. These pieces feel like they will last a lot longer than you'll own your Apple tablet they are protecting. Each piece is made with great care and you can feel it. It's a very rare thing in the age of disposable everything. Given the quality, price and functionality, this bundle is an absolute steal. 




Lightweight (relativity)

Highest quality materials and workmanship

Beautifully made



Limited storage for other things

Constantly having to answer questions about your cases



Leather iPad Flight Jacket Bundle - A bargin for the money




Jody K. Deane
by Jody K. Deane December 03, 2013

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