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  • MacBook Pro Bag: Messenger Offers Excellent Protection & Value
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

MacBook Pro Bag: Messenger Offers Excellent Protection & Value

 The new 13" or 15" MacBook Pro Bags from MacCase

With the introduction of our Universal Messenger Bag we rewrote the book on what an affordable, stylish messenger bag could be. Never before were so many features, quality materials and functionality offered at such an affordable price. While all the current generation Apple laptops fit in this new model, we know our customers love the custom fit of our Apple-specific designed products. MacBook Pro owners want something specific for the their machines, MacBook user want something just for them, and so on. So here we were with this brand new, feature rich, fully functionally, nice looking messenger bag in stock. Like the candy that marries the peanut butter and chocolate, our employees started putting our tried and true sleeves into the new Universal Messenger bag shell. A star was born!

When you put real things into the world, there is a point when that thing is new, when it lives and ultimately when it dies. This is called the product life cycle or the product cycle. At MacCase our product life cycles are quite long. This is because our chief designer doesn't do trendy. So if something is not here today and gone tomorrow, it's going to be around a while. If that is the case, it better be good, it better last and it better look exceptional. Our old MacBook Pro bag, our Messenger, was such a product. Introduced around 2007, the design lasted a long time and was a perennial best seller. It had many of the features many other premium messenger bags had. It also had something that no other messenger bag had and this is what turned it into possibly the best MacBook Pro bag you could find: A separate sleeve to protect the computer. 

All the other laptop bags at the time had a built in sleeves, a sort of a one size fits all solution. And this works if your target customer is anyone with a laptop. But Apple customers are different. They want what they want and what they wanted was something just for their 13" 15" or 17" Apple laptop. Though the market has changed, we are finding there are still a few die hard Apple users out there who want a specific 13" Macbook Pro bag or a 15 MacBook Pro bags with this custom fit solution. 

The MacCase sleeve is included with the new MacCase MacBook Pro Bags

Our new Apple specific messenger bag is such a solution. We took our state of there art messenger bag and combined it with the proven protection of our MacCase Sleeve to create the most protective, lightest, most functional and best value in a MacBook Pro bag ever! To make the deal even sweeter, we are throwing in a free silver gray accessory pouch as part of the package. These pouches are great for keeping all the white Apple cables, adapters and other small items clean and organized. They are normally available as a $10-15 option but one is included with the new design. 

 While your Apple laptop is fully protected by the included MacCase Sleeve, there are a number of places to put your iPad, iPad Air or iPad Mini if you want to bring it along. Many of the storage places for the iPads are deep inside the structure of the messenger shell. Pockets that are easy to reach yet lead into areas inside the bag that provide great protection. This is the essence of MacCase design and makes these new models one of the best MacBook Pro bags available for the money. 

So while the Universal Messenger continues to be popular on customer sites such as ebags, our new Apple specific, stylish MacBook Pro bags, made from the universal messenger shell, our sleeve and accessory pouch, outsells it on our site. We are very happy that there are Apple users who still want Apple specific MacBook Pro bags and cases. We ail continue to work at providing the best products for the best that provide the best protection for the best computers. 

"The best MacBook Pro bags available for the money!"

  • Jody K. Deane