So the rumor mill is swirling with what Apple will do in October 2018 when the current generation of iPads are due for a refreshening. So far, the big money is betting on a new design without a home button and a minimal bezel that will feature an 11" screen.

The overall length and width of the tablet will remain similar to the current 10.5 but will see an increase in thickness. Whatever Apple chooses to do you know MacCase will have our iPad Pro 11 cases ready to provide the protection.

The worlds best leather iPad Pro cases will get better for iPad Pro 10.5

At a certain point in the iPad product development cycle, Apple got off the yearly development cycle treadmill and hoped on over to the 18 month development cycle treadmill for their iPads. The iPhone remains on the yearly cycle. Maybe the innovation curve, competition and rate of change in the phone space in so great that Apple has to stay on the yearly cycle for iPhone. 

But for the iPads, Apple saw a chance to take a deep breathe and relax a bit. I sure this news was welcomed by the family members of all the Apple employees who work on the iPad design and development programs. Having 18 months to bring a product to market versus 12 means less overtime, less working weekends and stress being brought home from the office. 

New iPad Pro 11 Cases With a Longer Lifecycle

The push out to an 18 month product development cycle was also welcomed news at MacCase. It means less stress for us too. Being on a 12 month product cycle is extremely difficult and strressful. Looking at the prospect of developing potentially new designs for the iPad Pro 11 cases, we know that if we do so, they'll be around a while. This helps with managing development costs, inventory, production, almost every aspect of our business. 

But with any program that we take on, our main focus is always on you, the potential and returning customer. We always ask ourselves what might our customers want in a new iPad Pro 11 case? What are they looking for in an iPad Pro 11 case that they are not getting in our current lineup or assortment now? How can we improve our current iPad Pro cases to make them even better for the iPad Pro 11?

Luckily, our management team has a policy of staying close to the customers. If you call us during business hours chances are the President of the company will answer the phone himself. This is somewhat unprecedented in a world of voice mail, answering machines and gatekeepers. The reason this is done at MacCase is to stay close to the customer. 

What do you want in an iPad Pro 11 case?

If someone loves a case, sleeve, backpack or messenger bag, Michael can hear the information first hand. If a customer calls with a product questions, Michael can answer it as well. What other company provides the benefit of having your specific product questions not only answered by the person who designed it, but who is also the President of the company?

Moreover, what if you have problem you are trying to resolve? There is no better person to make sure you are taken care of than the boss. This is one of the key things that set MacCase apart. 

The same openness and availability will be in play for the development and roll out of the iPad Pro 11 cases. Michael plans to be taking calls and answering all product related emails once the new Apple tablets are revealed.

We will see how different they are and what opportunities will exist for MacCase to provide protection. Will customers want specific leather iPad Pro 11 cases or will more people be interested in something in nylon? We will have to wait and see. 


The rumor is that the new 11 tablet will eliminate the bezel on three sides. The top bezel will remain as it houses the camera and assorted hardware underneath the glass. Currently the lower bezel around the screen houses the home button.

Open view of the best leather iPad Pro cases

So doing away with the bezel around the home button means doing away with the home button. This would be a somewhat radial change for the iPad, as the home button has been a feature since the original Apple tablet model.

The overall size of this reported 11 model will be the same as the current 10.5 iPad Pro. There in lies the rub: If you trade up of the new model, you get a bigger screen in the same compact size of the current 10.5 model.

We have seen bezeless or frameless designs for handheld devices before. Several competitors for the iPhone feature screens that go to the end of the device with some that even curve and go over the edge like a waterfall along the long axis. As with all Apple designs, it will be interesting to see how they handle it. 

iPad Pro 11 cases will be different

Of course for MacCase, Apple eliminating the bezel mean there is no way of holding the iPad in place based on our current Folio design. Right now with our Premium Leather iPad Pro 12.9 cases, especially the Folio, and the shared 9.7 and Air Folio, a custom stamped alloy steel frame holds the iPad in place.

This is achieved by covering the bezel with the frame. No bezel, no frame, no way of holding the iPad in place. So if Apple does release a design without a bezel, our Premium Leather iPad Pro 11 Folio will have to be just as radical. 

Another change on the horizon for the new Apple tablets will be that they will be thicker. After almost every generation of iPad being thinner than the last, the news is that the stack height will be going up. Now in "iPadland" things are measured in microns or for dimensions, 10ths of millimeters. The increase in thickness is being reported at .6mm for the 11 model. That's 6/10ths of a millimeter. 

It's not as it the current design is 1/8th of an inch and the new model is going to be 2 inches. Apple knows customers are very sensitive to changes in form factors like thickness and weight so if the new iPad Pro 11 is going to get thicker, I am sure they have a fundamental engineering reason for doing so.

The simplest reason might to be increase the size of the battery for longer battery life. The new Touch Bar MacBook Pro models were heralded for their ultra thin designs but are coming under fire for their scant battery life. No matter what product you are developing, there are always trade offs. 

With the best iPad Pro 11 cases, quality matters

What all these changes will look like we will just have to wait and see. How MacCase will respond is also something we will have to wait for. One thing is for sure, when it comes to any new iPad Pro 11 cases, MacCase will once again lead the way. The world in being taught to buy things on discount while the quality of the actual product was stripped out long before it hit the shelf, or now, your screen. 

This is blatantly apparent when it comes to iPad cases. The market is littered with low cost, poorly made attempts at protection. MacCase stands as an anathema to this. We try to put the best product we can into the world. We make cases, bags and sleeves that are designed to protect your investment in your digital technology.

We have taken huge steps to shorten our lead times between when Apple reveals a new model and when our designs are in stock and shipping. Any new iPad Pro 11 cases that we do offer should reflect this improvement. We hope you'll stay tuned and be a part of our journey into the future.  

With new iPad Pro 11 cases, MacCase will  again lead the way.

Jody K. Deane
by Jody K. Deane December 20, 2016

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