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  • Exciting New MacCase Universal Laptop Messenger Bags Arrive!
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Exciting New MacCase Universal Laptop Messenger Bags Arrive!

The new web banner for the new universal messenger bag

We've waiting a long time. I was checking and there are emails going back to July 2014 regarding the next MacCase messenger bags. All the months of hard work, attention to detail, intercontinental Skype calls and prototype reviews and testing has come to fruition. The new models arrived to our world headquarters this morning. 

One of the great things about working in an entrepreneurial environment like MacCase is that things don't take long to execute. If you have an idea you can get it out of your head and into the real world fast. There are not 10 levels of management you need to get approval from. If the spirit moves you, off you go. Much has been written in this space about the development of the new laptop messenger bags. The universal aspect was a big departure for us. Everyone is very excited about the outcome. We hope the very patient customers who have ben waiting and all future customers will be just was excited.

 Overall the program went very well. With any new product, there are teething pains, development snafus and general uncertainty. The goal was to bring something to market that was truly unique from the price per feature aspect. MacCase has always been a leader in value, whether in our standard of Premium Leather lines. When you compare the feature set, materials, design and price vs. what you get from other manufactures, most of the time the MacCase model will offer a better value. 

For the new designs, that value component was going to be very important. The goal for the whole program was to bring a bag you could do anything with. Laptop and tablet transport and protection combined with a day use bag that was comfortable, light weight, and fun to use. But it had to be under $60. There many messenger style laptop bags for under $60. Many of them are crap. We know, we looked. We even purchased some to check them out for ourselves. Most are missing basic features or use substandard material. When you touch and feel them you get the sense if you bought it, you'd be buying another 6 months from now. You get what you pay for right? The question we asked was could we bring a bag to market with the features and quality of say, an $80-$90 bag for under $60? We feel we were successful in our goal. 

The new Universal Messenger Bags are brimming with wonderful features, details, design elements and style. Many of these features are found on much more expensive bags. Take the fabric used on the front flap. It's what called a "jaguard" nylon with a special diamond texture sewn into the weave. Nylon is more expensive than polyester and a textured nylon is more expensive yet. The textured nylon adds to the sense of quality and distinction to the bag, separating from the hoards of others. Many bags in this price range use a simple polyester bottom panel. The bottom panel is one of the most important surfaces on any bag for the same reason the soles of your shoes are important. It's where the rubber meets the road. For our new messenger bag, we did not use a simple polyester fabric like many other manufactures do. If we did, there is a chance it could wear quickly lowering the value of the product to the customer. We use a heavy textured rubberized plastic fabric. Yes, it costs much more. But in over a decade of making bags, we have never had a single warranty issue concerning our bottom panels. Nor have we ever had a customer contact us about the bottom panel wearing out. Value and quality for under $60.

 zipper detail on the new maccase messenger bags

This type of care, thinking and attention to detail extends to each area of the new model. Custom, soft touch zipper pulls were designed to delight when opening and closing the top of the line YKK brand zippers. The oversized, rubberized pulls have a raised center text that actually functions to aid grip especially in the rain or if you're wearing winter gloves. The BrightSight 2.0 interior is as radical as ever. BrightSight's slogan is "see what you've been missing". With the new white and cyan interior design, you'll never spend another minute riffling through the bottom of your bag because you can't see. It's awesome! As mentioned, many of the features and benefits of the design has been chronicled elsewhere on this blog. Please go back and read the posts. 

We hope that you will choose to make one of our new Universal Messenger Bags by MacCase your bag of choice. If you do, please visit our site and leave your review. Potential customers are waiting to hear what of your experiences and opinion of this exciting new model. 

"The new Universal Messenger Bags are brimming with wonderful features, details, design and style"


  • Jody K. Deane

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