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Leather iPhone Cases, Pouches and Accessories

Whenever you make something out of leather, you inevitably have scrap. This tends to get thrown away. At MacCase, we felt there was something wrong with this practice. So to honor the animals that provide our hides, we created these laptop case accessories including our leather iPhone cases. We get to use every single part of the hide and you get comfort, convenience and protection. 

Leather iPhone Cases - It's All About the Craftsmanship

Leather goods manufacturing goes back thousands of years. That craftsmanship is alive and well in our Premium Leather iPhone cases. The leather is expertly cut, folded, glued and stitched creating iPhone cases that actually feel good in your hand and that you want to interact with. Our new slipcase design works will all iPhone models including the 6 and 6+.

Have an idea for leather iPhone cases or other accessories?

While we offer a full breathe of case designs we are always looking to improve them. We're interested in getting feedback from customers and potential customers on what they're looking for and ways to improve our current models. If you have an ideas, you can use the contact tab below to write us and let us know.