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  • Premium Leather iPad Case - The Amazing Evolution!
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Premium Leather iPad Case - The Amazing Evolution!

the best leather ipad cases - 3 generations of MacCase Premium Leather Folios

On January 27, 2010 the original iPad was introduced by the late Steve Jobs. It was another grounding breaking product introduction from Apple and would be Job's swan song keynote. As the creators of the Apple-specific case market, MacCase gave the iPad a good long look and decided to apply our talent and resources to protecting them. We have never looked back. This post traces the evolution of our leather iPad case designs.

The iPad can trace it history to a series of product "fits and starts". Job's, much like George Lucas on the first Star Wars movie, had "the vision" long before the technology to make it real was ready for prime time. The Apple Graphics Tablet was Apple first attempt at what one might call "tablet computing". It was a Vacom tablet of sorts that allowed for drawing. Again, the problem was not with the idea, but with the technology of the time to deliver on the promise.

The next attempt came in the form of the Newton Message Pad, which was an even bigger promise that the technology of the time could not deliver on. Awkward, heavy and a weird greenish color, the Newton was a great idea held back by the ability to execute. With Jobs return to Apple in 1998, a product juggernaut was unleashed that culminated in the 2007 launch of the iPhone. With the iPhone, Jobs finally had the technology to match his vision of a true tablet computer. 3 years later we had the iPad.

Given the awkwardness of the products like the Newton, the first generation iPad still looks pretty nice five years on. Jonathan Ive made sure all the design pieces were in place: a large dominate screen, precision edging and a complex, compound rear surface. All those surfaces, precision and glass would need protection and MacCase has been there since day one with a leather iPad case we are very proud of.

As the iPad sold into the millions, there seemed to be a million different cases coming out to protect it. As we looked at what our customers wanted from a leather iPad case, we choose several form factors we felt would offer the most benefit. What we really wanted to do was to build the best iPad cases. While our iPad Sleeves have never sold in large numbers, the people who have purchased them love and swear by them. Then we come to our Folio. While all the folio-style designs were inspired by Apple's own black rubberized cover, the Apple case left a lot to be desired. MacCase seized this opportunity to plant our flag at the top of the handmade leather iPad case mountain. Our design objective was to create the highest quality leather case on the market. Yes, there were many cases insanely more expensive than our original, but as many customers have told us, more expensive but not better.

The evolution of the best leather ipad case frame

As the original gave way to the iPad 2, then 3 then 4 and now Air, one thing has remained constant: Our commitment to designing the building the highest quality, handmade leather iPad cases available. I know of no other manufacture that stamps the structure to hold the iPad in the case from a single sheet of alloyed steel the way MacCase does. This insures a precise fit and precise access to all the ports and controls. Yes, it was very expensive to create the tooling to make the frame this way, but this method yielded the highest quality in the most consistent way. We triple dye the threads we use for the interior so they disappear into the ultra-suede interior fabric. We use very expensive hides to create our cases. Real, rich, fully aromatic, vegetable dyed hides not the plastic PU vinyl the Chinese love to all "genuine leather". I have a genuine $3 dollar bill if you want one of those too. We are lucky and very humbled by the loyalty our customers show towards our products, specifically our iPad models.

So our Apple iPad cases have evolved over the last 5 years right along with the tablet they are designed to carry. As Apple moves forward and new products are launched, MacCase's goal is to be part of that evolution, providing  the world's best protection products for the world's best portable devices. So whether you choose our pebble grain, satin black or vintage leather ipad cases, we hope you join us along the way.

"MacCase has been there since day one with a pretty special leather iPad case"

  • Jody K. Deane

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