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  • MacBook Pro Cases: Catapult Your Style to the Top of the Class
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

MacBook Pro Cases: Catapult Your Style to the Top of the Class

End of summer by Gerald Schwartz

I remember the last day of summer vacation of the year I started high school. I was acutely aware that something was coming to an end. Tomorrow I was off to a new world. A world apart from the one I had grown up in. Nothing would be the same. My parents took my brother and I to an amusement park. One last hurrah before the new school year started. After lunch I got sick and emptied the contents of my stomach in the nearest trash can after a particularly uncomfortable roller coaster type ride. All the best and good riddance. 

We all have our back to school memories, whether it's high school or college. It's amazing how different each year is during that time of our lives, how much we change and grow. This year MacCase choose to change and grow during this back to school season. As summer was peaking we decided to rely promote our MacBook Pro cases that would be perfect for students of any age.

We decided the promotion would be the most aggressive in our history. Why? Several reasons. First and for most, we realized that the people who we would be offering the promotion to are our best customers. We thought of parents using our MacCase Premium Leather MacBook Pro cases and given the choice, would they purchase a MacCase for their child or something from a big box store with questionable quality and limited features. 

With the big box stores and their online compatriots offering deep discounts on back to school bags, we knew we had to at least come to the (school lunch) table with a compelling offer. Would say, 40-50% off a MacCase MacBook Pro backpack be enough to lure someone who knew our products away from purchasing a backpack from Target or Amazon. Well here we are in the 3rd week of our Back to School sale and things are going well.

Another reason for the promotion is that we are very proud of our latest nylon models. We have worked very hard to make them some of the best MacBook Pro cases available. Our Premium Leather models get most of the accolades and the sale would be a way to remind people that we do make some pretty nice products for well under $100.  

We started with our new MacBook Pro backpack which consists of our Universal Backpack model combined with our 13" MacBook Pro Sleeve. To make the deal even better we throw in a free accessory pouch to keep all the plugs, cords and adapters safe and clean. This is an excellent value at the normal MSRP price of $69.95. For our back to school sale we offered to our customers and social media fans at 50% off that retail price. It was an astounding deal, one the best you'll find and one that many of our customers jumped at. 

MacBook Pro Backpack by MacCase

Last week we choose our 13" nylon Jacket. This has been one of the steadfast Apple MacBook Pro cases of our standard nylon line. Light, compact and protective, the stylish Jacket is the perfect bag for someone looking for a minimalist solution in one of the most unique MacBook Pro cases available. If you're doing all your work in school on your Mac, the Jacket is the perfect solution. Once again we offered it at 50% off the MSRP for a limited amount of time and the response was overwhelming positive. Unfortunately, we sold out of the 15 version but still have 13 inch MacBook Pro cases in stock.

If you are  a school district administrator or school IT professional looking for custom MacBook Pro cases complete in school colors and custom logos, give us a call at 866. 526. 2247 to discuss how we can develop a custom MacBook Pro case solution for your school. 

As summer is winding down, we have maybe one more week to offer something truly special to our customers. What will it be? Well, get on our mailing list and find out. 

"Some of the best MacBook Pro cases available happen to be in our nylon line."

  • Jody K. Deane