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  • Custom MacBook Pro Cases - Exciting New Arrivals
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Custom MacBook Pro Cases - Exciting New Arrivals

The second shipment from our new Custom Program has arrived and it includes a full assortment of custom MacBook Pro cases, sleeves and Flight Jackets for the 13" and 15" MacBook Pro. The level of customization and creativity is truly inspiring. 

For those who are unaware, our Custom Program allows MacCase customers to choose one of our Premium Leather iPad Pro or MacBook Pro cases and customize it using 4800 possible configurations.

These include hide color, texture and finish as well as thread color and interior fabric color options. Monograming or adding a company logo through embossing is available. While prices are higher for these one of a kind, custom pieces, they are still well below the off the shelf bags and cases available from well know fashion brands. With our quality being on par or higher, our program offers the luxury of customization and world class quality at a lower price. 

Custom MacBook Pro case by MacCase shown in red

One of the standout custom MacBook Pro cases from the last shipment is this brilliant red Flight Jacket. Finished in our red pebble grain hide with just a single line of white contrasting stitching and a gray interior, this one-of-a-kind piece was exactly what it's owner was looking for but was unable to find anywhere else.

Enter the MacCase Custom Program where this first time MacCase customer was able to order a custom MacBook Pro case to her exact specifications. 

"I was looking for something that combines the functionality of a laptop case with the elegance of a fashion bag but it couldn't be too bulky. It looks even better in real life than it did in the mockup image I was sent. Thank you so much for bringing my idea to life. I absolutely love it!". This was from an email received shortly after the custom case arrived to it's new owner. Bringing this kind of joyful emotion to people is exactly what this program is all about. 

MacCase Custom MacBook Pro Flight Jacket case shown in black

One trend that we have seen over the last few months in the Custom Program is red thread. Many are asking for it on the custom MacBook Pro cases we are quoting and building. While you might think a classic, pebble grain black Flight Jacket would not be the first choice for a custom MacBook Pro case, when paired with full red stitching it becomes a truly bespoke, custom piece. The red stitching really seemed to bring out the richness of the hide and added a dynamic quality to the overall aesthetic of the case. 

Many sports car interiors that feature black leather use red thread to highlight the racy nature of the vehicle. This Flight Jacket completely follows in that line of thinking and would not look out of place in the passenger seat of any classic or late model sports car. 

Classic black leather too boring for you? How about the same red stitching combined with our unique blue vintage? Talk about an electric look! Nothing vibrates more visually than red on blue, especially with our Blue Vintage.

Custom MacBook Pro case shown in Blue Vintage by MacCase

The blue vintage is a hide unlike any other with each section of each hide being different from the section next to it. Varying oil content creates dark and light pattens in the hide. When the hide is cut into panels and the varying panels are sewn next to each other, you get something very original and very special.

No two vintage cases are ever alike. With the rarity of the blue vintage, you will receive something unique to you in all the world. Even if someone ordered the same exact build spec as you, the uniqueness of the leather itself would keep the two cases from ever being exactly the same. The blue vintage hide against the red stitching made each color come alive in a way that we've never seen before here at MacCase. 

Lastly we have a classic MacCase Premium Leather Sleeve customized in a way that separates it just enough from the standard sleeve it's based on. Our beloved brown vintage hide was sewn together with all white stitching. In our production build, only the curved panels receive the white stitching. On this custom MacBook Pro case, white stitching highlights all the panels that make up the sleeve design. The rows of perfect white stitching really brings out the attention to detail and amazing overall quality inherent in each Premium Leather model. 

Custom laptop case for MacBook Pro by MacCase

To gain more insight and think about what is available with the MacCase custom MacBook Pro case program, click here. To get a mock up image and a quote of what a custom case built just for you might look like, click here.

Custom cases are also available for all the Apple iPad Pro and iPad tablet models as well. Check the "Custom Cases" link above for more information. 

"On this custom MacBook Pro case, white stitching highlights all the panels..."









  • Jody K. Deane

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