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  • Laptop Case Accessory Pouches Launch New MacCases Unboxing New Video Series
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Laptop Case Accessory Pouches Launch New MacCases Unboxing New Video Series

Customers have been asking for more product information on the MacCase website. We recently moved to a new e-commerce platform and this has given us a chance to expand the options for product presentation.

New features have been added to our product pages. These include larger, higher resolution images  with a mouse over / zoom feature as well as additional text for each image. But everyone here at MacCase felt there was more we could do. We have been discussing what would be the best way to present more product information given the flexibility of our new platform. Everyone agreed that doing some sort of product overview videos would best way to answer the call from our customers.

MacCase Unboxing Logo

The new video series is called "MacCase Unboxing" after the popular youtube unboxing videos. In these (mostly) young people unwrap new products from the actual boxes the products were shipped to them in. The problem with many of these videos is that many parts of the production are poorly executed. Lighting is dark, sound is muffled, and often the person doing the unboxing has no real knowledge of the product.

A potential customer who spends time doing research on the best product to meet their needs has vastly more knowledge than many of the hosts of the unboxing videos that are out there. Given that, many of the videos do have a certain charm and this is probably why they have endured.

We thought that if we could take the charm and infuse it with some decent production values and a whole lot of product knowledge, we could create something of real value to the customers visiting our site. This is the idea behind our new Unboxing series. Short, tightly scripted videos that go over key features, the "why" of the purchase and how the customer might benefit, is the model we are using. 

We have chosen our simple, sturdy Laptop Case Accessory Pouches to launch the series. Think of it as a soft launch. The pouches, while a very popular "add on" for our Universal Messenger Bags and Universal Laptop Backpack, have never set our sales charts on fire. But they offer us a chance to come up to speed on writing, shooting, editing and posting a completed video without the pressure of having to hit a home run the first time at bat. 

Here is the basic description of the video content :

In this episode of MacCase Unboxing we're looking at the MacCase Laptop Case Accessory Pouches. Customers call or write and ask what these for or why they would need one. These lightweight, sturdy pouches are perfect for transporting and protecting the video monitor adapters, sync or AC cables, hard drives, earphones, AC power bricks and the other small accessories that accompany laptop and or tablet ownership.

If left unprotected they get full of dirt, moisture, or worse, damaged beyond repair and we are forced to purchase a new one. These laptop case accessory pouches are designed to prevent this. They keep anything you might want to put inside protected and free from the dirt and muck. Using them is simple. Just place your stuff in the pouch, zip it up, place the pouch inside your messenger bag, laptop case or backpack and you're good to go. MacCase currently makes two different pouches, the standard model and the XL model. The XL is 50% larger by volume and features piping on both sides that gives the case some structure. This makes loading and unloading the pouch a bit easier. In addition, design matches some of MacCase’s new laptop cases. The XL also feature top of the line YKK zippers with soft touch, rubberized pulls. 

So whether you have lots accessories or just a few and want to keep them clean, organized and protected, the MacCase Accessory Pouches will do the job. They're inexpensive insurance for all the small things that keep us connected. 

 And finally, the video itself - 

 Please "like", subscribe, and comment as your feedback will make each forthcoming video better. 

"Our Laptop Case Accessory Pouches have been chosen to kick off the series."


  • Jody K. Deane

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