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  • Universal Messenger Bags | MacCase Delights With 2nd Video
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Universal Messenger Bags | MacCase Delights With 2nd Video

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The new Universal Messenger Bags are the subject of the second video in our new MacCase Unboxing series.

The first video about our simple, sturdy Laptop Case Accessory Pouches allowed us to try out a basic format and give us a foundation to build on. The purpose of the videos are to augment and enhance the information already available on our product pages. Images and text specs are great but a video can convey so much more information. We hope customers will find them informative and a great asset to helping choose the right MacCase product to meet their needs. 

Front quarter view of The MacCase Universal Messenger Bags


The Universal Messenger Bags were chosen because as a brand new model. There is very little in the way of reviews and third party information out there out them so having the video really helps. Look for the video on any site that offers the Universal Laptop Messenger Bag as part of their assortment. 

Here is the basic description of the video content :

In this episode of MacCase Unboxing we are looking at the new Universal Messenger Bags.

Taking it out of the box the first thing you notice is how light it is -  it's feather weight. This is important as devices get lighter and lighter your bags should not be weighing you down. Up front, the flap has a rich diamond weave nylon fabric with a large pocket that's perfect for anything you need to get to quickly. Each side panel has a storage feature, a water bottle on one side and a small pocket for cell phone or keys on the other. Around back there is a creative use of air mesh padding along with a handle thats perfect for pulling the bag out of a car or overhead bin.

The bottom panel is this tough, rubberized, waterproof material. Many companies use a standard fabric for the bottom surface to cut costs. They typically wear out quickly and then you can throw the bag away. The material MacCase used for the bottom panel is about four times more expensive than a standard polyester fabric. They really spent some money here to insure these messenger bags will last. With the flap open you have access to the front organizer. The center top pocket is designed to hold a tablet. Putting it under the flap yet outside the main body of the bag allows the tablet to be fully protected yet easily accessible. This is a key feature. There are also other pockets for magazines, business cards, pens and other items.

Outboard of the front panel organizer are these twin hidden pockets. They go deep into the recesses of the messenger bag again providing maximum protection yet are easily accessible even with the flap closed. Once the main flap is opened, you see the zipper that runs along the top to seal the interior from the rain, snow, and dust. Inside you'll find MacCase's BrightSight 2.0 interior which reflects ambient light to fill the bag making it easier to find your stuff. The laptop compartment is fully padded and lined as is the rest of the interior.

Back outside, the shoulder strap is fully padded and adjustable. These messenger bags also features top of the line YKK zippers with soft touch zipper pulls. A matching optional accessory pouch is available to keep all your small stuff safe, clean and organized.

So if you're looking for a comfortable lightweight messenger bag you can use everyday, that is designed to hold your laptop, your tablet and anything else you need to carry and it built to last - look no further than the MacCase Universal Messenger Bags. 

They are an incredible amount of bag for under $60 bucks. 

 And finally, the video itself - 



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"The Universal Messenger Bags were chosen because they're a brand new model"


  • Jody K. Deane

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