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  • The Passionate 12 MacBook Cases, Sleeves & Bags by MacCase
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

The Passionate 12 MacBook Cases, Sleeves & Bags by MacCase

The new Apple 12" MacBook in gold

Whenever Apple announces a new piece of portable hardware it causes a frenzy around our offices as we scramble to figure out the best ways to protect whatever piece of hardware they've just shown. In this case, the new 12" MacBook caused quite a stir. We have not had an all new form factor from Apple in quite some time. The new 12" MacBook is a distillation of all the things Jonathan Ive believes in as a designer with some pretty clever engineering underneath. It's very light and very thin. And from the looks of it, very fragile. You've come to the right place if you're going to need to protect one. 

The following is a run down of all the 12 MacBook cases, sleeves and bags we have available. As of this writing they are in stock and shipping right now. So if you have a 12" MacBook on order, I would not hesitate to order the case below that best meets your needs. 

We'll start with our beautiful Premium Leather Flight Jacket. This is one of MacCase's most successful models. It was truly revolutionary when it first launched and has continued to be a customer favorite. Part of it's success comes from the balance it strikes between compactness and the ability to store all the things you need. If you've ever seen one, the first thing you notice is the care and craftsmanship that has gone into making it. The leather smells and feels wonderful. The vintage hide is raw and unfinished giving each piece that is crafted from it a unique, one of a kind appearance.

There are not to many 12 MacBook cases with this kind of character. Inside it's fully padded and lined creating a very safe place for the new 12 MacBook. For storage, there's a pocket in the front flap, another under the flap, one around back and this removable front pouch. One of the best features of any vertical case is the fact that the long axis of the case is aligned with the long axis of your body, so when you move it moves with you. This makes the bag extremely comfortable and easy to maneuver through crowded places like airports or mass transit. So if you're looking for one of the ultimate 12 MacBook cases, the Premium Leather 12" Flight Jacket is an excellent choice. 

If you already have bag and are just looking to protect the computer, take a close look at our 12" Premium Leather Sleeve. Cut from the same hides as the Flight Jacket above, it has the same industry leading quality as our other cases. You cannot put a white stitch on black leather unless every stitch is perfect. Like the Flight Jacket, the sleeve is fully padded and lined. Both the velcro closure and the rear cooling vent are color matched to the leather which is a very nice touch. The sleeve is designed to be carried in another bag such as our leather messenger bag. If you've already have a bag and just looking to protect the 12" MacBook, nothing beats the proven protection of a MacCase sleeve.

12" macbook cases - maccase flight case will hold your 12" and a whole lot more

On the opposite end of the spectrum you'll find our Premium Leather Briefcase. While it will hold the 12" MacBook, it will hold a whole lot more as well. The nice thing about the briefcase is that it has an internal divider so you can place the 12" inside the main compartment, adjust the divider so you'll have plenty of room for other things like a 3-ring binder, writing pad, magazines, etc. and never have to worry about whether the new Macbook is OK or not. Like the Flight Jacket, the leather briefcase is vertically oriented so it has all of the easy maneuverability of it's smaller cousin.

If you prefer the lighter weight and lower cost of nylons and polyesters, the Universal Backpack and Universal Messenger Bag are perfect. Both have internal laptop pockets to store and protect the 12" Macbook. Both are compact and lightweight like the new 12" Macbook. And both can hold and transport just about anything else you need to get you through your day. Both models have already been written about extensively on this blog, so check some of the other posts for more information.


So whether you choose the luxury of the Premium Leather 12" Flight Jacket or 12" Sleeve or ultra lightweight of our universal backpack or messenger bags, any one of these durable designs will protect and transport your 12" MacBook for years to come.  MacCase invented the Apple specific case market and no one knows more about designing and building 12 MacBook cases than MacCase. Click here for a complete view of our 12" MacBook cases, sleeve and bags.

The latest MacCase Unboxing video features our 12" cases, bags and sleeves. 

Please like, subscribe and comment and let us know what MacCase product you'd like to see us unbox next. Thanks for reading and for watching. 

"Nobody knows more about designing 12 MacBook cases than MacCase"

  • Jody K. Deane

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