MacCase FAQ

Does MacCase Offer Free Shipping? 

While we do not offer free shipping, we do underwrite the bulk of the cost of shipping your order. Most orders cost between $10 and 20 to ship. Our ground shipping rate covers about 25-50% of this cost. We cover the rest. 

Does MacCase Ship Outside the US? 

Yes. In our 20 year history we have shipped to some pretty far off places all over the world. Some of these include small islands in the South Pacific, countries in South America, Middle East and Africa and even the tiny Farrow Islands in the North Sea. 

What is the MacCase Return Policy?

MacCase has a 14 day return policy. The items must be returned within 14 days and they must be returned unused and in their original condition to receive a refund or credit. We will exchange or give you a credit for returned items (at your option) subject to any special conditions of sale.

Return the product to: 

MacCase Returns Dept
631 W 12th Ave 
Escondido Ca 92025

If you have any questions about a exchange or refund, please call 760 729 0620.

Be sure to included a note with what you would like us to do (credit your account or exchange) and all correct information we will need to do it. (A copy of your order, and/or order number and return address). The customer is responsible for return shipping.

How Does MacCase Process a Refund? 

All regular sale items can be refunded for the cost of the product. We do not charge restocking fees however we cannot refund the original shipping cost as that has already been paid to the carrier. All clearance sales are final. NO refunds on clearance items will be honored unless the item is defective.

You can exchange them with another item but the customer will be responsible for return shipping charges. If you exchange for a higher priced item, your credit card will be charged the difference. Upon receipt of the returned merchandise, we will credit the charges to your credit card minus shipping and handling, within 24-48 hours. The funds usually take 3 days to show up in your account. 

What payment methods does MacCase accept?

At MacCase, we try to make it as easy as possible for someone to purchase one of our excellent products. We accept all major credit cards as well as Apple pay, Paypal and AfterPay. AfterPay is a service that allows the customer to make a purchase and pay for the purchase in 4 interst-free payments. More information about how the Afterpay service works can be found on any product page.

Is there a rewards or loyalty program? 

Yes but it's probably not what you're accustomed to. Our loyalty program is based on putting the absolute best products we can into the world letting the customers experience this commitment. This is how it works:

The customer purchases one of our fine leather or nylon cases. The product not only exceeds their needs but lasts far longer than they ever expected, for some of our leather models, this can be 10 years. When it comes time make another case purchase, our customers realize what an incredible value a MacCase products represents. Through sheer appreciation and intelligence, they return to MacCase and make another purchase. 

The typical rewards or loyalty programs companies offer were created by marketing people who need to differentiate their commodified items like groceries, hotel rooms and airline seats from their competitors. When you build unique, innovative products and stand behind them like MacCase does, the customer either gets what you are doing or they don't. Loyalty comes from making good on the promise of delivering a quality product and standing behind it is there is a problem. 

Product Design and Fit Questions

For questions pertaining to product design, fitting a specific laptop or tablet to a specific case, which case would be best for me, etc. please call out design center at 760. 729. 0620. 

Does MacCase offer discounts?

The only time MaCase will offer a discount is if Apple discontinues a device and we need to sell down the remaining inventory of the case or bag we make for said device. This can be offset by If the demand is there after the device is discontinued by Apple negating the need for a discount. 

Why doesn't MacCase offer discounts? 

MacCase doesn't offer discounts because selling on discount is an anathema to what our brand stands for. MacCase sells on value.

Selling on value is not as flashy. There are no fake, pretentious made up shopping days for selling on value. There are no multimillion dollar ad campaigns either. We go about doing what we do in a quiet, unassuming way. 

The world is drowning in garbage products with inflated MSRPs then "discounted" and sold to unknowing consumers looking for "a deal". What customers of these products do not realize is that the quality, any quality, was stripped out of the product in the planning stages.

Here's an example. Handbag company X sits down to design a new handbag destined to end up in their outlet store. The bag is created for $20.00. Materials, hardware, build quality, etc. commensurates with a bag costing only $20.00 to make. The retail price is set at $500. The bag is sent to the outlet store with an 80% off banner hanging all over it.

80% off, woohoo!!!

The company sells then bag for $100, makes their 80 points and the customer thinks they got a $500 for $100. It's a game. The customer is being played. People are being trained to by on discount. 

MacCase has way too much respect for our customers to play any games. Our customers are people who move the world forward. They make things happen. They're busy. Playing pricing games with them, wasting their time by having them look for a discount code is insulting. 

We create the absolute best products we can, price them fairly, stand behind them and, as described above in our "loyalty program", let the customer discover  their excellence. So while the initial price may have been higher than all those "discounted" bags and cases you saw on amazon, your MacCase will be around long after those products have turned to dust in your local landfill. That's value.