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  • Universal Laptop Backpack | Exciting 3rd MacCase Video
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Universal Laptop Backpack | Exciting 3rd MacCase Video

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The new Universal Laptop Backpack is the subject of the third video in our new MacCase Unboxing series.

Like our new Messenger Bags, we choose the new lightweight Laptop Backpack for the third Unboxing video because there is not a lot of third party information out there about this new model. The purpose of the videos are to augment and enhance the information already available on our product pages. Images and text specs are great but a video can convey so much more information. We hope customers will find them informative and a great asset to helping choose the right MacCase product to meet their needs. 

The new Universal Laptop Backpack is quite deceptive. At first glance it appears very simple and minimal. Upon further review, as shown in the video, the product is rich in features and functionality that belies it's compact form and sub $60 price. 

MacCase lightweight Laptop Backpack front View

Here is the basic description of the video content :

In this episode of MacCase Unboxing we are looking at the new Universal Laptop Backpack. The first thing you notice is how compact it is. It's about 4/5 ths the size of a standard backpack, and visually looks much smaller. This is achieved by doing new things to the surfaces that allow the form to "disappear" in certain views. This minimizes the appearance of volume. 

Despite it's diminutive appearance, the backpack will hold laptops up to 15.4" as well as all tablets up to 10". Moreover, the round, organic shape doesn't telegraph to everyone that you have a very expensive laptop inside. So the shape of the backpack itself is a security feature. This is very important to anyone moving through or spending their day in crowded, urban environments. 

The fabrics are a nice mix of a diamond weave nylon and matte polyester so even though the bag looks small, it looks expensive. The expensive feel is more than skin deep. The lightweight laptop backpack uses top of the line YKK zippers with soft touch pulls. Another nod to safely and security is the twin reflective inserts on each side. These are an added measure of safety if your walking or riding a bike or motorcycle at night. Many other products have some form of reflective material or lighting on the back. Very view have anything along the side. Our new model removes that vulnerability. Below the inserts are twin water bottle pockets.

The twin reflective inserts of the MacCase lightweight Laptop Backpack

The bottom panel is constructed from a durable, rubberized, waterproof material. Many companies use a standard polyester fabric for the bottom panel to cut costs. They typically wear out quickly and then you can throw the bag away. This is not what we wanted. So we took steps to insure the bag will last. 

Around back, the rear panel has air mesh padding designed in a "X" pattern that provides excellent comfort while allowing air flow along the spine. The hollow area over the spine also takes pressure off the spine, which will make your chiropractor happy. The shoulder straps use the same air mesh padding. Both the straps and the top handle use the same diamond weave nylon as the front panel. This integrates all the elements creating a clean, professional appearance making the laptop backpack feel and look much more expensive than its' sub $60 price.

For the main compartment, MacCase utilizes zippers that go all the way to the bottom of the form instead halfway down like most other laptop backpack manufacturers do. Zippers tend to be expensive, so the less of them you use, the more money you can save. Again, this is not an approach MacCase takes. By maximizing the size of the main compartment opening, you make it so much more accessible, making it easier to get your stuff in and out. 

Inside you'll find MacCase's BrightSight 2.0 interior which reflects ambient light to fill the bag making it easier to find your stuff. There are separate laptop and tablet compartments with plenty of room for other items in between. Everything is padded and lined, again reinforcing the high end expensive feel. Up front, there is a secondary compartment that can store other items like pens and books. A matching, optional accessory pouch is available to keep all your small stuff safe, clean and organized.

If you looking for a compact lightweight laptop backpack that looks just as as home in the classroom as it does in the boardroom, doesn't advertise your carrying a laptop, and has all the functionality you need in a day use pack, look no further than the Universal Laptop Backpack from MacCase. It's a a whole lot of backpack for under $60 bucks,

Please like, subscribe and comment and let us know what MacCase product you'd like to see us unbox next. Thanks for reading and for watching. 

"The Universal Laptop Backpack is rich in features and functionality that belies it's sub $60 price."

  • Jody K. Deane

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