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  • Leather iPad Pro Cases - Excited to Begin Pre Ordering!
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Leather iPad Pro Cases - Excited to Begin Pre Ordering!

We have to admit we are taking a bit of a risk with this one. We knew we'd have to come up with something creative if we were going to be offering our leather iPad Pro cases for sale so early in the development cycle. Usually we wait until the products are much further along in their development before we begin to take pre-orders. But the emails and phone calls have been coming in from perspective iPad Pro owners who are looking to see what MacCase has coming. And they are interested in placing orders. So we decided to do something we have never done before, which is to take pre-orders on products we do not even have images for. 

We created simple line drawing that represent the overall theme of the forthcoming models as best we could. This is what we posted and this is what you'll find if you look up leather iPad Pro cases on our site. It's not just a simple line drawing though. The full specs are also there. Overall size as well as all the features and benefits are listed. We are hoping between the line drawings, features list and all the other products we show on our site, potential customers we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from our new models.  

We realize that is is very unorthodox to expect people to place orders online from a drawing alone. Especially when the rest of the site is so full of product specific images and videos. We understand. But we are here if you have any questions. And the questions have been coming in. "Do your new leather iPad Pro cases fit an aftermarket keyboard?" "Is there a place for the Apple pencil?" We welcome the questions and are here to answer them, whether by phone or email. 

Earlier in the year we did an outreach asking current MacCase customers what features and details they wanted in a leather iPad Pro case. The response was excellent with many customers providing succinct details of the type of product features they wanted to see. Almost all of them have been implemented in one form or another in our new models. Some having almost all of them while others, due to the nature of the form factor, have a few. We did our best to answer the call for the features requested and they add a lot of value to each model. 

While it seems pretty self explanatory what our Premium Leather iPad Pro cases will look like as far as materials and finish, our nylon iPad Pro sleeve is another story. If you look at our Flight Jacket, Flight Case leather briefcase or other Premium Leather model you can get a sense of the design vocabulary and the type of leather the Premium Leather iPad Pro cases will use. You can also get a pretty good picture in your mind of what the final model will look like. We realize that this may not be so clear with our nylon iPad Pro Sleeve

The sleeve will use the same materials and color theme as our current MacBook Pro and Universal Messenger Bags and Backpacks. With these products, we use a diamond weave textured nylon in black over a standard black polyester. This is highlighted with a bright cyan blue. This design vocabulary will be carried over to the new sleeve. The sleeve design features 4 exterior pockets (a first for MacCase) and we are going to use the natural breaks in the surface created by the pockets to change materials and colors. The top two "diamonds" created by the flap overlapping the pockets will be finished in the bright cyan blue. The rest of the body of the sleeve will be done in the black fabrics of different finishes and textures. This should give what is essentially a low priced model the look and feel of a product costing twice as much. The response to the drawing so far has been very positive. 

iPad Pro Case pre order offer from MacCase

We realize that all of this might come across as a bit premature, expecting people to order off the internet based on a drawing and a list of features. So MacCase being MacCase, we came up with something to to try an instill some form of integrity in the process and to make potential customers know we do care. Currently, when someone places and order for one of our new leather iPad Pro cases, they have to wait. We know this. They know this. In the meantime, what is protecting their brand new, very expensive iPad Pro? We know this is a huge issue. 

For any order placed between now and when the product is inbound for our Premium Leather iPad Pro cases, MacCase will ship you a nylon Sleeve originally designed for the 13" MacBook for free. 13" MacBook Sleeve? What good is that? Well if you have a look, the iPad Pro and the 13" MacBook have virtually the same size footprint. Yes the Pro is thinner, but the new Apple tablet will slide into and be protected by the sleeve without a problem. This is our free gift to thank you for your patience and to show we do care about being the first name in Apple portable protection by taking care of our customers. Use the 13" sleeve until your iPad Pro case arrives, then keep it, sell it on ebay, give it away, donate to charity, the choice is yours. Our only concern is that your Pro was protected while you were waiting for your one of our new leather iPad Pro cases to arrive. Our 13" sleeve will provide that. 

If you're in the market for an iPad Pro case let us know what you think of this pre-order offer and our presentation of products not yet finished on our site. Mistake? Brilliant? We're curious to know your thoughts. Of course, as soon as we have some proper product images, we will be posting them. We also plan to do extensive videos about the products so you can fully understand the nature of the designs. Do you have a preference for the type of product videos you'd like to see? Let us know that as well. 

"We know we will have some of the best leather iPad Pro cases available."

  • Jody K. Deane

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  • May 30, 2016

    Thank you for your Answer.
    Also the end of May.
    I’m sorry to bother you but I have a favor to ask you again.
    Please tell me when will it be delivered my order.
    I can hardly wait for it to come.

    — Tomoharu Izume

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