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  • MacCase Year in Review - 2015
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

MacCase Year in Review - 2015

Last year at this time I wrote a blog post that looked back at the year that was at MacCase and looked forward to 2015. Here we are 12 months later and once again it's time to look back at the year that was and look forward to the year that will be. As the creators of the Apple-specific case market, we have been making mac cases longer than anyone else in this space and it's always exciting to take stock and look ahead. 

2015 started on the heels of a transition year for our company. The goals we had for 2015 was to reestablish our Standard nylon line of products. Our Standard line is where MacCase started all those years ago. Our first ever product was a nylon briefcase for the original iBook. Our form factors quickly grew to include sleeves, laptop backpacks and messenger bags. 

At the start of 2015 we found ourselves in launch mode for our newest nylon models: The Universal Messenger Bag and Universal Laptop Backpack. Both models carried the weight of expectation. In many ways, putting products into the world like we do is very similar to putting out records the way a recording artist does. You can have years of struggle working to build an audience and spend that time playing small town bars and coffee shop gigs. 

Eventually you keep making records, put them into the world and hope they find an audience. Some will be more popular than others. Some will die on the vine. Every once in a while you have a hit. Some artists have one hit and then fall back into obscurity. These bands or individuals are famously called, "One Hit Wonders".

One Hit Wonders

At MacCase we had our first hit with our first effort, the aforementioned iBook case. We had the right product at the right time and the audience found us. This established us and in the years that have passed we have had our spell of bombs and additional hits. The hits are much more fun! Some hits are so big that they the are the equivalent of a number 1 record. We have had a few of these.

What do we take away from these experiences? It has taught us to work just as hard on the most affordable and simplest of our designs as we do on our $300+ Premium Leather models. You never know what is going to strike a chord and move people. You never know where you next hit is going to come from so you put your best into everything you do. 

So it was with this expectation that we launched the new "songs" into the world at the beginning of 2015. The focus of the backpack and messenger bag were not necessarily on our core MacCase customers who visit our site but on potential customers who visit our reseller sites like ebags and Our nylon offerings needed new designs with mass-market appeal that had the potential to do well on mass-market sites like the two mentioned above. So how did that all work out?

The Universal Backpack is still struggling to find it's audience, with the people who have purchased, really loving the product. We just don't see the numbers we would have liked. With the Universal Messenger Bag, we have what we would call a hit. Not an overnight sensation, but a product that grew it's audience over the last 12 months to become the anchor of our revitalized Standard line. Both products benefited greatly from the introduction of their Apple-specific counterparts. Both will be paired with a new nylon iPad Pro Sleeve and become the base for our forthcoming iPad Pro cases that will feature in our Standard line. 

Another big hit in 2015 was out Premium Leather iPad Air 2 Folio. This leather iPad 2 case found a home on boardroom desks, entrepreneurs "must have" lists and with our current collection of customers who move the world. There seems to be a backlash going on out there against the cheap, Chinese made iPad cases that last as long as the commercials you skip on youtube.

MacCase Premium Leather iPad Air cases

Our Premium Leather iPad cases and all our Premium Leather models, represent the highest quality in design and manufacturing in the Apple space. People who were looking for something better in 2015 found MacCase Premium Leather. We are sure glad they did. 

Another one of our Premium Leather models that seems to have found it's audience in 2015 is our Flight Case leather briefcase. As our most expensive model, we realize this model is not for everyone. And that is a good thing. The option system we introduced for this model is something you will be seeing a lot more of in 2016 as we will offer it with several of our new iPad Pro cases. 

As the year winds down we area working passionately on completing the designs on our new leather iPad Pro cases and getting them into production as soon as possible. Final prototypes are arriving daily and we have been photographing them and sending them out to our patience customers who have placed an order or who are on our iPad Pro updates list.

These new models will be the heart and soul of our 2016 effort. We have never had a new product initiative as encompassing as our effort for the iPad Pro: 3 new nylon models and 5 new Premium Leather cases for the iPad Pro are moving forward. We hope be begin shipping the new designs near the end of January. 

MacCase iPad Pro Sleeve

I would personally like to thank each and every customer who has placed an order for an iPad Pro case. We took these orders based on drawings posted to our site. We never did this before and it was quite a risk. We'll never know how many potential customers laughed and clicked away. We do know how many brave people who share our passion for excellence in product design did click "Add to Cart". They put their faith and trust in us to deliver the best iPad Pro cases available from anyone at any price. It is now are duty to deliver on that promise and that is just what we plan to do in 2016. 

Another area we made great strides in 2015 was our social media outreach. We have grown our followers on Pintrest to over 1000 and have seen large jumps in our Facebook and Twitter followers as well. The plan is to continue said outreach in 2016, sharing more behind the scenes images, information and video. Make sure you're along for the ride. 

Best wishes to all our customers, supporters, potential customers who are finding us for the first time, followers and fans for a healthy and prosperous new year.  Here's to a great 2016! See you there.  

 "MacCase would like to wish all our customers, followers and fans a healthy and prosperous new year!"


  • Jody K. Deane

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