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How the MacCase Custom Program Works

• Select the MacCase Premium Leather model you'd like to use as your base.

• Select the leather finish, and then the color.

• Select the thread color. Choose from monochromatic or dual-tone.

• Add a personalized 3 letter embossed monogram. There is a one time fee to create the die. We will keep the die on hand. If you build an additional custom case, the monogram cost is reduced.

• Use the Additional Information box to list any details, questions or instructions you have. Tan is not available for Folio interiors. Please choose black or gray.

• Once your form is received, we will send you a mock up image, draft invoice quoting the cost for your build and expected ETA. Questions? Call 760 729 0620 - 10am-4pm PST M-F

• To reset the color options, refresh your browser.


FAQ - Custom Cases for iPad and MacBook


Q. Why Choose MacCase For My Custom iPad Cases?

A. MacCase invented the Apple-specific case market in 1999 and then reinvented it in 2007 with our Premium Leather Collection. MacCase is a design driven company and no manufacturer has more experience protecting Apple portables than MacCase.


Q. What do I need to start creating my custom iPad case with logo?

A. To create your custom iPad case with logo, you'll need to know what size and generation of iPad you have, what style of case you would like and the artwork for your logo. The artwork needs to be in a vector file format for best results.


Q. What if I need 10, 20, or 100 custom iPad Pro cases?

A. It is not a problem to create a "run" of custom iPad Pro cases. Fill out the form and let us know your needs in the Additional Information box. The draft invoice you will receive will have the total for your order quoted and estimated time of arrival.


Q. Can I create a custom iPad case or Mac case that's not on your list?

A. Due to the extreme difficulty of meeting customer expectations with a brand new design, we have chosen to create our custom cases based on our existing designs. This insures that the custom iPad or Mac case you order will be the case we deliver with all your specifications in place, exactly as you ordered it.


Q. How long will my custom iPad case take to make?

A. It depends. We schedule your build around our normal production so your custom iPad case or custom MacBook Pro case can piggy back on a normal shipment. Our goal is to provide you with a truly one-of-a-kind piece putting the costs into the actual product.


Q. Can I have a case made in a color that is not on your list?

A. Unfortunately not. We cannot tan a complete hide to create a single case. The process would be cost prohibitive. With all of the possible combinations we offer, we hope you'll be able to create something you'll love.


Q. Who Makes the Best Custom iPad Case?

A. The best custom iPad case will be made by a company that has a proven track record of design excellence and of creating bullet-proof build quality pieces over the longest period of time. This will be a custom iPad case worth paying for.


Custom Leather iPad Case - Behind the Designs

The latest in a series of interviews about the story behind the design of MacCase products.

For this interview, we are speaking to MacCase President and Chief Creative Officer Michael Santoro not about a specific product design, but about the company's Custom Leather iPad Case program. 

The Custom Program allows customers to choose a whole host of options to build a unique, one of a kind case, sleeve or bag to transport and protect their Apple tablet. 


Building a Personalized iPad Case

JKD: Our last conversation centered around the personalized laptop cases. How is doing personalized iPad Pro cases different? Do you see a different client for the tablet models?

MS: Fundamentally it's the same. We are using the same form to collect what the customers want in their build. Yes, I think the iPad Pro opens up different doors when it comes to who the customer is. We see a lot more groups, companies, etc. choosing the Folios.

For companies, we'll design and build personalized iPad cases with their logo. Sometimes we'll emboss the company logo then add individual embossed monograms for each member of the team. Those have been quite successful and quite beautiful. I'm sure they make a great impression when those employees sit down to meet with a client.

Another memorable build was a whole set of Folios we did for Opus One Vineyards in Napa Valley, CA. We worked with their representative to craft a folio design for the employees at their visitors center. We created these beautiful pieces in a dark blue pebble grain with the Opus One logo and tan stitching.

Because this was more than a single, one of the kind piece, we were able to create a custom, color matched hide to match their corporate branding. So we a wonderful detailed company embossed logo on the front cover but the case is crafted from a company matched color.

We were able to create truly one of a kind pieces for them. They turned into a perfect example of a personalized iPad case. 

The Custom iPad Case

JKD: Why do you think a custom iPad case appeals so much to this customer base?

MS: The iPad Pro is used in much more in teams, teams of doctors, teams of statisticians, teams of creatives, so doing custom leather cases for iPad opens up the door to multiple people working together. All of our custom laptop case pieces were done for individuals.

That not to say that individuals will not want a handmade iPad Pro case, sleeve or bag because they have been ordering. It's just that the tablets open the door to multiple pieces of a given build. Teams love the idea of having matching custom cases.

Say you have a team of five people, whether it's a group of PR professionals, baseball coaches or cancer researchers, having the ability to order custom leather iPad cases with company logo embossed into the leather, in colors of their choosing is an attractive thing.

The Personalized, Custom iPad Case

JKD: Since you started the program, what are some examples of the best in a customized iPad case that you have seen?

MS: That's a great question as many of the folks who come to us are a bit hesitant about what is possible. This is one reason why we try to have a large assortment of our customized cases on the program page.

Early on we did an 12.9-inch sleeve for a customer named Amy. She wanted the case in pink pebble grain leather with white stitching. We also did a very special logo with her name in a script font inside a circle. It was very distinct and came our beautifully. That was a very memorable build early on in the program. That was a very customized piece.

Another was a bundled set of our Messenger Bag and 15" Sleeve in our blue vintage hides. Seeing the set together, we knew we had built something really special, really handsome. Each piece had the customers monogram and the white stitching really popped on against the deep oil of the blue hides.

In this instance, it wasn't a customized leather iPad case for an individual, but a suite of leather cases personalized to a company, to represent the brand values and aesthetics as their employees interacted directly with the general public. I hope we can do more programs like that in the future.

The Branded iPad Case

JKD: For Opus One Vineyards, you created a series of Folios using their brand. So branded iPad cases are something that is within the scope of this program?

MS: Yes, absolutely. The Opus One program created a branded iPad case that is used by their staff at the visitor center in Napa Valley, CA. Their staff members meet and greet visitors, answer questions about the varieties of wine available and take orders. It was important that the folios included their branding.

We've done many other branded iPad case programs for a broad range of customers including law firms, financial institutions, and religious organizations. We even did a program for a local Native American tribe where each tribal elder got a case. This was branding of a different sort, but in the end, the cases had a symbol on the front cover that was important and meaningful to them.

Custom iPad Case with Pencil Holder

JKD: You have the Magnetic Accessory System as part of Premium Leather Collection. Do you see customers interested in adding those? Are they asking for a custom iPad case with a pencil holder, for instance?

MS: Well that is the great thing about this program and the brand scope of our Premium Leather Collection. Because this program is built on our established production designs, customers can pick and choose what to add to their build.

We have done quite a few Folio builds with the options from our Magnetic Accessory System. The most popular is our Pencil holder. Customers will often spec a custom iPad case and add the Pencil holder to match. They'll often have us add a special embossment to the Pencil case like a birthday or a grandchild's name.

This kind of request really takes it to the next level. It becomes very personal for both us and the customer. In cases like this, they are looking to tie these special moments in their lives to something we've made specifically for them. It's the farthest thing I can think of from the disposable tablet covers available on the big mass-market sites. 

Custom Leather iPad Sleeves and Bags

JKD: Speaking of cost, what can someone expect to pay for a custom iPad Pro sleeve or bag?

MS: It really depends. Right now the builds are running about 50-70% higher for a personalized leather iPad sleeve or bag than what a standard production model would cost depending on the model. Adding a monogram adds about $50 to the cost because we have a make a steel die. The good part about doing your monogram is we keep the die. If in the future you want another custom case, the cost to add it would be minimal.

We did a beautiful custom, chocolate brown Folio for the 12.9 iPad Pro that was around $240 delivered. The customer loved it and was just what they were looking for when they came to us originally. That's what this is all about.

JKD: MacCase has been making sleeves and bags for Apple laptops since 1998. You've obviously been doing something right all this time. How does this custom program fit into the company's mission, the company's aesthetic or even your personal vision?

MS: The company's mission was and is to constantly innovate, offer the best design specific protection combined with the highest build quality and a timeless aesthetic. I know that sounds like a lot of boxes to check, but that is what we do.

Doing custom iPad Pro covers fits into this mission perfectly. As far as how it fits into the company aesthetic, it could not be a better marriage. I love the idea of doing this. I think we are going to build some truly stunning pieces. We have over 4800 variables to play with.

We start with designs I love, otherwise they would have never gotten to production in the first place (laughing). Now we get to make one-of-a-kind versions. Its exciting.

It's exciting for everyone at MacCase, for me personally, and I am hoping, even more exciting for our customers to design and receive something that is truly their vision. From the response so far, the customers are pretty excited.

custom iPad Pro 12.9 Folio with Pencil Holder

JKD: What is the most popular custom leather iPad case?

MS: Our Premium Leather iPad Pro Folios are the most popular models that we create as part of our custom program. It makes sense as Apple tablets are extremely popular. After you've been through a half a dozen poor quality covers and wants something of real quality, our Folios are the answer. 

Moreover, if you have had one of our Folios over the last 10 years and you know how truly special they are, stepping up to a customer leather iPad folio is the next step. Customers who receive one of these very special builds are thrilled with the results. It's great to see their reaction.

Monogrammed iPad Case

Our customers continue to specify truly unique builds, some of which we will cover in this post. Several of which were monogrammed iPad case designs per the customer's direction. 

A good quality leather case is extremely durable and will provide years of protection while expressing your individual style. A custom iPad case takes that last part to a whole new level.

While prices are higher for a one of a kind, personalized, custom iPad case they are still well below the off the shelf bags and cases available from well know European fashion brands. 

Custom 11-inch iPad pro case

MacCase designs are both personable, exciting, and made with quality materials. The colors available include red, tan, chocolate, pink, black, gray, and brown. Matched to these color options are a variety of finishes. There are three variations of finishes including smooth, distressed, and pebble grain for added luxury. The thread color is completely custom too.

You can mix and match exterior finish and thread for a funky and eclectic style, or you can customize your iPad pro case with similar color tones for conservative and sleek design. Adding your initials completes the look of a custom, monogrammed iPad case. 

Custom Leather iPad Cases - Express Your Individuality

Embossing is an excellent way to express your individuality on your custom leather iPad case. If you want to emboss your initials on your iPad cover or the initials of someone else as a gift, this can be done. 

With all the color options available with the MacCase Custom Program, red is a very popular choice for custom leather iPad Pro cases like the 11" Folio shown above. Red was a production color when the Premium Leather Collection was first introduced in 2007. It ran for many years and was well loved by so many customers. 

If the customer wanted this to be an embossed leather iPad case, a typical three letter monogram would be placed in the lower right hand corner as shown below. 

When it came time to choose the colors for the custom leather iPad Pro cases program, red had to be included. Many of the current fans of the red pebble grain are choosing red hides with red, black, white or the red/ white stitching option for their builds. The case above shows the red pebble grain hide with the red/ white combination thread and a features a black interior. 

Custom iPad Pro 12.9-inch 3rd generation Case

Given that so many case options are the same, one thing that is exciting about the Custom Program is when a customer spec's a build for something no one has seen before. This was the case (no pun intended!) with this extremely handsome, distressed gray vintage 12.9 Folio with embossed monogram shown above. 

The gray vintage is a rare hide that has all of the character of our standard production vintage hide including the varying oil content, marks, scraps and changes in colors and hue.

In person, the gray is hauntingly beautiful in the same way that a perfectly produced song can be. It's striking without being "shouty" and will patina in in the same wonderful way that the brown vintage does, getting darker where you touch it and lighter where you don't. 

If you're looking for something truly unique and different yet still professional in a custom distressed leather iPad case, have a look at the gray vintage with an embossed monogram or company logo. 

Custom leather iPad Pro cases - 12.9 Briefcase by MacCase

Like the red pebble grain, chocolate pebble grain was a production color when MacCase invented the Apple-specific, premium case segment way back in 2007. 

Like red, chocolate has it's fans and those folks tend to be everyone who wants and needs an alternative to black. We know some people are tired of black, especially in a professional environment. A Chocolate custom leather iPad case offer a terrific alternative to the classic black, yet has all the richness.


Custom iPad case w/ pouch

Many customers choose a custom iPad case to give as a gift to a loved one, clients, friends or colleagues. Another recent build was this wonderful blue vintage 12.9 Folio with red stitching with matching accessory pouch that magnetically attaches to the front of the case.

Most custom folio builds we do include at least one matching accessory. If you'd like to add any of the accessories to your build, you can let us know in the Special Instructions box in the submission form.


Custom Mac Cases - New Arrivals

While prices are higher for these one of a kind, custom pieces, they are still well below the off the shelf bags and cases available from well know fashion brands. With our quality being on par or higher, our program offers the luxury of customization and world class quality at a lower price. 

Custom MacBook Pro case by MacCase shown in red

One of the standout custom leather Mac cases from the last shipment is this brilliant red Flight Jacket. Finished in our red pebble grain hide with just a single line of white contrasting stitching and a gray interior, this one-of-a-kind piece was exactly what it's owner was looking for but was unable to find anywhere else.

Enter the MacCase Custom Program where this first time MacCase customer was able to order a custom Mac case to her exact specifications. 

"I was looking for something that combines the functionality of a laptop case with the elegance of a fashion bag but it couldn't be too bulky. It looks even better in real life than it did in the mockup image I was sent. Thank you so much for bringing my idea to life. I absolutely love it!".

This was from an email received shortly after the custom case arrived to it's new owner. Bringing this kind of joyful emotion to people is exactly what this program is all about. 

MacCase Custom MacBook Pro Flight Jacket case shown in black

While you might think a classic, pebble grain black Flight Jacket would not be the first choice for a custom leather Mac case, when paired with full red stitching it becomes a truly bespoke, custom piece. The red stitching really seemed to bring out the richness of the hide and added a dynamic quality to the overall aesthetic of the case. 

Many sports car interiors that feature black leather use red thread to highlight the racy nature of the vehicle. This Flight Jacket completely follows in that line of thinking and would not look out of place in the passenger seat of any classic or late model sports car. 

Classic black leather too boring for you? How about the same red stitching combined with our unique blue vintage? Talk about an electric look! Nothing vibrates more visually than red on blue, especially with our Blue Vintage.

Custom MacBook Pro case shown in Blue Vintage by MacCase

The distressed, blue vintage is a hide unlike any other with each section of each hide being different from the section next to it. Varying oil content creates dark and light pattens in the hide. When the hide is cut into panels and the varying panels are sewn next to each other, you get something very original and very special.

No two vintage cases are ever alike. With the rarity of the blue vintage, you will receive something unique to you in all the world. Even if someone ordered the same exact build spec as you, the uniqueness of the leather itself would keep the two cases from ever being exactly the same. The blue vintage hide against the red stitching made each color come alive in a way that we've never seen before here at MacCase. 

Custom Leather MacBook Pro Sleeve

Lastly we have a classic MacCase Premium Leather Sleeve customized in a way that separates it just enough from the standard sleeve it's based on. Our beloved distressed, brown vintage hide was sewn together with all white stitching. In our production build, only the curved panels receive the white stitching.

On this custom MacBook Pro Sleeve, white stitching highlights all the panels that make up the sleeve design. The rows of perfect white stitching really brings out the attention to detail and amazing overall quality inherent in each Premium Leather model. The embossed monogram completes the custom package. 

Custom leather mac case sleeve for 15" MacBook Pro