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  • The Best Leather iPad Pro 10.5 Cases - Behind the Design
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

The Best Leather iPad Pro 10.5 Cases - Behind the Design

Apple recently announced the new iPad Pro 10.5 at the WWDC in San Jose, California. Here at MacCase, the design staff is hard at work responding to the launch. They're busy  creating what they hope will be the best leather iPad Pro 10.5 cases.

For this installment of "Behind the Design" we are once again talking to MacCase Chief Creative Officer Michael Santoro. 

The new iPad Pro 10.5 waiting for the best leather cases


Apple Introduces the iPad Pro 10.5

JKD: It seems like we are doing a lot of these lately. There is a lot going on. Tell us what happens when you're watching the Appel keynote and a new iPad Pro is revealed. 

MS: Panic! (Laughing). It's always stressful in the hours after a new product is launched by Apple. You'd think after all these years, I'd be used to it, but I'm not. The initial questions are, how does this affect us? Does it fit anything in the current line up? How many potential new designs might we need to, or want to create for this cusotmer? What do we need to do next to get what ever we come up with to market as soon as possible. So it's stressful.

JKD: In this instance, it's iPad Pro 10.5 cases? 

MS. Yes, iPad Pro 10.5 cases. 

JKD: How long after the announcement does it take for things to calm down?

MS: Ha! You've been here everyday since the keynote. Are things any calmer now than when the iPad Pro 10.5 was announced? If anything, things are more hectic. 

JKD: Why is that?

MS: The announcement came just days after we went live with our new Custom Case Program. We had an unprecedented response to the outreach we did for the Custom Program. Since it was new and we are just getting the work flow down, each submission took a bit of time to get a response out.

We're sending out mock up images and then flowing that up with a quote. So in the middle of this learning curve, boom, Apple drops a new iPad Pro and we have to react. We are offering the new 10.5 Folio as part of our Custom Program. If anyone is interested in doing a one-of-a-kind case for their new Apple tablet, check our Custom cases page.

JKD: Can you go into the process a bit? You see the new iPad Pro 10.5 and what happens?

MS: The first thing we do is go over to Apple's site and get the specs. Once we have them, we compare the new design to previous designs and, as mentioned, against our current line up. From there on out it's sort of top secret and I'd rather keep it that way.

The Best leather iPad Pro 10.5 cases are by MacCase

Leather iPad Pro 10.5 Cases - Truly the Best?

JKD: Do you see doing both nylon and leather 10.5 iPad Pro cases?

MS: With our current strategy for our nylon line, we see the new 10.5 iPad Pro working perfectly with our current backpacks and iPad Pro messenger bags. There is going to be a litany of places to store this tablet in both bags. With Apple introducing their own sleeve, they'll be a place for the 10.5 and the sleeve as well. Our nylon backpack and messenger bag should integrate seamlessly with anyone looking to store and transport an iPad Pro 10.5. 

For the leather, it's a entirely different matter. Our iPad Pro Folios have become regarded as the professional choice in Pad protection. We will have a leather iPad Pro 10.5 case and it's a folio that will be the best of it's kind. You can be sure our industry-leading protection for the Apple Pencil will be a part of every new leather 10.5 Folio.

JKD: How do any new leather iPad Pro 10.5 cases fit into the legacy of what MacCase has built over the last 10 years with the Premium Leather Collection?

MS: MacCase has been making cases, bags and sleeves for the iPad since Steve Jobs introduced the original model. Over the years we have remained very committed to our design principles and the protection our cases provide. Our customer base has grown worldwide almost as fast as the list of celebrities and mover and shakers who use MacCase has grown here at home. 

JKD: Any chance I can get you to name drop a few?

MS: I believe these customers prefer I don't. I'd like to respect that. We ship a lot of product up to Hollywood, to both the movie and television studios as well as the music recording and rehearsal studios. We have also shipped quite a few pieces to some of the most famous fashion design houses in New York City. 

Our passion to make the world's best iPad Pro 10.5 cases is something that we take very seriously. Of course the term "best" is completely subjective but you have to have a vision. You have to call the expression of your passion something. You have to give it a name. Our desire is to be the best, to design the best, to engineer the best, to build the best. 

It's important for any potential customer to know that there are years of experience in designing, engineering and building the iPad Pro 10.5 case that they may purchase from MacCase. This should mean something. This is a legacy of excellence that no other company in the Apple-specific case space can match.

Creating Special Leather iPad Pro 10.5 Cases

JKD: What makes MacCase special? What is going to set your leather iPad Pro 10.5 cases apart?

MS: I'll give you an example. A customer just received one of our Folios. He wrote to tell me he was very happy with the case using the words, "I love it". Again, there is that emotional connection, the expression of the passion we put into the design and engineering coming back to us in very emotional terms. You cannot get much more emotionally expressive that using the word, love, right?

Then he offered a suggestion about making the corners more protective. Upon his initial review, it seemed that the corners weren't as protected as he would have liked. This is completely understandable. iPads have been around long enough and enough people have dropped them for there to be a certain level of fear about doing so, in the market. 

I immediately wrote him back and asked if he noticed the offset between where the corners of the case are and where the iPad is held in the frame? We have found (and customer experience has proved this to be the case) that this offset provides the protection that most customers need, most of the time. 

This is not to say if you drop your iPad off a building or out of a plane, our Folio will protect it. It probably won't. Maybe it will, but probably not. Under normal circumstances, this very subtle design feature, near invisible until someone points it out, or until you need it, should protect your Apple tablet. This is part of what it means to us to design, engineer and build the best leather iPad Pro cases. Every single part of the design does somethings enhance or add value to the user experience. 

MacCase leather iPad Pro cases are the Rolls Royce of iPad protection

JKD: Couldn't you just increase the materials around the corners?

MS: There are other companies that make that sort of case, the "job site" iPad case. For MaCase, we want to be the Rolls Royce Dawn as opposed to the Ford 250 Super Duty pickup. If you need a Super Duty iPad Pro case, the market is supplying you with that option. If you want the Rolls Royce Dawn, MacCase has your ride. 

It’s hard to strike the balance between a super protective, vault like structure vs. something elegant, timeless and tasteful that our professional level customers want to carry into their meetings everyday. We think we have reached that balance through intelligent and creative design. 

JKD: When can we expect to see the new leather iPad Pro 10.5 cases?

MS: We have to wait until the actual tablet arrives from Apple before we can test the prototypes we have already created. Once testing is completed we can move to production. Since Apple is not shipping until the 16th, we cannot begin testing until after that. A week for testing and more prototyping. 2-3 weeks for production depending on demand and we are out to mid July, third week of July. I'd love to say next week, (laughing) but that is not realistic. Our goal is to get them hear as soon as we can with all the quality our customers expect. 

JKD: That's good news. Thanks for your time. 

MS: Thank you, Jody. 

 "If you want the best leather iPad Pro 10.5 cases, MacCase has your ride"

  • Jody K. Deane

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