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  • Best iPad Pro 12.9 Bags, Cases, Sleeves and Backpacks Pt 2
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Best iPad Pro 12.9 Bags, Cases, Sleeves and Backpacks Pt 2

In part one of "The Best iPad Pro 12.9 Bags, Cases, Backpacks and Folios", we covered the Premium Leather Briefcase, Folio and Flight Jacket. In part 2, we will look at the Sleeves, Backpack and Messenger for the 12.9 iPad Pro.  

While the first part covered models that were part of the Premium Leather Collection, this post will show that you don't have to be an expensive leather case to be one of the best iPad Pro 12.9 bags. All of the thinking, design content, custom fit and quality of the Premium Leather Collection are applied to our selection of 12.9 specific nylon models as well. 

Leather iPad Pro 12.9 Sleeve / 12.9 Nylon Sleeve


iPad Pro 12.9 Sleeves

Whether you're looking at the leather 12.9 iPad Pro Sleeve or the nylon one, the mission for each is the same: To offer the best protection for your Apple tablet. The second product MacCase ever produced in it's long and illustrious history was a sleeve. Our sleeves have always been a bit different. When the entire industry was using neoprene and zippers MacCase created a truly original solution offering superior designed sleeves using neither neoprene nor zippers. 

This original thinking is carried through to our sleeves for the 12.9 iPad Pro. Both use an elegant, silent magnet closure for the main flap. Both have our industry leading protection for the Apple Pencil in the form of a vertical, centrally located pocket accessed under the main flap. 

The 12.9 iPad Pro nylon sleeve takes the storage options one further by offering an additional 4 built in pockets for cables, the AC adapter and other items. Whether you choose the lightweight and cost efficiency of the nylon model or the luxury of our Premium Leather hides, you can be confident that both sleeves come with nearly 15 years of sleeve design experience behind them. Our sleeve designs have been around so long because they work. 

iPad Pro 12.9 Messenger Bag

MacCase iPad Pro 12.9 Messenger Bag  

When it came time to look at designs for the a messenger bag for Apple's largest tablet, we talked to the owners of our 13" MacBook Pro messenger bag. The 12.9 iPad Pro and the 13" Macbook models are the same size give or take a millimeter or two. We asked what they liked most about our current design and what would they want improved. 

MacCase is unique in the industry in offering a custom fitted sleeve as part of our messenger bag designs. We feel this offers a superior value to anyone looking to protect their expensive Apple portable. This is the feature the 13" MB customers liked most. This is the model we followed for the 12.9 iPad Pro messenger bag. We paired our highly successful messenger bag with our iPad Pro 12.9 sleeve to create a very unique package for 12.9 owner.

Each piece can be used together or separately offering the highest level of versatility. When you combine the 11 pockets and compartments of the messenger bag with the 5 from the sleeve you have a whopping 16 different places to store things. This number doesn't include both the main compartment of the messenger or the main compartment of the sleeve. If you include these in the list, you have 18 areas to store and transport the things that make up your mobile life and get through your day. 

We always strive to imbue the models in the MacCase Standard Line with the highest value possible. This iPad Pro 12.9 Messenger Bag goes above and beyond offering, a unique 2 for 1 package providing exemplary protection combined with a broad range of storage options. All this functionality is wrapped in a simple, elegant aesthetic that lets the rich textures of the materials and hints of color speak for themselves. 

 iPad Pro 12.9 Backpack

iPad Pro 12.9 Backpack by MacCase

Like the Messenger Bag above, the goal for our iPad Pro 12.9 Backpack was to offer the best value in a backpack designed for Apple's largest tablet. How do you do that? At MacCase, we feel this is achieved by offering a product that is innovative, protective, functional and stylish for a price point below what similar featured models from other manufactures cost. 

Many people associate innovation with technology. But not all innovation is the result of ones and zeros. For our iPad Pro backpack, the innovation comes from the design itself. Can you design a backpack that doesn't look like it's carrying the world's most expensive tablet computer? Most laptop and tablet packs are squarish. The square shape conveys there is hardware inside.

The 12.9 pack is round. Organic. No one will ever know what's inside. Using form to protect the contents from theft and keeping the person wearing it safe is innovative. As is the inclusion of Scotchlite safety inserts so the persons wearing it can be seen crossing a street at night. Yes the backpack does all the things you'd expect. But looking our for your safety on a number of different levels is something you might not be expecting. That's innovation. 

Regarding protection, no other pack combines the dual protection of a removable sleeve and a built in sleeve like the MacCase iPad Pro 12.9 backpack does. This adds unbridled functionality to the package allowing you to use the sleeve and pack together or separately, depending on your needs. And nothing beats the functionality of our BRIGHTSIGHT interior designs featured on all our iPad Pro 12.9 nylon models. 

Lastly, the style of our iPad Pro 12.9 backpack reflects the simple, understated design vocabulary of all MacCase products. Our nylon models are just as much at home in the classroom as they are in the boardroom. Good design will do that for you. 

The Last Word

It was mentioned in part one of this blog that none of theses models existed at the beginning of this year. It's been a difficult process getting all these new models to production and finally into the hands of waiting customers. Overall, we feel these are some of the best values in iPad Pro 12.9 cases, bags, sleeves and folios available from any manufacturer anywhere. 

Everyday we are humbled by our customers passion for what we do and the products we produce. As long as they continue to find value in our work, we will keep producing the best in Apple portable protection. 

"These are some of the best values iPad Pro 12.9 bags, cases and sleeves."

  • Jody K. Deane

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