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  • Leather iPad Pad Pro Cases - The Stunning New Flight Jacket
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Leather iPad Pad Pro Cases - The Stunning New Flight Jacket

As our product line, specifically our Premium Leather models, have expanded, so too have the options we have offered with each model. With our new leather iPad Pro cases, specifically our new iPad Pro Flight Jacket, we take the options list to a whole new level. In this post, we'll take a closer look at the forthcoming iPad Pro Flight Jacket and the wide array of options that is going to allow customers to build the iPad Pro case of their dreams. 

Let's start with the new Flight Jacket itself. While it's about the same size overall as the current 13" MacBook Pro Flight Jacket, this new tablet specific model represents the future of what has been called "The Greatest Laptop Case Ever Designed". The most obvious visual change is a new stripe down the middle of the bag. This is the visual design element that is present on all the new iPad Pro specific models. The center stripe does have a function. It is the pocket for the Apple pencil but again, also serves as a visual cue to let everyone know that this model is designed specifically for Apple newest and largest tablet. 

 The forthcoming Premium Leather iPad Pro cases - Flight Jacket from MacCases

While we have added the new center stripe, the vertical side squeeze buckle and velcro closure for the flap are gone. The flap will no longer be closed with the twin velcro pads that was part of the original Flight Jacket design going back to 2008.  The new flap closure borrows the horizontal clasp latch from MacCase's $300+ Premium Leather Flight Case leather briefcase. It uses the same "tucked under and away" placement allowing the clasp to add detail to the front of the bag without becoming the overpowering visual element. 

If you unlatch the flap and fold it up, you'll see that the twin velcro pads are still there. They have been repurposed. Their new reason for being is to supply the attachment points for the optional, removable storage pouches which are the first of the 6 new options we will discuss. The smaller of the two pouches is about the same size as the current pouch that is on all the MacBook Pro Flight Jackets. The second of the 2 pouches, the Large, is about 50% larger. It features twin exterior pockets as well as an interior mesh pocket to hold smaller items. These kinds of details were requested by several customers during our "what features do you want in your iPad Pro cases" outreach. We listened. 

The small pouch option for the new leather iPad Pro cases

Both pouches feature the same center stripe design element that that is so prominent on the body of the bag. This beautifully ties them visually to the bag whether you're using the small or large pouch. One big difference between these two new pouches and the current MacBook Pro Flight Jacket pouch is that these use zippers. The current models use a small velcro square for a closure. Moving to zippers for these pouches are a huge improvement in quality, safety and security. 


Another detail that also carries over from today's pouch designs is the small tab on the rear of the pouch. This tab is designed to slot into the horizontal loop on the front face of the iPad Pro case body. This is a security feature. If, for whatever reason the pouch is not securely attached at the top and it should somehow come loose and attempts to fall off, the small tab will prevent this. It has been on our Jacket models since the beginning and it has saved more than a few pouches from  being lost.

 backpack straps


The next two options are carry over from the current Flight Jacket options list: backpack straps and a shoulder pad. These options are favorites with current Flight Jacket owners so it made sense to carry them over to the new Pro model. We are working on a new ultralight weight backpack strap set that we hope to have ready when the new products are available to ship. 

shoulder pad option

Next on the options list is a new slip case for the iPhone. This new case is not model specific. We designed it so your iPhone can wear a band or other such snap on case and still fit in the new slip case. The slip case is designed to slip onto the shoulder strap so your iPhone is always just a reach away. It features the same "Center Stripe" design vocabulary as the Flight Jacket so when you add it, it will all match perfectly. 


Lastly, we have what might be the most interesting of the options: An attacher that allows the Flight Jacket to be mounted to a rolling luggage case handle for easy transport through an airport. Many of our customers are travelers, and many of them use Flight Jackets. They also use roller bags. A way to attach the Flight Jacket to the roller bag is something that we have been kicking around, and something that customers have been asking for for quite some time. We felt the introduction of these new leather iPad Pro cases would be a good time to finally launch this attacher. 

This has been a very exciting time for MacCase. It's not everyday or even every year we get a new form factor to design for from Apple. These new leather iPad Pro cases give us a chance to flex our creative muscle and implement certain features that customer have been asking for. it also gives us a chance to open things up a bit to allow customers to truly build the leather iPad Pro cases of their dreams. Do you want extra storage, a backpack, a case for your iPhone and a way to attach your iPad Pro case to a roller bag? Now you can order that case and not have to pay for features you don't think you'll ever use. 

In addition, you can order one of these new leather iPad Pro cases today and just get the base mode. Come back in a month and order a pouch. Come back a month later and order the iPhone case or the shoulder pad. The choice is yours and our options plan allows the case to grow and change as your needs do. We hope to implement these type of option plans for as many products as we can. Let us know what you think. 


 "With our new leather iPad Pro cases, we take the options list to a whole new level"


  • Jody K. Deane

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  • Oct 24, 2016


    We can work out a bundle price for you. We have one with our other iPad Flight Jacket model. Please contact me directly at and I will send you the price. Thanks.

    — Jody

  • Oct 21, 2016

    I am interested in purchasing the flight jacket with large pouch plus a strap and shoulder pad to be worn like an over the shoulder bag. I will need a folio to cover my iPad Pro 12.9" when I take it out of the case and use for some art projects, I think. Would there possibly be a special discounted price if I purchase all this as a bundle?. I’m a senior that still likes to be in the present and loves beautiful products. However, I am retired and just live on my small social security but in love with your new I pad pro case and accessories. Could you let me know if this is the way to go and is there a senior discount on the whole package? Thanks for your time and help in advance. Julie Scofield

    — Julie Scofield

  • Jun 21, 2016


    We have not tried the spray for suede so I cannot recommend that as being a good option or not. The Vintage has a high oil content which will keep the leather soft but the oil will evaporate over time.

    Replacing the oil is easy and the process is shown here –

    The leather will also patina in. It will get darker where you touch it and lighter where you don’t. This ongoing process negates the need to clean the leather. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

    — Jody

  • Jun 17, 2016

    I got mine recently and it is beautiful. Any recommendations on how to clean and preserve. What do you think about applying the spray that is available for suede shoes to make them waterproof? A response will be appreciated.

    — francisco

  • Feb 02, 2016


    We are working on getting them completed. We hope to have some to ship by the end of February. Thank you so much for your patience!

    — Jody

  • Jan 20, 2016

    Do you know when the iPad Pro Flight Jackets will be ready to ship? I am nervous about carrying mine around unprotected.


    — Ginger Arnold

  • Jan 20, 2016

    Any idea when the iPad Pro flight jackets will ship? It makes me nervous carrying it around unprotected.


    — Ginger

  • Jan 11, 2016


    Not sure what you mean. Are you looking to trade your husband for a guy that likes shoulder bags? If so, um , sorry we can’t help with that one! :-)

    — Jody

  • Dec 31, 2015

    Love the options! My husband and I would each order several but he’s not the shoulder bag kinda man. Is that optional as well? Thx!

    — Tami

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