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  • iPad Pro Cases - Help Design the Next Awesome MacCase
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

iPad Pro Cases - Help Design the Next Awesome MacCase

While there might not be as many ways to protect a tablet computer as their are people using them, we wanted to reach out and ask our customers, followers and fans what they wanted from our forthcoming iPad Pro cases. Look for this outreach on all our social media channels. You can also leave your ideas, must have features and insights in the comments section below. 

Call for ideas for iPad Pro Cases


Currently, MacCase makes 3 form factors that fall under the iPad cases category: Our Folios, our Sleeves and our Flight Jackets. While we have made provision for storing and protecting iPads in models like our MacBook Pro Backpacks and Messenger Bag, today's discussion will be focused on new designs specifically for Apple's newest tablet. 

We have been discussing whether customers would want a Folio type case as large as the iPad Pro. The Chinese manufacturers absolutely think so as they have just upscaled their smaller models and have been bombing our email box with iPad Pro cases since before the tablet was released. It's interesting how so many of the smaller versions of these cases for the Mini and Air didn't hold up very well. I wonder what the life of one of their iPad Pro cases will be given the heavier form factor putting much more stress on poorly engineered plastics and cheap fabrics. It's scary to think about. 

We're really going to have to review all the parameters of how our Folio is constructed if we are to move forward. Everything will have to be beefed up and that will mean adding costs. It will be tough so any feedback on whether the Folio style case is what you'll be looking for in iPad Pro cases would be appreciated. 

Which brings us now to Sleeve. We have had great success over the years designing and building what we and many of our customers consider the world's best laptop sleeve. Our iPad sleeves were never a big sales hit but the people who bought them, love them. Because the iPad Pro is so large, like a laptop, maybe this will be the case that Pro users will flock to. Some of the best features of a potential sleeve design could be that the Apple keyboard could be used with the sleeve so it's not an either or proposition. I think this will appeal to a lot of Pro users.

In addition, there is no protection provided for the rear of the iPad Pro by the Apple keyboard cover. A simple sleeve design could provide a safe, clean surface to set up the iPad to work. Lastly, our Sleeves protect better than almost anything else in their class. And when your tablet is now well over $1000, that's got to matter. What would your idea for the perfect iPad Pro sleeve be? We're listening. 

Moving on to the Flight Jacket, this is sort of a no brainier. The Flight Jacket is a legendary laptop case and it will make an even more legendary iPad Pro case. We are looking at tweaking the design, evolving it to reflect what iPad Pro users might want. What kind of tweaks would you like to see? What ways could we improve the Flight Jacket to make it better for the iPad Pro? Overall though, the Flight Jacket form factor is in perfect step with the thin, compact aesthetic expressed by Apple's newest tablet. 

While our Premium Leather Briefcase can hold the new larger tablet, would a custom fitted, smaller briefcase be something that customers would be interested in? Or is that just too close to the Flight Jacket? 

So that bring us to the mystery spot. The unknown. The heart of the matter. The iPad Pro cases that no one has seen yet and many even don't know whey want. It's been a hot topic around here because of the opportunities that the iPad Pro opens up for it's users.

As we've mentioned in other posts, we feel that the Pro is going to replace the laptop or will morph into what people think of now as a laptop. But because the Pro is an iPad, you can use it differently than say a standard 13" MacBook Pro and that difference will facilitate the creation of some different cases and bags. Different users will want different things. They'll find the same one or two styles they've seen before and realize those will not work for them. 

Does this sound like you? If so let us know. We don't want you wondering around the internet with your needs unmet, though is how many MacCase customers find us. Our customers tend to be people looking for something better, nicer, prettier, more professional, better made, more intelligent, innovative. All the things that make a MacCase a MacCase. When all is said and done we hope to have several solutions  that will meet your needs. iPad Pro cases that offer them an alternative to the Chinese onslaught of poorly made, injection molded junk. That is our mission. 

If you plan on purchasing a Pro, let us know how you plan to use it and how you want to protect it. Are you looking got replace a laptop with it? Do you see your laptop case working for your Pro or do you want something that is Pro specific? These are the kinds of questions that we have been knocking around here but you have the answers. 

I don't know how many other companies ask their customers directly what they want. If we ask 20 people we know we'll get 20 different answers and that us OK. Welcomed in fact. Because that's where the genius come in. How do you distill those 20 responses down to their essences and can they then be refined to the point where you have a solution that 18 of those 20 people will love. That is the hard part and one of the things that sets MacCase apart from the litany of case companies that have joined the space since we created the Apple-specific case market back in 1998.

So whether your reach out on Facebook or Twitter, through the email campaign or in the comment section below, let us know what you're looking for. Our goal is to implement as many customer provided ideas as we can in the designs we develop. If you do participate, there is a really god chance your idea will get to production. Thanks!

 "iPad Pro cases that offer customers an alternative to junk. That is our mission."

  • Jody K. Deane

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