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  • Preview: The Fabulous New iPad Air Case by MacCase
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Preview: The Fabulous New iPad Air Case by MacCase

When ever Apple releases a new anything, it causes quite a frenzy for third party accessory manufacturers. MacCase is not immune to the storm of activity that follows a new product releases from Apple. With the introduction of the new iPad Air 2, MacCase set about to build a new version of their popular, high end Premium Leather iPad Air case, their Folio. 

While MacCase's Folios are some of the best iPad cases available, the company has been receiving feedback from customers who are looking for marked improvements in the design. MacCase's Premium Leather customer list reads like a Hollywood "A" list.

Celebrities and executives from music, television, motion picture, video and advertising along with people who appreciate the passion that MacCase brings to their products, all choose the MacCase Folio to protect their iPads. The new, updated iPad Air case, should keep this select group very happy. 

One of the standout features about the MacCase Folio is the way it holds the iPad Air in the case. MacCase starts with a clean sheet of alloyed steel and stamp a shape that will, after some bending and welding, become the frame that holds the Apple's venerable tablet.

The problem with this is that you can only stamp the steel so thin before it ceases to function in the capacity you are asking it to. As the glass bezel surrounding the tablet's screen has gotten thinner and thinner with the introduction of the Mini and Air, it's gotten harder and harder to create a frame that sits above the screen that doesn't get in the way and allows access to all the ports and controls.

Especially the home button which now has a built in security ID feature. So the home button, and access to it, has become more important to users than ever and any case looking to call itself, "the best" better allow full access to the new technology.

 Detail of the new MacCase Premium Leather iPad Air case

For the new iPad Air case, MacCase has figured out a way to keep their stamped alloy steel frame, cover it with their wonderful black ultra-suede and still allow full access to the new ID home button. This is a breakthrough. This one change has transformed the Folio case into a world beater.

Yes, MacCase uses the best leathers. Yes, MacCase's commitment to quality boarders on the insane, but if the function is compromised, it's hard to call something the best. Well that compromise has been removed and the new Air 2 Folio really can be considered the best. The new design allows full access to the home button with the frame angling down and around the button in a very stylish way one expects from MacCase.

The shape of the home button cut out mirrors the shape of the new cut out around the front facing camera at the top end of the screen. They work brilliantly and symmetry of the negative shapes created by the cut outs are very pleasing and are a key feature of the new design. 

 Detail of the from facing camera from the new Premium Leather iPad Air Case from MacCase

Additional changes include a widening to rear camera hole which makes room for the new camera location and a new sensor while at the same time making the case fully compatible with the original iPad Air model. MacCase's "SoundBoard" feature which projects the sound out and away from the case is retained and works better than ever. Full access to all the ports and controls continue as a feature of the new design.

 Camera detail from the new MacCase Premium Leather iPad Air 2 Folio Cases

One thing that has not changed, and that has been there since the first iPad case that MacCase created, is the absolute beauty of the thing. The hides are wonderfully soft and expertly stitched. MacCase started their Premium Leather line with a visual theme of using white thread to stitch curved leather panels together.

When you put white stitching on black leather, every stitch has to be perfect. It was perfect from day one, and MacCase has lost none of their commitment to quality with this latest model. If you are looking for a great way to protect your new iPad Air 2 or even the original Air, look no further than this new updated Folio from MacCase


"This new, updated iPad Air case should keep this select group very happy."


The company is accepting pre-orders for the new leather iPad Air case which are scheduled to be in stock in early January. 

  • Jody K. Deane