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  • Preview: Beautiful Leather iPad Pro Case 12.9 Professional Folio
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Preview: Beautiful Leather iPad Pro Case 12.9 Professional Folio

As many of you know, everyone at MacCase has been working diligently on the largest new product launch in the company's history. There are 4 new leather iPad Pro case models that are moving to production as well as 3 new additions to our Standard line of nylon products for Apple's newest and largest tablet. 

MacCase Premium Leather iPad Pro case

The model that will be the focus of this preview is the new Premium Leather iPad Pro Folio. MacCase has been making Folios for the iPad since Apple has been making tablets. Like the iPhone for Apple, MacCase's iPad Folio is the product by which many people, find, get introduced, learn about and ultimately become a customer of MacCase. 

As people move away from buying on quality towards a world where they are fooled into buying on discount (mark something up, then discount it so the customer thinks they are getting a "deal") MacCase's Premium Leather models stand in stark contrast to this trend. You can purchase an iPad case on ebay for under $10. This new leather iPad Pro case has an MSRP of $159.95. Yes, the case on ebay is basically landfill biding it's time pretending to offer protection for Apple tablets. This new, hand built case is a product that will probably out live the tablet it's designed to protect. 

So what makes this leather iPad Pro Folio so special? Before any hides are picked or anything is sewn together, a great deal of time, money and energy is spent on developing the frame. This is the heart of the case. If the frame is not designed, engineered and built perfectly, it doesn't matter how soft the hides are or how well they are sewn together. The frame is stamped from a single sheet of alloyed steel. It's then folded and welded to a very tight specification to insure it not only holds Apple's largest tablet in place but that you have access to all the ports and controls. This frame has to be strong. If you've ever purchased a snap in plastic case for an iPad, you've learned that after a short time the corners develop cracks and eventually break off offering no protection for the most vulnerable areas. In essence, you've wasted your money. 

Having our lightweight, yet amazing strong hand made frame securing your iPad vs. a cheap plastic frame is the difference between using a Rolls Royce to get somewhere vs. a pair of cheap plastic roller skates. Once the frame is created, it is then covered in ultra suede and sewn into the body of the case and checkin one last time for a perfect fit.  

From a design perspective, the iPad Pro opened up several opportunities to incorporate new design elements into the new leather iPad Pro case. These elements add functionality and distinction. The first of these is a place to store the Apple pencil or similar third party stylists. Several locations were looked at but it was decided that the upper left hand exterior corner offered the best overall functionality as well as an interesting stylistic opportunity. A very special die was created to mold the leather into a three dimensional form that becomes the pocket for the pencil. The overall appearance is quite handsome and integrated. It looks very organic. The closure flap for the pencil pocket is secured with a single hidden magnet. Very elegant. 

Open view of the MacCase Premium Leather iPad Pro Folio 12.9


While the exterior pencil pocket is the most visible clue that is Folio is for the Pro, another Pro specific  detail that is just as impactful is hidden inside. Many of the cases available for Apple tablets smother or mask the speaker, muffling the music, voice or other sounds emanating from them. MacCase incorporates what is called a "SoundBoard" design by which a material is used to achieve the opposite. For the Pro, a hard smooth leather is used under and around each of the 4 speakers in the Pros body. When you slide the tablet into the Folio, the sound is not masked but projected. Sound waves love smooth, hard surfaces. Having the sound waves exciting the speakers and hitting the leather causes the sound to then be projected out and away from both the case and tablet. Lower volumes can be used vs. not having the SoundBoard design, saving battery life. 

Because older iPad models have a single speaker, there was always one SoundBoard area in each Folio to project the sound. With the leather iPad Pro Folio, there are 4 to match the 4 speakers contained in the tablet. The effect is even greater than the single SoundBoard Folio models and has to be heard to be believed. 

These two new features combine with industry leading, hand made build quality and some of the softest, most durable hides available to create a truly special leather iPad Pro case. The case does fold into movie and typing modes just like it's sister models for the Air and Mini. The thing that is most striking about the new Folio is not the Pro specific details or the largeness of the case. It is the serious sense of quality is the case exudes. It feels solid and safe and expensive. It is one of those things in the world that is un-compromised. That is a wonderful feeling. The case will be available in the company's signature distressed, Vintage and pebble grain, black satin hides. 

Production is commencing on all the new iPad Pro models. MacCase is working flat out to insure they get them in stock as soon as possible. At the same time, their commitment to building the highest quality cases will not waiver. This type of passion and commitment has endeared MacCase Premium Leather Folios to users all over the world including many leading names in music, television, film advertising, literature and similar professions. The latest versions of the leather Folio looks to carry on that grand tradition for Apple's latest and largest tablet in a spectacular fashion.  

"The new leather iPad Pro case has new design elements that Apple's newest tablet has opened opportunities for"

  • Jody K. Deane

Comments on this post ( 8 )

  • Jun 13, 2016

    George – The new shipment has arrived and the new Folios are shipping.

    — Jody

  • May 21, 2016

    Service dept to Debbie I haven’t been able to contact you since your last email? Has the new shipment arrived? Or is the replacement case in the mail.please email me.thank you
    George horky

    — George horky

  • Apr 15, 2016


    We have been making a Folio for the iPad since the iPad was introduced. Over the years we have refined the design, especially when it comes to the frame, allowing for more clearance and a better interface.

    Each new model is tested extensively before being put into production. Moreover, our customers are some of the most demanding and it there was any issue whatsoever, we would have heard about it a long time ago.

    Thanks for your question.

    — Jody

  • Apr 15, 2016


    The new 9.7 version is in development and we hope to have them to ship sometime in May. We will let everyone know when pre-ordeing begins but we will not “front load” the process like we did for the 12.9 iPad Pro Cases.

    — Jody

  • Apr 06, 2016

    Has anyone reported a problem bringing up the control center or the notification screen due to the edge of the case covering a part of the screen? That is my only concern in considering this awesome looking case.

    — Bill K

  • Mar 27, 2016

    When will the iPad Pro 9.7 version be available…sweeted case I have seen

    — John Hann

  • Jan 18, 2016


    We are working on them right now. We are going to bring in a small number of pcs as soon as they are ready for those who have been waiting. If you have not placed an order as yet, I would do so. Otherwise we are looking at having them in mid to late Feb.

    — Jody

  • Jan 15, 2016

    when do you think they will be ready to ship?

    — mark g

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