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  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

MacCase Year in Review

As the year winds down, there is no better time to take stock, have a look back at the year that was and get ready for the year to come. As the creators of the Apple specific case market back in 1999, MacCase has witnessed great changes in the Apple-specific case market over the last decade and a half. What started out as making cases for a small but passionately loyal community of laptop computer users using computers made by a small but passionate computer company has turned into multiple lines of cases, bags, sleeves and backpacks that carry the mobile products made by the biggest tech company in the world. It has been an exciting ride and we expect 2015 to be even more exciting. 

2014 was a transitional year for MacCase. We upgraded to a new e-commerce web platform that took our site into the 21st century (and took 10 years off all our lives!). Our new site offers a long list of feature improvements and an interface that allows for clear navigation to the mac case model you are looking for quickly and easily. For 2015 we are going to roll out videos for each model. Look for them soon. 

In 2014 we said goodbye to almost all of the 17" MacBook Pro models in our line up including the nylon and Premium Leather Sleeves, 17" MacPack Combo, 17" Messenger Bag and 17" V_Carbon Briefcase. We are all big fans of the 17" MacBook Pro here at MacCase and were sad to see it terminated by Apple. Our 17" assortment continues with the 17" Premium Leather Flight Jacket  and standard line nylon Jacket. 

Apple 17" MacBook Pro Laptop

We also said goodbye to our original Premium Leather iPad Folio, hands down one of the best iPad cases available anywhere ay any price. We just sold the last model for the iPad 3/4 during the holiday sale. This iPad case was the descendant of our first iPad Folio for the original iPad. It seems like it was 10 years ago that we launched that first model into a sea of competition. I wonder how many of those iPad case competitors are still around? The legacy of that first  Premium Leather Folio design continues into 2015 with iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini specific models. The new iPad Air 2 Folio is the absolute best iPad case we have ever produced. We really pushed the manufacturing capabilities to get the performance and functionality our customers demand and we want for the product. We are very proud of the update design.

The past year also saw the introduction of our first ever leather briefcase. The Premium Leather Flight Case was our first foray into the mainstream world of leather briefcases and of course, being MacCase, we had to do it a way that the world hadn't seen before. A radical vertical orientation is the hallmark of the Flight Case design. With the long axis of the case aligned with the long axis of your body the Flight Case is probably the most comfortable leather briefcase to carry and wear. If you are someone who spends a great deal of your day moving through crowded airports, crowded planes, crowded city streets, crowded trains and other such environments, nothing else comes close to the maneuverability and comfort of our Flight Case leather briefcase. Built to a maniacal quality standard, the fully structured Flight Case is available in our pebble grain black and distressed vintage hides.

MacCase Premium Leather Bieifcase

Lastly, as the year closes out, we are awaiting the arrival of our brand new Universal Messenger Bags and Backpacks. These products are the future of the MacCase Standard line. They are designed from the found up to be leaders in their segment. They offer storage for both laptops up to 15.4" and any and all tablets and phones. Plus there is plenty of room for other items. They are truly universal in their functionality and pure 21st century digital lifestyle companions. The new Messenger Bags and Backpacks should be in stock and shipping by January 15th. It'll be a great way to kick off the new year. 

MacCase Universal laptop and tablet backpack

Headed into 2015, MacCase is working diligently on new models including new briefcases and jackets to populate our brand new site. We will continue our commitment to make the best MacBook Pro cases and iPad cases available. We would like to thank all our reseller partners, service providers and most importantly our very patience customers without whom we could not exist. 

Everyone at MacCase wishes you all a very prosperous new year. 


  • Jody K. Deane

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