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Updated November 29th-

We have begun pre-ordering for the Folios designed to work with the just released 2018 Apple tablets. Throughout the 8 year history of designing and building the gold standard in Apple portable protection, you can rest assured that our forthcoming Folios will be the best iPad Pro 11 case and the best 12.9 case available. Both designs are in development and we will be beginning production as soon as the final prototypes are approved. 

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New 11 iPad Pro case and 12.9 iPad Pro Folio by MacCase


The newest iPads have been announced by Apple. We got an updated 12.9 and a new 11 model. Contrary to popular belief, MacCase finds out about the new Apple products the same way as everyone else does, at the Apple Events. 

We got what we expected with the new Apple tablets. Two new designs without a home button and a minimal bezel that incorporates all the technology of the latest iPhones and MacBook Pros. 

Once we have a look at the new offerings, our design process begins. Choices are made and directions are taken to bring new products to life with the features, function and design excellence MacCase has built it's 20 year leadership reputation on. 

We feel the solutions for our new 11 iPad Pro cases and 12.9 Folio will be the most advanced and feature filled versions we've ever done. In essence, the best work we've ever done. MacCase has been making Apple tablet cases since Steven Jobs introduced the first one back in 2010. 

What is the best iPad Pro 11 case to you?

Whenever we have a new form factor to design for, we always reach out to our customers and potential customers asking what they want in a new design. If you have an idea, let us know. This interaction with customers on a first hand, one-to-one basis is one of the things that sets MacCase apart. 

Luckily, our management team has a policy of staying close to the customers. If you call us during business hours chances are the President of the company will answer the phone himself. This is somewhat unprecedented in a world of voice mail, answering machines and gatekeepers. The reason this is done at MacCase is to stay close to the customer. 

If someone has an idea, MacCase President and Chief Creative Officer, Michael Santoro can talk to you and hear your feedback and suggestions first hand. If a customer calls with a product questions, Michael can answer it as well.

What other company provides the benefit of having your specific product questions not only answered by the person who designed it, but who is also the President of the company?

( Moreover, what if you have problem you are trying to resolve? There is no better person to make sure you are taken care of than the boss. This is one of the key things that set MacCase apart. )

The same openness and availability will be in play for the development and roll out of the designs. Michael has been busy taking calls and answering all product related emails now that the new Apple tablets are revealed. Staying close to customers helps him and MacCase create the best iPad Pro 11 cases. 

 11 folio case in movie mode

Will customers want specific leather cases or will more people be interested in something in nylon? Do you want a cover for the Apple's Smart Keyboard Folio or is a cover on a cover redundant? Is there another case, bag or sleeve idea that you are looking for to put your Smart Keyboard Folio in when your transporting it?

The overall size of the 11 model is same as the current 10.5. There in lies the rub: If you trade up of the new model, you get a bigger screen in the same compact size of the current 10.5 model. All current MacCase 10.5 cases fit the new 11 with the exception of our Premium Leather Folio.

This is one of the new models we are developing. 

We have seen bezeless or frameless designs for handheld devices before. Several competitors for the iPhone feature screens that go to the end of the device with some that even curve and go over the edge like a waterfall along the long axis. As with all Apple designs, it's interesting to see how they handled it. 

The New Rear Panel

The overall length and width of the 11 tablet will remain similar to the 10.5. Thicknesses have been reduced yet again yet each generation seems to pack more and more technology and features inside a slimmer case. One way they were able to decrease the thickness was to square up the rear panel. 

The worlds best leather iPad cases will get better for iPad Pro 10.5

The new rear panel doesn't have the "lead in" to the edges the previous models had. Putting a much more squared up shoulder on the rear panel of the case, allows for much more room for much more stuff. Apple took advantage of this. 

Not only that, it allows for the use of the rear panel as an attachment point for the Smart Keyboard Folio. This will be Apple's in-house case for 11 and 12.9. For the first time in a long time, Apple's in-house keyboard case has a back on it. Their design does leave the $100 Pencil sitting out in the middle of space unprotected though.

This is the kind of opportunity MacCase looks for. 

Our Cases will be Different

Of course for MacCase, Apple eliminating the bezel mean there is no way of holding the iPad in place based on our current Folio design. Right now with our Premium Leather 12.9 cases, especially the Folio, and the shared 9.7 and Air Folio, a custom stamped alloy steel frame holds the Apple tablet in place.

This is achieved by covering the bezel with the frame. No bezel, no frame, no way of holding the tablet in place. With Apple releasing a design without a bezel, our Premium Leather iPad Pro 11 Folio will have to be just as radical. 

If our new designs turn out to be pretty radical, there is one thing that will remain: Our world class quality. It was mentioned previously that MacCase has been around for 20 years. We invented the Apple-speicifc case market in 1998 with a case for the original iBook. In 2007 we reinvented the market with our Premium Leather Collection. 

As our target customer has grown up and matured, MacCase has been right there with them protecting their Apple portables whether they were going to the local coffee shop down the street or a coffee plantation on the other side of the world. Our reputation for build the world's best cases, bags, sleeves and backpacks for Apple portables has been well earned. It is our mission to deliver the best iPad Pro 11 case once the development is completed. 

11 iPad Case with custom accessories

Quality Matters

How MacCase will respond to the new Appel tablets is something we will have to wait for. One thing is for sure, when it comes to any new opportunities to protect Apple portables, MacCase will once again lead the way. The world is being taught to buy things on discount while the quality of the actual product was stripped out long before it hit the shelf, or now, your screen. 

This is blatantly apparent when it comes to Apple tablet cases. The market is littered with low cost, poorly made attempts at protection. MacCase stands as an anathema to this. We try to put the best product we can into the world. We make cases, bags and sleeves that are designed to protect your investment in your digital technology.

It always pays to remember that if you've purchased an Apple tablet, you've bought the most expensive tablet computer on Earth. Do you really want to protect it with the cheapest case you can find? Would you park your expensive, luxury car in a garage made from refrigerator boxes and duct tape? 

We have taken huge steps to shorten our lead times between when Apple reveals a new model and when our designs are in stock and shipping. Any new 11" cases that we do offer should reflect this improvement. 

Cases With a Longer Lifecycle

At a certain point in the iPad product development cycle, Apple got off the yearly development cycle treadmill and moved to an 18 month development cycle. The iPhone remains on the yearly cycle. Maybe the innovation curve, competition and rate of change in the phone space in so great that Apple has to stay on the yearly cycle for iPhone. 

But for the iPads, Apple saw a chance to take a deep breathe and relax a bit. I sure this news was welcomed by the family members of all the Apple employees who work on the tablet design and development programs. Having 18 months to bring a product to market versus 12 means less overtime, less working weekends and stress being brought home from the office. 

The push out to an 18 month product development cycle was also welcomed news at MacCase. It means less stress for us too. Being on a 12 month product cycle is extremely difficult and strressful. Looking at the prospect of developing potentially new designs for the iPad Pro 11 inch case, we know that if we do so, they'll be around a while. This helps with managing development costs, inventory, production, almost every aspect of our business. 

But with any program that we take on, our main focus is always on you, the potential and returning customer. We always ask ourselves what might our customers want in a new 11 inch case? What are they looking for in a case that they are not getting in our current lineup or assortment now? How can we improve our current designs to make them even better?

We hope you'll stay tuned and be a part of our journey into the future.  

What does the best iPad Pro 11 case look like to you?

Jody K. Deane
by Jody K. Deane December 20, 2016

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