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  • Preview - Beautiful Premium Leather iPad Pro 12.9 Sleeve
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Preview - Beautiful Premium Leather iPad Pro 12.9 Sleeve

Word has finally come in from our tannery that the new iPad Pro models should be shipping sometime around the middle of March. Included in that shipment with be our Premium Leather iPad Pro Sleeve.

Designed as part of the 4 new models for the iPad Pro, our newest sleeve design has more in common with our original sleeve for Apple's tablet, than it does with our leather sleeves for Apple laptops. This makes sense as it is an iPad after all, though it's large size and scale makes it more comparable to a MacBook or MacBook Air. 

The MacCase Premium Leather iPad Pro Sleeve shown in black

A Brief History of the MacCase Sleeve

 A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…… Oh wait, that's a different story. Way back when the internet was still searched by Netscape Navigator or AOL (kids, ask your parents), MacCase created a briefcase for the original clamshell iBook. It took off and was a big hit. The very next product we designed and brought to market was a Sleeve for the Powerbook. They were deceptively simple in appearance but packed a very protective punch. MacCase had a second hit on it's hands. 

As the original design evolved and the Premium Leather Collection was created, the sleeve designed migrated to the leather line as well. With the release of the original iPad, customers began to ask for a sleeve for Apple's tablet. MacCase saw this as a chance to shake up our sleeve design a bit.

The original iPad Sleeve featured a first ever magnetic closure for the flap. The solid-state flash memory of the iPad allowed for the introduction of magnets where as magnets could negatively affect the old school hard drives of Apple's laptops. On the black version, we used a dual texture theme combining a smooth leather center stripe with our classic pebble grain hide. It was a very handsome combination. 

the original premium leather iPad sleeve

Creating the Best Leather iPad Pro Sleeve

When it came time to design a sleeve for the iPad Pro we were at a crossroads. Do we follow the design vocabulary of the the laptop sleeves with our signature window, do we do something that more closely aligned the new case with the iPad model we already had, or go off in a new direction altogether?

Well, form follows function or in this case, form is function and the need for a place to store the Apple Pencil or similar stylist suggested a vertical pocket that could be integrated into the overall design of the case. 

When the smoke cleared and the dust settled, the new iPad Pro sleeve looked very similar to the original sleeve we did for Apple's original tablet.

The hallmark feature of the new Sleeve is the centrally located pocket for the Apple Pencil or similar stylist. We wanted to highlight the pencil pocket so contrasting white thread is used around this area.

The Pencil, once placed into the pocket is kept safe and secure unlike so many other Pro cases that leave the $100 Apple Pencil dangling on the outside of the case or slid into some exterior pen loop. The Pencil pocket on the new sleeve is completely padded and lined. The same vertical center stripe is mirrored on rear panel to tie the design together, complimented by very subtle branding. 

rear view of the MacCase leather iPad pro sleeve

Protecting Your iPad Pro - Sleeve Construction

One thing that has not changed is the proven engineering of how are sleeves our constructed. Unlike almost all of the sleeve made by all the other companies, MacCase Sleeves open along the short axis only. This maximizes the inherent structural integrity of the material.  

Think of a castle: great big building, tiny little door. Why? To maximize the protection of what's inside. Our sleeves follow the same principal. Most of the sleeves marketed for laptops and tablets all follow a similar yet highly flawed design: They open half way along one short axis, then along a major long axis then back down the other side's short axis. This large opening completely negates any structural integrity the materials might provide. 

Moreover, almost all sleeve makers use zippered closures. Zippers scratch. Again, a huge design flaw. MacCase sleeves whether for MacBook laptops or iPads, have only used short axis openings and have never used zippers for closures. 

The new leather iPad Pro sleeve continues our "best practices" design, opening along the short axis only and uses a dual, silent magnetic closure. Protection is provided by layering the materials, (liners, high density, quality foam padding, exterior quality hides) in a way we know works. One of the greatest things about being around so long and putting products into a space with such demanding customers is, that we find out what works and we find out quickly. 

If there is something we miss in the design process, in development or in testing, our customers let us know. And that issue is corrected. We have never had a single issue like this with any of our sleeves. The design, the materials, all work. They protect. Thats is something we are very proud of. 

Open view of the leather iPad pro sleeve

So whether you use an Apple keyboard cover or not, and are looking for the best protection for your iPad Pro when transporting it, we hope you will give our new Premium Leather iPad Pro Sleeve a long look. Each of our new iPad Pro cases uses our latest generation of our leather hides. The current hides are tanned to be the softest yet most durable we have ever produced.

So whether you choose the classic professionalism of our pebble grain black, or the rugged "Americana" of our real vintage brown, your new iPad Pro will be safe and sound. 

"We hope you will give our new Premium Leather iPad Pro Sleeve a long look."

  • Jody K. Deane

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  • May 31, 2016

    Also the end of May.
    I’m sorry to bother you but I have a favor to ask you again.
    Please tell me when will it be delivered my order.
    I can hardly wait for it to come.
    Thank you

    — Tomoharu Izume

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