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  • Best iPad Pro 12.9 Bags, Cases, Folios and Backpacks Pt 1
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Best iPad Pro 12.9 Bags, Cases, Folios and Backpacks Pt 1

Though it's only been a few years, it seems like a lifetime ago that there was only one iPad. The original "magic" tablet was the last of the great Apple keynote / Steve Jobs introductions. Now we have what seems like as many Apple tablet models as we have Apple laptop models. 

Just like their Apple laptop brethren, if you are going to move your Apple iPad through the world, it will need to be protected. Especially the largest member of the family, the 12.9. For this post, we going to look at best iPad Pro 12.9 bags, cases, backpacks, sleeves and folios from the company that created the Apple-specifc case market, MacCase. 

If you are an owner of a 12.9 iPad Pro, you know that the tablet is big. It can be somewhat cumbersome at times. Luckily MacCase has, what has come to be known as "the selection" of the best iPad Pro 12.9 bags, cases, backpacks, sleeves and folios of any full line bag manufacturer. 

So without further ado, here are the best iPad Pro 12.9 bags, cases, sleeves, backpacks and folios, part 1:

Leather iPad Pro 12.9 BriefcaseLeather iPad Pro 12.9 Briefcase by MacCase

Although this is the newest addition to the MacCase line, the Premium Leather iPad Pro 12.9 Briefcase has become a customer favorite. It's imbued with all the best attributes of the Premium Leather Collection: timeless design, world class build quality, exceptional protection and functionality. What makes it such a favorite among 12.9 owners is the clarity it's concept and the uncompromised beauty of it's execution. 

Conceived as a horizontal version of the company's popular, vertically oriented Flight Jacket models, this case features the same thin, relatively lightweight form factor turned on it's side. For anyone who prefers the traditional look of a horizontal form, this leather briefcase will fit you just like your favorite pair of jeans. 

The first horizontal leather briefcase in the MacCase line, it's sole purpose is to protect and transport Apple's target tablet. While it can be used with the 13" MacBook Air and Pro, it's most at home providing security for the 12.9 iPad Pro with or without Apple's smart cover.

The signature feature of the under-flap storage area is what is considered the industry's best solution for protecting and transporting the Apple Pencil. The integrated, vertical pocket is the centerpiece of an area designed to hold the aforementioned Pencil, the AC adapter and cables, writing pens and credit and business cards among other items. 

This is supplemented by the larger pockets in the main flap and rear of the case. A matching shoulder pad and iPhone slip case that fits onto the shoulder strap are available options. 

With a host of clever storage details and a professional, compact silhouette, the leather iPad Pro 12.9 briefcase is the best solution for anyone looking to move their 12.9 through the world with elegance and grace. 

Leather iPad Pro 12.9 FolioLeather iPad Pro 12.9 Folio by MacCase

You would think after making iPad folio style cases since day one of the iPad's existence there would not be any issues with subsequent designs. This could not be further from the truth! This is the single most difficult product MacCase produces requiring custom tooling to make the frame for each size iPad.

The first run of Premium Leather iPad Pro 12.9 Folios sold out as soon as they arrived followed by a host of 5 star reviews. This gave us an opportunity to update the design very quickly.  Several customers commented on the difficulty of reaching the notification and control centers when the iPad was in the horizontal orientation. This issue was resolved with the second production run. (All MacCase iPad Folio models with the expiation of the Mini have this new, expanded functionality).

A more functional frame joined a host of industry leading solutions that are part of the Folio's design. These include the best protection for the Apple Pencil and the best sound enhancement for the quad speaker system. Upon first glance, the leather iPad Pro 12.9 Folio seems deceptively simple. And on the surface it is. A beautifully crafted, hand made leather bound exterior makes up the front and rear cover. 

It's only when you start to read the features list, the reviews, make your purchase and use one for yourself does the amount of engineering excellence and design content that each case contains start to sink in.

While many people are put off by what seems like a high price (somehow forgetting they purchased the most expensive tablet on earth) it has been stated by customers who have used the leather iPad Pro 12.9 Folio that it is worth every penny!

 Leather iPad Pro 12.9 Flight Jacket CaseLeather iPad Pro 12.9 Flight Jacket Case by MacCase

You would think designing and producing an iPad Pro 12.9 version of what is your most popular design would be easy. It could have been.

If MacCase had taken their 13" Flight Jacket slapped on an elastic loop to hold the Apple Pencil and changed the name, it would have been. (The 13" and 12.9 iPad Pro Flight Jackets are basically the same size).

But the guy that runs the company doesn't often take the easy way out. Especially if there is a way to improve a product and offer a better solution to meet and exceed customer needs. Instead of just taking the 13" Flight Jacket and renaming it, MacCase Chief Creative Officer Michael Santoro looked to the company's flagship vertical leather Briefcase. 

The Macbook Pro Flight Jacket models use velcro to secure the main flap and a stainless steel clip to secure the removable pouch. The Leather Briefcase uses a clip to secure the main flap and a velcro to secure the two sizes of removable storage pouches. The iPad Pro Flight Jacket utilizes the clip / velcro design of the more expensive Briefcase. This has several benefits. 

It allows for a cost effective way to offer more storage options for the leather iPad Pro 12.9 Flight Jacket case which is one of the key features of the tablet specific model. Both large and small storage pouches are offered, along with a shoulder pad, backpack strap set and iPhone slip case as available options. Including choosing your color, there are 6 options for this iPad Pro 12.9 case which makes it the most customizable MacCase ever. 

Like all iPad Pro 12.9 models, the Flight Jacket features the industry leading, integrated pocket for the Apple Pencil. Under the main flap, the pocket houses your Pencil in the safest and most secure way. Like it's horizontal bother, the under-flap area also has pockets for business cards, cables and other small items. The AC adapter can be stored in one of the removable pouches or in the main flap pocket. 

The leather iPad Pro 12.9 Flight Jacket case carries on the tradition of all Flight Jacket models combining timeless design, bullet proof build quality and a spirit inspired by the rugged individualism of the American west. 

To Be Continued...

Fo everyone at at MacCase, it's hard to remember that none of these MacCase iPad Pro 12.9 cases existed at the start of this year. And these 3 models are only a partial list. In part two, we will finish the review the models from the Premium Leather Collection as look at the nylon options from the MacCase standard line. 

"Here are the best iPad Pro 12.9 bags, cases, sleeves, backpacks and folios"

  • Jody K. Deane

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