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Leather iPad 9.7 Cases Designed & Built with Passion

Each of our leather iPad 9.7 cases below represents the finest in the leather makers art. Made in small batches, these leather iPad 9.7 cases stand defiantly against the sea of the low quality, poorly engineered cases. Designed in California, hand crafted one at a time by a third generation leather craftsman, each and every part has the heart and soul of its creator imbued into it. Experience the true, world class quality of one of our premium leather iPad cases and covers for yourself.

The Best Leather iPad Cases for the 9.7

Whether you read the customer reviews on our site or others, on our blog or others, in print magazines or their digital cousins, the verdict is the same. We set out to design and build the best leather iPad 9.7 cases and based on the feedback we are happy to say we think we achieved that goal. Our choice of premium hides, our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and design and our industry leading customer service are just part of the equation that sets our Apple specific tablet models apart.

Do you have an idea to improve our iPad 9.7 cases?

While we offer a full breathe of premium leather iPad cases and covers but we are always looking to improve them. We're interested in getting feedback from customers and potential customers on what they're looking for in new designs and ways to improve our current models. If you have an ideas, you can use the contact tab below to write us and let us know.