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  • Superb MacCase Leather Messenger Bag: Not Just for Laptops
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Superb MacCase Leather Messenger Bag: Not Just for Laptops

The MacCase Premium Leather Messenger Bag shown in Tan

One of the best kept secrets in the bag world are the MacCase Premium Leather Messenger Bags. While MacCase has made their name providing the best in Apple portable protection for over a decade, their large leather messenger bags and small leather messenger bags are not just for the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and MacBook. In fact, they were not designed to be laptop specific bags like so many of the other MacCase models. (MacCase has a matching Premium Leather MacBook Pro Sleeve to protect your laptop if you want to transport your MacBook in the Premium Leather Messenger Bag.)

So if they're not necessarily for laptops, what are they for? Just about everything else! It's just about the perfect day use bag. Available in two sizes, the small is about a 3/5ths the size of the large and they can carry everything you need to get you through the day. Completely padded and lined, each bag is hand made and the great care that is taken with each piece is clearly visible in the stitch work. The larger model can also be used as an overnight bag, holding everything someone would need for two days away from home. 

Many of the bags in the general use market are manufactured in China. Most of the hides that come from China are of very low quality. In order to hide this fact, the hides are coated with several types of sealants making them, in essence, just like plastic. These types of hides are extremely popular to use in fashion and mainstream bags. Why? Because they are extremely cheap as a base material. 

They claim to be "genuine leather" and they might be under all those layers of polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride. You'd never know it from the feel or smell. These types of coatings were developed for the auto industry to protect the leather used in cars seats from UV rays, extreme heat, abrasion, stains, etc. Many car manufacturers are now returning to the luxury feel and smell of hides protected in more traditional ways in their premium models. MacCase has been using these types of quality hides since they launched their Premium Collection line in 2007. 

The MacCase logo embossed into a premium leather messenger bag

The hides MacCase uses are tanned using centuries old practices so the resulting leather feels and smells wonderful. Soft and buttery with a warm "hand", MacCase hides are available in two distinct finishes: black leather messenger bags finished in a professional, satin pebble grain texture and raw unfinished, distressed "Vintage" leather messenger bags for the maverick in all of us. These are stylish messenger bags of the highest quality, possible the best leather messenger bags of their kind. Either type of hide has the rich smell associated with luxury and is something MacCase customers have come to love about the their Premium Colleciton products.

Have a look at what is available in the price range that the MacCase Premium Leather Messenger Bag sells for. Almost all use the cheap, costed leathers that feel like plastic and smell like nothing. You will not find another product that looks better, is constructed of the same quality materials, with the same care, with the broad functionality for the same money. Once you begin to scratch the surface, you'll see a MacCase leather messenger bag represents a great value in a daily, general use, all leather shoulder bag. 

"Their leather messenger bag is not just for laptops…"

  • Jody K. Deane