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  • The Leather Briefcase and the Powerful Influence of Color
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

The Leather Briefcase and the Powerful Influence of Color

One design, same function, two very different statements.

The MacCase Premium leather briefcase shown in Black

Color has an almost universal way of influencing the things we buy and the colors we buy them in. Take automobiles. A car can take on a totally different character depending on the color. The same car looks much racier in a bright red than it looks in white or silver. Color can also change our perception of what a product is. Look at how effective Apple was at taking people's perception of what a computer was supposed to look like (boring beige box) and turn it on it's head with the introduction of the original Bondi blue iMac. "Thats a computer?" was often heard upon a person first seeing the form.

While we have seen our MacCase designs influenced by the colors we have chosen to create them in, I don't think there has been a product as influenced by color as our new Premium Leather Briefcase. The new fully structured leather briefcase really has two completely different characters depending on which of the two colors you choose.

The MacCase Premium vintage leather briefcase

Our vintage leather briefcase, like all our other vintage models somehow speaks to a distant past and a not too distant future at the same time. Many reviewers have called our designs in that color "retro-futuristic". If you saw one in a movie where the main character rode into the shot on a horse you'd totally believe it.

If you saw one in a sic-fic movie where the main character rode into the shot on a levitating motorcycle, you'd believe that too. As a vintage leather briefcase, the Flight Case is romantic and heroic in a way that the idea of America is heroic. It allows a person to dream of bigger, more exciting things even if they are just waiting for a bus. If a product can operate at that level it's doing something right. We try to make them timeless, without trend and anti-fashion.

The Flight Case vintage leather briefcase embodies all of these characteristics and more. The vintage hides we use insure that no two vintage leather briefcases that bare the MacCase name are exactly the same and will patina in over time so your case will only look like your case. Pure individualism in an age of perfect digital copies.

The black premium leather Flght Case is all business

If the vintage Flight Case is for mavericks and visionaries, the black pebble grain model is all business. It's the most traditionally professional case we have ever made. That's not to say it's traditional. Being vertically oriented keeps it on the cutting edge and out of the "that looks like your fathers briefcase" zone.

If you're moving through corporate America, a law, accounting or real estate office or any other of a hundred possible professions where you want to walk that line between expressing who you are while looking like you're on your way to the corner office, you cannot have a more trusted companion then our new Flight Case.

So you have the one design with the same functionality, yet two very different statements, two very different premium leather briefcases, each about who you are and where you are going based on the color chosen. Whether you choose the vintage or the black, our new leather briefcase has what it takes to get you to where you want to go.

"The vintage leather briefcase embodies all of these characteristics and more…"

  • Jody K. Deane

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