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Meet Our Briefcase for the iPad Pro 12.9

Are you in need of a way to transport and protect your 12.9 iPad Pro while carrying the things you need to get through your day? Have you found the cases you've seen so far lacking in quality, design, or both?  

We'd like you to meet our Premium Leather iPad Pro 12.9 Briefcase. Handcrated one at a time as a true expression of the leather makers art, the design combines 21st century protection with our unrelenting commitment to quality in a classic horizontal orientation.

People love it's ruggedness, durability and timeless, professional aesthetic. Does that sound like the type of case you're looking for? Spend some time and get to know this very special case. It's crafted with passion and quality that stands up to real world use.

Meet Our 12.9 iPad Pro Flight Jacket

Are you searching for the best iPad case with a handle to meet your needs and feeling like finding something of quality is getting harder and harder to do? Frustrated with the lack of intelligently designed options you've come across so far?

We'd like you to meet our other iPad case with handle, our Premium Leather iPad Pro 12.9 Flight Jacket. Based on a design that goes back to 2008, this iconic case has won the hearts of 12.9 users for its innovative, vertcial design, industry leading quality and integrated protection for the Apple Pencil. Spend some time and get to know this alterantive to the Briefcase.

Whether you're headed around the block or around the world, find out why our both these cases are the first choice of 12.9 users worldwide.

Why This Briefcase?

• Custom designed specifically for all 12.9 models

• Classic, horizontal orientation

• Quality you can believe in: Handmade from some of the finest hides available

• Strikes the perfect balance between enough room to get you through a day but never feels bulky

• The industry's best solution for protecting and transporting the Apple Pencil

• Designed by the person that created the Apple- specific case market in 1999

• Limited lifetime warranty / 14 Return Policy

• Unparalleled customer service: Have a problem? Call and speak to the boss.

Why The Flight Jacket

• Custom designed specifically for all iPad Pro 12.9s

• The vertical design moves with you. You and the case move as one.

• Quality you can believe in: Handmade from some of the finest hides available

• Strikes the perfect balance between enough room to get you through a day but never feels bulky

• The industry's best solution for protecting and transporting the Apple Pencil• Multiple options allow for customization

• Designed by the person that created the Apple- specific case market in 1999

• Limited lifetime warranty / 14 Return Policy

• Unparalleled customer service: Have a problem? Call and speak to the boss.

What Customers are Saying

"I've grown tired of all the crap out there. One case I ordered claimed to be "genuine leather". Turned out to be PVC plastic. Then I found MacCase. This is the nicest design out there for the 12.9 and the nicest leather briefcase I have ever owned. Yeah, it was a long way to ship, but worth it. "

- Martin H. Adelaide SW Australia

"I can't tell you how many deals I've closed with this case by my side. The design is flawless. It just exudes quality from every stitch. This is the furthest thing from a run-of-the-mill case. I'd buy another in a heartbeat if this one ever wears out but that's not going to happen any time soon. "

- Carlos Luis Rey Chicago IL USA

"I've never been as hard on a bag as I have been with this MacCase. I ordered mine with all the bells and whistles and it's been full on, flat out since it came out of the box. Best bag I have ever owned. Part of me wishes it would wear out already so I could buy another one. "

- Taylor B. Memphis TN USA

"I've had my leather iPad carrying case for a little over a year now. It gets better and better looking with each trip I take. I was torn between the black or brown. I'm glad I went with the brown. Awesome case. If you buy one, be prepared for the compliments. "

- Carlos V. Anaheim CA USA

Read Additional Reviews

Amazing Case, Amazing Purchase Experience!

For weeks, I’ve been struggling to find a way to integrate iPad Pro (12.9), Dell 5285 (think Surface Pro), and iPhone into my on-the-fly work life.

Enter MacCase and Michael Santoro. Problem solved!

Founder, CEO, and Lead Designer, Michael is also, astoundingly, usually the guy to answer the phone. Unusual for a successful company nearly two decades old, but also, I suspect, one of the oddball secrets to that success. Very wise.

And, of course, hugely helpful to the customer. Michael listened to my proposed use case, asked questions, and made suggestions.

When our first game plan — the iPad Pro Flight Jacket — had minor fit challenges with my ample gear ... and my less-than-ample stature, Michael helped me problem solve. “What about a Flight Case?” I asked, “It’s deeper and could fit more.” “Yes,” he replied, “but it’s also longer and would look out of scale with you.”

Instead, we settled upon an iPad Pro Briefcase. Its horizontal orientation resolved the dimension tightness I had encountered with the Flight Jacket AND appeared smaller hanging from my shoulder. Fit my particular assemblage of gear, including an Apple Magic Keyboard, like the proverbial glove.

And, smelled WAY better than a glove to boot. What beautiful materials, design and workmanship!

Plus no grief on the exchange and super fast shipping service from Debbie.

What a great shopping and purchase experience. I’ll have a smile on my face every day as I sail into action with this awesome design!

Rob on Jul 27, 2017


Best Buy in a Leather Product

Seeing is believing, and the Mac case Premium Leather Pad Pro 12.9 briefcase, which I had just purchased, actually suits my Mac Book Pro 12" too. I love the stitching and the workmanship of the product. It is REAL 100% leather....mmmmm love that smell. Thank you Mac Case and looking forward to buying another for my old Mac Book 14" soon. Keep your standards high as this is my way of saying a big thank you, Mac Case!

Suresh Kumaran on Sep 01, 2016


iPad Pro Briefcase

Amazing design on the case. Quality is excellent. Fits my iPad Pro and my dell laptop. I highly recommend this product!!

David Wood on Jun 16, 2016


Perfect Case for Surface Pro

I have been searching for a stylish and functional iPad case with handle for my Microsoft Surface Pro. I just received the vintage version of the MacCase Premium Leather iPad Pro 12.9 Fligth jacket case and it exceeds my highest expectation. The vintage leather is beautiful, soft and expertly crafted. My previous bag was a leather padfolio with an outside, cramped accessory pouch. The 12.9 case holds everything I had crammed into the padfolio and is far more functional. The compartments are ample and are easy to access.

The Surface Pro slides in smoothly. In addition, the second pouch holds my Kindle, Moleskine pocket planner, mouse, and charger. The business card slots easily hold business cards and a few travel rewards cards. The pen slot holds my Surface Pro pen and a multifunction pen. The zippered flap pouch holds items I need to access quickly including my passport, keys and phone. The slot on the back easily holds travel documents (e.g. boarding pass, ticket, etc.). It is amazing how much function is offered in such a beautiful, compact case. ...And it smells great! I expect to be utilizing this case for many years.

Jeff F. on Apr 20, 2018


It's a Fit!

I have been an iPad carrying case fan since I was in college years ago. I have been through a few of them. This Flight Jacket bag just fits! It fits my 12.9 and accessories and me perfectly. The build and design quality are outstanding. Love the handle. The only modification I would suggest is to make the optional pouches functional on their own by adding a small hand strap so it could be carried like a book. Thanks for an impressive product!

Michael K. on Nov 07, 2016

What Comes in the Box

For the Breifcase:

Drawing of 12.9 Brief

Premium Leather iPad Pro Briefcase

Shoulder strap

Shoulder Strap

For the Flight Jacket:

leather ipad case with handle by maccase

Premium Leather iPad Pro 12.9 Flight Jacket

removable storage pouch for ipad pro 12.9 leather shoulder bag

Removable Storage Pouch

shoulder strap for ipad pro shoulder bag

Shoulder Strap

Briefcase - $249.95

Size and Weight

• 13.5" x 9.8" x .5"

• 30 ozs.

Flight Jacket - $229.95

Size and Weight

• Case Body - 14" x 9.7" x .75"

• Small Pouch - 6.75" x 5.75" x 1.25"

• 22 ozs.

Explore Your Options

Each model has several options that expand fucntionality. Both share a choice of hides and the Shoulder Pad option

swatches for black and vintage hides

Choose From 2 Distinct Hides

Choose from classic satin, pebble grain black or authentic, full grain distressed vintage brown. Our hides are the real deal, not "bonded leather" made from scraps of leather, plactic and glue.

shoulder pad option

Increase the style and comfort of your either of the iPad Pro case with handle with the optional, matching Shoulder Pad. It's made from real foam rubber not aerated plastic.

The next 2 options are specific to the Flight Jacket:

optional large pouch for leather ipad pro shoulder bag

Optional Large Pouch

Increase the storage capacity of the stock, removable Pouch by 50% by adding the optional Large Pouch. The Large Pouch features an internal mesh pocket to help keep you organized.

leather ipad pro 12.9 backpack

Optional Backpack Strap Set

Add hands free functionality to your 12.9 case with the optional, matching backpack strap set. Each set turns your shoulder bag into a fully functioning backpack in a matter of seconds.

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Further Reading: Creating The MacCase 12.9 iPad Case with Handle

( As told to Jody K. Deane by Michael Santoro, President and Chief Creative Officer or MacCase, Mar. 2016 )

Jody: There seems to be a resal buzz around the design studio lately. I keep hearing and seeing the words" the best" everywhere. What is the best leather iPad Pro case to you?

MS: The best 12.9 iPad Pro leather case is protective, timeless, beautifully made, thoughtfully designed and easy to use. The best case will endear itself to it’s owner. It becomes part of who they are, like their watch or favorite jacket.

Our vintage brown leather takes this to another level. The hide wil patina in over time, getting lighter in color as the oil evaporates out but darker in color where you touch it. Eventually, your case will only look like your case. Customers love this about our vintage leather. It's an endearing feature of the hides we use that only reveals itself over time.

JKD- How is this Flight Jacket different from the othr MacCase vertical models?

MS: As our product line, specifically our Premium Leather models, have expanded, so too have the options we have offered with each model. We offer a lot of designs without handles. With our new iPad case with handle we take the options list to a whole new level. The wide array of options allows customers to build the design of their dreams.

While it's about the same size overall as the current 13" MacBook Pro version, this new tablet specific model represents the future of what has been called "The Greatest Laptop Case Ever Designed".

The most obvious visual change is a new stripe down the middle of the bag. This is the visual design element that is present on all the Pro specific models. The center stripe does have a function. It is the holder for the Apple Pencil but again, also serves as a visual cue to let everyone know that this model is designed specifically for Apple newest and largest tablet.

A Better Closure and Better Storage

JKD: The closure mechanism is different. Tell us about that.

MS: While we have added the new center stripe, the vertical side squeeze buckle and velcro closure for the flap are gone. The flap will no longer be closed with the twin velcro pads that was part of the original Flight Jacket design going back to 2008.  

The new flap closure borrows the horizontal clasp latch from MacCase's $300+ Premium Leather Flight Case leather briefcase. It uses the same "tucked under and away" placement allowing the clasp to add detail to the front of the bag without becoming the overpowering visual element.

If you unlatch the flap and fold it up, you'll see that the twin velcro pads are still there. They have been repurposed. Their new reason for being is to supply the attachment points for the optional, removable storage pouches which are the first of the 5 new options we will discuss.

The smaller of the two pouches is about the same size as the current pouch that is on all the MacBook Pro models. The second of the 2 pouches, the Large, is about 50% larger. It features twin exterior pockets as well as an interior mesh pocket to hold smaller items.

These kinds of details were requested by several customers during our "what features do you want in your 12.9 cases" outreach. We listened. When we say we want these cases to be the best, we're serious.

Both pouches feature the same center stripe design element that that is so prominent on the body of the bag. This beautifully ties them visually to the bag whether you're using the small or large pouch.

One big difference between these two new pouches and the current MacBook Pro Flight Jacket pouch is that these use zippers. The current models use a small velcro square for a closure. Moving to zippers for these pouches are a huge improvement in quality, safety and security.

Another detail that also carries over from today's pouch designs is the small tab on the rear of the pouch. This tab is designed to slot into the horizontal loop on the front face of the case body.

This is a security feature. If, for whatever reason the pouch is not securely attached at the top and it should somehow come loose and attempts to fall off, the small tab will prevent this. It has been on our Jacket models since the beginning and it has saved more than a few pouches from being lost.

Creating a Leather iPad Backpack

JKD: Tell us about the other options

MS: The next two options are carry over from the current vertical case options list: backpack straps and a shoulder pad. These options are favorites with current Flight Jacket owners so it made sense to carry them over to the new Pro model.

Next on the options list is a new slip case for the iPhone. This new model is not iPhone specific. We designed it so your iPhone can wear a band or other such snap on case and still fit in the new slip case.

The slip case is designed to slip onto the shoulder strap so your iPhone is always just where you need it. It features the same "Center Stripe" design vocabulary as the Flight Jacket so when you add it, it will all match perfectly.

This has been a very exciting time for MacCase. It's not everyday or even every year we get a new form factor to design for from Apple. This new 12.9 case with handle give us a chance to flex our creative muscle and implement certain features that customers have been asking for.

It also gives us a chance to open things up a bit to allow customers to truly build the design of their dreams. Do you want extra storage, a backpack and a place for your iPhone? Want it to all match and be integrated beautifully? Now you can have that. It's all part of what we look at as the way of biulding the best iPad Pro leather case available.  

In addition, you can order one of these designs today and just get the base model. Come back in a month and order a pouch. Come back a month later and order the iPhone case or the shoulder pad.

The choice is yours and our options plan allows the design to grow and change as your needs do. We hope to implement these type of option plans for as many products as we can going forward.