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Meet Our Premium Leather 2019 9.7 iPad Case

Are you looking for a good quality, leather iPad case for the 2019 9.7 and finding the options are getting fewer and far between?

Sure, there are plenty of sub $10 cases on the likes of Amazon and eBay. But maybe you're the type of person who knows they bought the world's highest quality tablet computer and wants a case that it's equal. Sound like you? Spend some time and get to know our Premium Leather case for the 2019 9.7 iPad.

MacCase invented the Apple-specific case market back in 1999. We were there when Steven Jobs introduced the first iPad in 2010. We've been delivering the best, handmade leather iPad cases to some of the world's most demanding customers ever since.

People love the unrivaled quality, durability and timeless, professional aesthetic our cases provide. Does that sound like the type of case you're looking for? Scroll down and find out why our leather 2019 iPad 9.7 Folio is the first choice among discriminating 9.7 users worldwide.

Why Our iPad 2019 9.7 Case

• Custom designed specifically for the the 2019 and all 9.7 models

• Quality you can believe in: Handmade from some of the finest hides available

• Provides the elegant and professional protection solution for 2019 iPad 9.7

• Is the antithesis of all the low quality, disposable cases being peddled everywhere else

• Designed by the person that created the Apple- specific case market in 1999

• Best in Class protection for the Apple Pencil

• Limited lifetime warranty

• Unparalleled customer service: Have a problem? Call and speak to the boss.

What Customers are Saying

( Actual customer Folios shown )

Mac Case leather ipad pro 9.7 and 12.9 cases in worn vintage brown

"I had an early Mac Case leather model. When the iPad arrived I got one of their Folios. I've been using them ever since. Each case gets better and better. The current 9.7 is excellent and cannot imagine using any other case."

- Camden B New York NY USA

MacCase leather case for 9.7 iPad

"I don't understand the idea of buying a super expensive piece of tech and getting the cheapest case you can find to protect it. Would you park your Ferrari in a garage made of refrigerator boxes? Do yourself a favor and park your iPad in one of these cases."

- Suresh S. Hong Kong

Read Additional Reviews

Reviewer: DGS Honolulu, HI United States on Jan 05, 2014

The Highest Quality Case You Can Buy ANYWHERE!

I searched for a long time to find a case for my iPad which would actually protect it and also look good. Being partial to leather, I could not find any case that I would buy. With most cases on the market there was no need to use the term "faux" leather because they all look fake or are of poor quality. I first purchased a MacCase for my iPad and was delighted with the quality. I have had it for over a year and it has held up very well. I then purchased a case for my iPad mini and then another one for when I got my MacBook Pro laptop. Again, you won't find a higher quality leather case. All mine still have that wonderful REAL leather smell and touch. I don't usually write reviews but MacCases are that good!


Reviewer: Nicholas C Evansville, IN on Sep 26, 2013

A True Work of Art

The iPad Folio is a true work of art. The handmade quality is unmatched and I have never seen anything quite like it. The leather is beautiful. I was highly impressed when I took this piece out of the box. The Folio feels sturdy. So many cases sacrifice security for style, but MacCase does not. The iPad Folio is the perfect combination of elegance and safety. The SoundBoard feature is great. It is great because it means I do not have to cup my hand around the speaker to hear the audio. The iPad Folio is an overall great piece. It has got fantastic style while maintaining functionality. Pictures really do not do it justice. You just cannot appreciate the iPad Folio until you hold it in your own hands.The iPad Folio is well worth the purchase price as there are many other high-end leather pieces that go for thousands of dollars and are not as well-built the Folio.


Douglas M. on Jul 10, 2017

Premium Leather iPad Case

I purchased this item from MacCase for my husband. He could not have been happier with this beautiful, well crafted case! There is nothing else on the market that compares to it. I bought another case in the past from MacCase and absolutely loved it as well. Keep producing such quality items! I'm a long term customer for sure.


Robert C. on Jul 10, 2017

State of the ART

Whoa Nellie! Another piece of fine art from this company. This is my second iPad case and just as happy as the first time.


Tom D. on Jul 09, 2017

Simply the Best

These cases are as awesome as advertised. I have the brown leather and my wife has the black pebble. Expensive, yes, but the price of having the best is sometimes high. Highly recommended.


Rob Cline on Jun 08, 2017

Beautiful Handmade Craftsmanship

Well folks here I go again. I'm very blown away at the craftsmanship and attention to even the smallest detail. Let's see I now have the shoulder bag, the laptop sleeve and now my second IPad case and the details placed into each one is mind boggling. Ladies and gentlemen you will love the smell of fine leather and the feel of it too, you will instantly know the moment you see, touch and smell this and other products are truly "OLD SCHOOL" and will last.


Rob C on Apr 11, 2017

A Product That is Truly Old School

A Product That is Truly Old School When I found this website about six years ago, I could not believe my eyes. I was reluctant at first because nowadays things are not made to last. I gave it a shot and placed an order. Boy was I ever wrong!!! I pulled this iPad case out of the box, and I was blown away with the smell of fine leather and that special feeling that comes from touching fine tooled leather. I still have that first case and my new iPad 9.7 fits in the case like a well-worn glove.


Abdullah Mulazim on May 03, 2016

One of a kind....

My experience since buying the bundle has been short of amazing. When traveling, I always get questions and compliments. Funny thing is when I went to purchase a new "air" and took the old ipad out, the guy looked at it and said, "what the"....he was impressed with condition, thanks to the leather MacCase. One of the venders in the mall was trying to sell me a case. I told him what I wanted and he kept going around showing everything he had. I kept telling him what I had and the replacement would have to meet the test. I finally showed him the mac case and his graciously thanked me for my time and said you're right I don't have anything like that. Thanks again.


Martin Owen on Feb 19, 2015

I'm Completely Hooked

I just received my case for the iPad Air 2. This the second case I have, my previous one being for the iPad 3. That prompted me to by the bag for the MacBook Pro 17", which also takes my iPad. The quality is remarkable. The patina of the cases just gets better as they age. They fit perfectly and feel so nice. I'm totally hooked on the products and the company. Customer service is excellent and, believe me, there isn't a better way to look after your Macs!


Lynn Judge on Feb 13, 2015

Exceeds Expectations - Fits like a Glove

This is my second Mac-Case leather folio. This vintage case has the character and functionality I was expecting. The tactile feel is soft and gives you the added confidence of a minimal slip surface. The black interior frames the screen nicely and enhances viewing the screen like you would experience sitting in a movie theater. Great fit and quality construction throughout.


What Comes in the Box

ipad 9.7 leather folio drawing

Handmade Leather iPad 9.7 Folio


Size and Weight

• 9.5" x 7" x .5"

• 6 ozs

Explore Your Options

swatches - black or vintage

Choose from classic satin, pebble grain black or authentic, full grain distressed vintage brown. Our hides are the real deal, not "bonded leather" made from scraps and glue.

brown leather ipad pro 9.7 case and accessory pouch

Protect and transport all your iPad 9.7 accessories with our matching Accessory Pouch. Fully padded and lined, each handmade Pouch is the perfect compliment to your 2019 9.7 Case.

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Further Reading: Creating The Best 2019 iPad 9.7 Case

The latest in a series of interviews about the story behind the design of MacCase products.

For this interview, we are again speaking to MacCase President and Chief Creative Officer Michael Santoro about the company's new Premium Leather 2019 iPad 9.7 case.

JKD: There was much speculation this week around the possible introduction of Apple's next tablet models. What did MacCase have planned?

MS: Whenever they come out with something that is really out there, like the new Pro 11 or Gen 3 12.9, there is always the question of what to do with the older models. The 9.7 is a good seller for them and the tooling is paid for. Updating it and keeping it around for another 12-18 month cycle is a smart business move.

The most important part in how it relates to us is that the form factor, the actual parts that all the internal technology get's placed into did not change.

The Leather 2019 iPad 9.7 Case

JKD: Understood. So what does that mean for MacCase and customers potentially looking for a case for 2019 iPad 9.7?

MS: This allow continuity for our current 9.7 Folio. We know the design works and we know that customers have appreciated the quality and performance over the years. Just as Apple has been able to continue to use the form factor of the original Air for each generation of Air and 9.7 tablets, our 9.7 Folio has "legs" in the same way. When you design something right from the beginning, there is not really a need to change it.

JKD: Customers coming to the MacCase website are greeted with an assortment of Folio designs. You have Folios like the 2019 9.7 model that use a frame to hold the Apple tablet in the case. Then you have the Pro models that uses a tray. What is the benefits of each?

MS: As the bezels around the screens on the new Pro models have all but disappeared, we needed to take action to insure that our future Folio models would be able to hold the tablet in the case.

The frame design that has served us and our customers well over the last 8 years was going to be made obsolete on the Pro tablets. We needed to find a way to secure the new Pro models. The tray provided an excellent solution to the problem of the disappearing bezels.

This doesn't mean the frame didn't work or was not a good solution for holding the iPad securely in the case. It's a design that has been used for the last 9 years without a single issue, especially on the 9.7 models. The design works.

JKD: How does this change in the iPad lineup effect the MacCase lineup?

MS: Our Sleeve designs for the iPad and iPad Pro have been some of our most popular models. With the release of the 2019 iPad 9.7, we see this trend continuing. Many times when Apple introduces a new model there is a lag between when we get the specs and when we actually ship the new designs we have created for it. Sometimes that lag is longer than we like.

The new leather 2019 iPad 9.7 cases are really some of the best products of their kind. They are extremely protective. The silent magnetic closures are pleasure to use. They feel great in your hands. They will last long after you're current iPad model has been replaced. Oh, and they smell wonderful too.

Is This the Best Leather 2019 iPad 9.7 Case?

JKD: Can you tell us a bit about what makes this Folio so good? Why do you feel it's the best 2019 iPad 9.7 case out there?

MS: The 2019 iPad Folio for 9.7 is a proven design. That is very important for potential customers to understand. This is not a case that popped out of some mold a week ago and the makers are crossing their fingers it works. Actually, our products don't pop out of molds, ever! They're all hand made, slowly one at a time by someone who is as passionate about their craft as we are about design.

Our designs evolve. We take everything we've learned in our 20 + years of designing the best Apple laptop cases and put that into each now model. The 9.7 table case reflects that collected knowledge and age old craftsmanship. You can feel it in each piece. It's one of the reasons I can confidently say we make the best iPad 9.7 case of it's kind.

The Premium Leather iPad Pro Folio

JKD: So what is the status of the Premium Leather 9.7 iPad Folio? Can customers place an order for one?

MS: Yes they are in stock and shipping (at the time of this interview). Customers can place an order for a new leather iPad 9.7 Folio and we'll ship it immediately.

JKD: Earlier you mentioned the Premium Leather iPad Flight Jacket. This model has been around since the first iPad introduced by Steve Jobs. What are the plans for this model?

MS: That's a good question that I was hoping you were not going to ask (laughing). It's been one of the most eccentric products I ever designed. It was a big hit early on despite is diminutive size. Then, crickets. Then it got hot again, and then cooled off. We've tried different price points and the more expensive it got, the better it sold.

We did a whole design program where we looked at using different materials in combination with the leather. We had plans to move the design froward but then sales would cool off and we'd put it on hold. It's not like we have not worked on it. It seems like we always had inventory so there was no urgency to get something new out.

Yes, it was designed for the original iPad, but you've seen how small that case is. If we designed it for the size of the Air and now 9.7 iPad, it would be too small to hold anything else. I've been thinking of what the next generation should be, what it should do. At some point the inventory will be close to selling out and I will have to make a decision on how that design will move forward. That is a tricky one, though.

JKD: As always, thank you for your time.

MS: You're very welcome, Jody.