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  • Premium Leather Briefcase: 3 Interesting Customer Reviews
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Premium Leather Briefcase: 3 Interesting Customer Reviews

Though just recently launched, the reviews for the new "Flight Case" Premium Leather Briefcase - Backpack are starting to be added to the Leather Briefcase product page and so far the reviews are a consistent 5 stars across the board. 

Andrie from Vancouver wrote to share his experience : " This Flight Case is just the right size to grab a laptop, a stack of papers, a few accessories, passport, and plane tickets. Design is very lean and functional, the leather and interior padding is excellent quality, everything is top notch. Just the thing I kept looking for for ages, but could not find. For any amount of money. Well done.  "

The first 5 Star review for the MacCase Premium Leather Flight Case leather briefcase

 Scott from Atlanta shared his thoughts: "After buying my new 13in MacBook Pro with Retina display, I couldn't see carrying it around in some ordinary computer bag or backpack.  So I searched for the exact case that was worthy.  The MacCase Flight Case is the ideal case for the task.  Great leather and craftsmanship.  I expect to be using it with this Mac and Macs to come.  Definitely take a look at this vintage leather briefcase if you value quality and style."


5 Star reviews for the MacCase Premium Leather Flight Case leather briefcase

Finally Sylvain from Toronto who had a first run version of the  design  wrote to share : " This new Flight Case is simply fantastic!  It's the perfect size for a 15" Macbook Pro, leaves some room for papers, iPad, and such extras without too much bulk so that you are not encouraged to carry the entire office in it.  The removable pouch at the front is a nice touch. If  you  need more room to maximize  inside storage - get the larger one.  The vertical shape falls naturally down when holding the bag on your shoulder as opposed to a regular (horizontal) office bag that often gets in the way of people in a crowded airport.  It looks and is first class. "


Another 5 Star review for the MacCase Premium Leather Flight Case leather briefcase

Several additional emails have come in from Flight Case owners who are using their Flight Case premium leather briefcase with the leather backpack option almost exclusively. Professor Max from Princeton wrote to tell us he is using the Flight Case as a leather briefcase backpack on campus and is having great results. "The bag holds everything I need for a day in the classroom but wearing the case as a backpack allows me to keep my hands free (to carry my coffee!) which makes getting around campus so much easier." He also mentioned that with most of the students using a backpack of some sort, the Flight Case is sort of the professional version of that, which he appreciated. 

The MacCase Premium Leather briefcase with the optional backpack strap set

Lastly, Karl wrote to us from New York City to tell he's commuting with his Flight Case in backpack mode on his motorcycle. "The case is great. The backpack strap option is substantial and well worth the money. I can really tighten the case down and because it's not bulky, it doesn't affect the handling while I'm riding. When I get to work and take off my riding gear, I unclip the straps and have a fully professional leather briefcase I can take into any meeting. It's just brilliant design all the way around."

The Premium Leather briefcase: backpack functionality without the bulk

One of the great things about putting products like this into the world is you never know quite how people are going to use them. It's great to see MacCase customers using both the black and vintage leather briefcases in so many types of ways in so many different places. If you're a Flight Case owner and would like to leave a review so other potential customers may gain some insight from your experience with the product you can do so here.

"I've been looking for a leather briefcase like this for a long, long time…"


  • Jody K. Deane

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