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  • Preview: Luxurious New Premium Leather iPad Air Case
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Preview: Luxurious New Premium Leather iPad Air Case

MacCase Premium Leather iPad  Air Case


MacCase readies new top of the line cases for Apple latest offering


With the release of the new Air in late October, Apple expanded it's tablet offerings with the new model receiving rave reviews. Immediately after it's release, MacCase began work on it's Premium Leather iPad Case for the new Air.

A Brief History of MacCase Apple tablet Cases-

When the original Apple tablet was launched MacCase began working on several cases and bags to transport and protect the new tablet. The result of this effort was the dual designs of the Premium Leather Sleeves, one horizontal, one vertical, a smaller tablet-scaled version of the critically acclaimed, customer lauded Premium Leather Flight Jacket and what was to become the jewel in the crown, the Premium Leather iPad Folio.

The Folio was an all new design, unlike anything that MacCase had ever produced before: Much more complex, requiring more attention to detail, more inherent structure and precise engineering to make these cases work. It was wrapped in a stitch perfect exterior that felt like an heirloom book. The appeal of the distressed leather iPad case could not have been predicted. Users and critics alike we calling the MacCase Folios the best leather iPad cases available.

The professional looking exterior design, the precise execution of the interior and the unsurpassed user experience allowed the MacCase Leather iPad case to become a favorite among industry leaders and executives. A long list of celebrities, power brokers and mover and shakers all walk into their meetings, take out their MacCase Folios, set them on the desk and get to work.

On to the Air Folio-

Getting to the new Air case went smoothly due to the experience gained in designing the previous tablet cases, specifically the Folio. The single biggest element that needs to be created is the interior frame that holds the Air itself. The frame needs to be extremely thin, yet incredibly strong and light. For this, MacCase uses an alloyed steel sheet that is stamped and then welded like a car fender, to create the frame. This method of construction is much more expensive and durable than say, covering some cardboard for the frame and hoping for the best. The result is a very thin, very light but very strong structure that will hold the Air securely yet allow access to all ports and controls. This frame is then covered in black ultra suede so it virtually disappears providing a clean, distraction free user experience.


Open view of The MacCase Leather iPad Case for the new Air


As the interior is being completed, hides are carefully chosen for their soft hand and consistent quality for the exterior. Each panel is sewn, by hand, one at a time. The curved panels making up the exterior design are designed that way to purposely show off the exquisite quality and care that goes into each piece. You cannot put a white stitch on a black hide, especially on a curved panel, unless every stitch is perfect. These new handmade leather iPad cases would be the best MacCase has ever produced.

The new iPad Air Folio case is scheduled to arrive in late Dec. The company will be taking pre-orders for the new Air case shortly before the product is scheduled to be in stock on this page. The color options will be pebble grain Black or the iconic, distressed hides that create their vintage leather iPad case. If you need something immediately, both the Sleeves and the Flight Jackets are compatible with the new Air. Any questions can be answered by calling customer service at 866-526-2247, M-F 8am-5pm PST.

In addition to the new iPad Air Folio, find a wide variety of protective and stylish tablet cases and MacBook Pro cases including sleeves, shoulder bags and Flight Jackets in leather and a standard nylon line of jackets, briefcases, backpacks available at! MacCase is the industry leader in top of the line cases for Apple tablets. 

"This leather iPad case would be like nothing MacCase had ever produced before…"

  • Jody K. Deane

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