In November, Apple will start shipping their new iPad Pro. Between now and then MacCase will be working on new designs to protect Apple's newest iPad. We will be reaching out to our customers and ask what they want from their iPad Pro cases

Buy Quality cases for this iPad Pro

If Apple is going to do new hardware, MacCase will be looking to protect it. While being involved in the iPhone case market has proven to be an exercise in futility and financial suicide, we have found success in building some of the best leather iPad cases available. This will continue with cases for the Apple's newest tablet.  

How Most iPad Pro Cases Are Designed

We are starting to get solicitations from Chinese suppliers for iPad Pro cases. They have the data set typically stolen from Apple's supplier and they create their sample cases off this data. The problem with the majority of these products is that they are engineered in the abstract but you use them in the concrete, in reality. 

They're great when they first arrive but quickly deteriorate to the point where they are cracking, the fabric covers peel off and you are left with something headed for a landfill or your local recycling center. 

After testing a few of these cases for a while, we have come to the conclusion that the problems are caused by poor engineering of the molded parts of the case. The molded parts are engineered and then molded in a non stressed state. Once you install them on the iPad Pro, the plastic is stressed with some areas under compression while other areas are under tension.

This never lets up as long as the cover is on the tablet. Over time the material gives way and the plastic begins to crack and fall apart. Of course as one areas fails, this puts even more stress on the other areas that remain, causing them to fail even faster. It's a downward spiral.

A poor quality iPad case

People buy these types of cases because they have been lulled into thinking putting the cheapest case you can find on the most expensive tablet computer made is a good idea. It's not. It's a bad one. 

A Better Idea

This is not what we want for our iPad Pro cases and why we will continue to make our cases by hand out of a material like leather. We are curious if our customers would want us to bring lower end iPad Pro cases to market this fall or to continue concentrate on the high end, handmade leather products.

If we were to explore the lower end, we'd want to do it in a way that would bring MacCase innovation, quality and maybe a little fun to what some would say is a completely over-saturated area of the market.

And there in lies the rub. With so many factories pumping our hundreds of thousands of iPad Pro cases, where do they all go? There are only so many store shelves. Sure, the virtual store shelves of online retail are endless, but with such over production, it always ends up as a race to the bottom.

Many of these cases end up at your local discount store where they were sold as closeout items for pennies on the dollar. Many retailers have gotten burned and have grown very cautious about stocking an over abundance of case offerings.

Apple have put themselves on the same treadmill that Sony was on with their Walkmans thirty years ago and that Nike is still on with their sneakers. The product life cycle for the iPhone and iPads is so much shorter than for Apple's other portables, their MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops.

The desktop computer life cycle seem downright glacial compared with the fruit fly cycle of the iPhone and tablet. This is one of the main reasons why making iPad Pro cases is such a mine field. Will what MacCase does now for the forthcoming models will be outdated and obsolete a year from now. No one wants to get stuck with accessories for yesterdays models.

As the Apple's tablet enters yet another round of redesigns and next generations, I wonder if we will see a maturation of the market for protection solutions. Will tablet users grow tired of spending for low quality cases that seem fine out of the box, only to crack, peal, and fall apart a short time later, causing further spending to keep the tablets protected?

I wonder if this time around some of the customers who have gotten burned trying to save a few bucks on cheap tablet cases will break from their past behavior. Will they realize that they purchased the most expensive computer tablet on earth? Do you really want to protect with the cheapest case you can find?

What's the old saying, penny wise and pouch foolish.

The Best iPad Pro Case for Me

The thing that we suggest to many customers when they ask about our products is to think of the purchase as buying insurance. Apple products have some of the highest resale value in the tech space. Certainly more than their PC competitors. If you purchase a quality case to product your Apple portable, you are almost guaranteed to receive a much higher price once it comes time to replace the tablet or laptop.


Because the hardware will look brand new. Just like with a car, a near new looking used car will always command a much higher price than one that looks worn, abused and tired. Buying a quality case will insure your investment in Apple's latest tablet will be protected. So this time next year with you've got your eye on an Pro 2, you'll be able to get the maximum amount for your pristine Pro.

With the release of Apple's latest tablet, we are going to reach out to our customers, potential customers, facebook fans and twitter followers and get their feedback on what they want for their iPad Pro cases.

Leather or manmade materials? Speed line manufacturing or handmade? What about both? We've done both in the past and could do it again. Watch this space and the aforementioned spaces above and let us know what features you want in your iPad Pro cases. 

"Quality iPad Pro cases will insure your investment will be protected"



Jody K. Deane
by Jody K. Deane August 31, 2015

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