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  • Leather iPad Pro 10.5 Cases - We're Ready!
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Leather iPad Pro 10.5 Cases - We're Ready!

Since the release of the iPad Pro 9.7, customers have asked for a Sleeve for Apple's smaller Pro tablet. Our 12.9 Sleeve turned out to be one of our most popular models of the last year. The 9.7 version of the sleeve is in production now and it will be just in time to meet the possible demise of the iPad Pro 9.7 itself. Are we preparing a design for an iPad that may no longer exist when the case arrives?

The new MacCase Premium Leather iPad Pro 10.5 cases

That all depends. 

The much rumored replacement for the 9.7 is the forthcoming iPad Pro 10.5. Either way, the plan is for the overall form factor of the new iPad Pro 10.5 to be the same as the 9.7. The screen will be enlarged as the bezel is eliminated on 3 sides. If this is the case and the iPad Prop 10.5 does in fact have the same overall form factor as the 9.7, then the new model will fit perfectly in our new Sleeve which we will rechristen one of our Premium Leather iPad Pro 10.5 cases

All the pieces are in place for the new smaller Sleeve to follow in the successful sales footsteps of it's big brother. The leather iPad Pro 10.5 case will use the same premium quality black pebble grain or vintage hides as our current production models. One of the key elements in any of our iPad Pro cases is the inclusion of the Pencil Pocket. 

No one has really come close of the protection provided by our integrated Pencil pocket design. Designed form the ground up as part of the case, not tacked on as a afterthought, it provides the kind of smart protection a $100 accessory deserves. The new leather iPad Pro 10.5 cases will have this feature whether it's a new Folio, the Sleeve that is currently in production or any other 10.5 design we happen to dream up. 

leather iPad Pro 10.5 case

Risky Business

Some customers who have heard about our production for a 9.7 sleeve have asked whether making a product for an Apple portable that might be long for this world is a smart idea. On the surface it appears that this would indeed be a huge risk. If Apple does in fact change the 9.7 to something completely different, then MacCase will be sitting on a whole bunch of leather iPad Pro 10.5 cases that will need a home. 

This is risk we are willing to take. Entrepreneurial life is about taking one risk after another and even after nearly 20 years, MacCase is still an entrepreneurial venture. You have to take calculated risks in order to move forward and survive. 

One exciting thing about the potential of a new iPad Pro in a size similar to the 9.7 is all of the current MacCase models it will fit in. Many customers use their iPad Pros in addition to their Apple laptops. For this reason if they purchase one of our MacBook Pro cases, they want a place for their iPad too.

Popular models like our Flight Jackets and Messenger Bags have a place for an iPad around the rumored new size. This is good news for any MacCase customers looking to purchase a new case, bag or backpack for a MacBook Pro and then wind up getting the new iPad Pro in the rumored 10.5 size. 

10.5 iPad Pro Cases - Where Do We Go From Here?

What's waiting beyond the new sleeve that is currently in production? This is an interesting question that has been the topic of many debates around the MacCase meeting rooms and design studio.

While there is smart risk taking there is also careless risk taking. Designing a group of cases, bags and sleeves for a product that you are not sure of is foolish. We like to be a bit smarter with how we do things around here. We, like most if not all of the other case companies, will wait and see what Apple shows us in March. Maybe we'll get the rumored 10.5 iPad Pro. Maybe the 9.7 will soldier on. Maybe they will have something no one is expecting. 

For MacCase, a lot was learned on original iPad Pro development program. One was not to overextend. This is a lesson that will be heeded for the leather iPad Pro 10.5 cases if such a program is needed. 

Our goal, as always, will be to deliver leather iPad Pro 10.5 cases that flawlessly fit into our customers lives. We like to design products that help people do what they do better and look good doing it. I cannot tell you how many calls and emails we receive where the customers let us know about all the attention they recieve when traveling with their MacCase. It's truly one of the things that keeps us going. 

MacCase has been planning and reacting to what Apple does or doesn't do for nearly 20 years. Considering how many case companies have come and gone over this nearly two decade stretch, we must be doing something right! No matter what size iPad Pro Apple releases next month, we will gather out talents, our skills, our passion and our grit and apply them to offering the best looking, best made cases we can. 

"Our goal will be to deliver leather iPad Pro 10.5 cases that flawlessly fit into our customers lives"


  • Jody K. Deane

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