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Recently we received a message on twitter from professional photographer Otis Harville of Framed Lightscap3s, LLC who inquired whether our 13-inch MacBook Pro Sleeve would work with his new 13" MacBook Pro Touch Bar.

We informed him that it would. He replied back with a few more questions which we quickly answered. On thing about interacting with potential customers on social media is that you can get a snapshot of who they are and what they are about by their profile. 

Otis Harville - Pro Photograher

In Otis's case, he is about capturing the beauty of the natural world in his photographs. When MacCase started way back in 1999, many Apple laptop users were creative professionals. They became our customers. One of the reasons we feel MacCase has been successful over the years is because we are the customer. We are one group of creative professionals designing cases, bags, sleeves and folios to protect the hardware used by another. 

There is a kinship to this relationship, an authenticity mixed with a very high level of mutual respect when we get to speak, email or interact with any of our customers or potential customers. Our correspondence with Otis and his subsequent order reminded us this this. And it was good to have that reminder. 

Otis Harville Nature Photograph

Best Protection Sleeve for the 13" MacBook Pro?

What we could not predict was the reaction from Otis to our 13" MacBook Pro Sleeve. To say he really liked it was an understatement. He stated in a recent blog post about our 13" MacBook Pro Sleeve:

"In my opinion, the quality of this protective sleeve exceeds anything else out there. The 13 inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar fits into the sleeve very nicely. It's not a tight fit nor is it a snug fit, but it’s a comfortable fit. There's very little movement inside the sleeve, and in fact, the comfortable fit allows for easy entry and removal of the MacBook. The padding and protective edge guard is simply wonderful and the cloth inside it Is very soft. So if you are looking for an awesome protective sleeve to fit your MacBook Pro with Touch Bar - look no further."

He titled his blog post, "The Best Protection Sleeve for Your MacBook Pro."

Otis is the type of customer we dream about designing for whenever we put pencil to paper on a new project. Sure MacCase's stable of celebrity customers has grown exponentially over the last year, but the core of what we do will always come back to guys like Otis. 

He's on the road, in the field, practicing his art and making the world a more beautiful place by capturing the beauty of the world in his photographs. We are humbled to know that our 13-inch MacBook Pro Sleeve plays a small role in helping him achieve his goals, make a living and make his art. 

Is our 13-inch MacBook Sleeve the best protection for your Apple laptop? We like to think so. That is our goal when we set out to create any new design. All product development is a balancing act between the needs and wants of the market, the price point, costs, materials and the vision that MacCase chief designer, Michael Santoro has for the product. In the case of a product like a 13-inch MacBook Pro Sleeve, weight and performance are keys to the success of the design.

best 13 macbook pro touch bar sleeve

How to Design a 13-inch MacBook Sleeve

For working professionals, weight matters, specifically light weight. If you're already carrying a lot of gear into the field, you want to add the least amount to your assortment at the same time as you want the best protection.

These things are usually mutually exclusive.

We know.

We struggle with this issue with every product we design. You get smarter about it, but it never gets easy. 

For 13" MacBook Sleeve, we leaned a bit more on the lightweight side of the spectrum. You can do this with sleeve because they tend to be placed inside another bag or backpack and that enhances the protection for the laptop.

Our current 13" Sleeve is the lightest sleeve MacCase has ever produced. This has something to do with a new generation of foams that is lighter in weight but just as shock absorbent as the older types. 

Another key step forward in sleeve design that was implemented for the 13" MacBook Sleeve was a magnetic closure. For years MacCase used velcro to seal the flap while the rest of the world used zippers that scratched.

The velcro worked and did not damage the laptop. It sealed the opening, keeping out dirt and moisture, but it was not the most elegant experience. The noise was not very pleasant. 

Once spinning hard drives went the way of Zipp discs and Newtons, we were free to bring on the magic of magnetism. There is something magical about how magnets work and the flap of the 13-inch MacBook Sleeve take full advantage of this. Silent, smooth and always functioning, the magnetic closure of the sleeve is a joy to use. 

Lastly, the 13-inch MacBook Sleeve introduces another new design element into our sleeve design vocabulary: storage. For years, there have been other sleeve designs that have had little pouches sewn to the front or back. They always looked like afterthoughts or like someone had just stuck them on the surface. They never looked integrated or part of the design. 

If MacCase was going to do storage that was part of the sleeve design, we wanted to do it better, in a more integrated, aesthetic way. Inspired by the Lamborghini Aventador, the 2 semi-exterior pockets (they are under the main flap) and 2 exterior pockets below them offer a place to put small items like cables and adapters.

We still offer our matching pouches for larger, more three-dimension things, but the 4 pockets on the front panel of the 13" MacBook Pro work and do what they are designed to do. 

We hope that our designs never stop appealing to and creating an impression on talented professionals like Otis Harville and all the other MacCase customers like him. Putting the best products we can into the world to help others do what they do better is at the essence of what we do and have done for almost 20 years. 

"Pro Photographer states our 13" MacBook Pro Sleeve the best protection for your Apple laptop"


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by Jody K. Deane February 03, 2017

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