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 Customers have been asking for product overview videos for a long time. We began producing some simple 2:00 clips that we're calling MacCase Unboxing. They are a general product overview of our MacBook cases, bags and sleeves as well as our iPad cases. We are constantly working on new ones so if there is a MacCase product you'd like to see featured, please use the Contact Us tab below to let us know. If you want to be kept up on the latest additions, please subscribe to our MacCase Unboxing youtube channel. As always, your feedback is welcome. 

Premium Leather MacBook Pro Cases - Flight Jackets

This is latest video of the Premium Leather series and features one of the most iconic cases ever created, the MacCase Flight Jacket. It has been called "The Greatest Laptop Case Ever Designed". It has been in continuos production for nearly a decade. In an industry that changes designs like a person changes socks, this is remarkable. The reason the Flight Jacket design has been so successful is because of how well it protects each version of the MacBook Pro it's designed to carry. Whether you have an 11" Air or an 13" or 15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, these leather MacBook Pro cases are unequalled in their combination of features that Apple owners are looking for. Here's to another 10 years of protecting the world's best laptops with the worlds' best laptop cases, the MacCase Premium Leather Flight Jacket.


Premium Leather iPad Pro 12.9 Briefcase

This is latest video of the Premium Leather series and features one of our newest models, the leather iPad Pro Briefcase. While designed for the 12.9 iPad Pro, the main compartment of the briefcase can also hold any other iPad model as well as any 13” MacBook Pro or Air including the new TouchBar models. Visually, the leather iPad Pro Briefcase design is built around the center pocket that stores and protects the Apple Pencil. The iPad Pro 12.9 was unique in that was designed to work with the first ever Apple stylist. Storing and protecting this $100 accessory became the fountainhead for the visual vocabulary of this leather iPad Pro case. The vertical pocket trimmed in contrasting white thread is located under the main flap of the case. The visual theme the pocket creates is replicated both on the front flap and the rear pocket tying the design together. The format of the video is new for us and we hope it's more successful in bringing the MacCase message to life.



Leather Restoration - Vintage | Premium Leather

This is the first video of the Premium Leather series. After many years of speaking to customers individually about this subject, it was great to finally be able to make a short film about how to care for your Premium Leather products. We choose to start with the vintage hides as those are the models that yield the most questions and concerns. We will be doing another video on how to care for our pebble grain hides. This video covers restoring the natural oil content to the leather. This is important because the oil is what keeps the leather soft, dark and water-proofed. Because the vintage hides are open, meaning the surface is not sealed, the natural oils evaporate over time causing the hide to lighten, stiffen and become more susceptible to weather damage. At the same time the nap of the leather flattens at the touch points causing the matte finish to become shiny and dark. The video covers restoring the matte finish to the hide as well. We have begun providing restoration services for our Premium Leather models. More information about these services can be found at the restoration services page.


12" MacBook Cases, Sleeves & Bags

In this episode of MacCase Unboxing we look at all the current MacCase models that are designed for or will fit the new 12" MacBook. The models featured in the video are the Premium Leather 12" Flight Jacket, 12" Premium Leather Sleeve, Universal Laptop Backpack and the Universal Messenger Bag. With models in both leather and man made materials, each brings a unique experience to protecting and transporting the 12" MacBook. Models not included in the video but will also work with the 12" MacBook are the Premium Leather Fight Case and the Shoulder Bag Bundle. See the complete collection of 12" MacBook cases



Universal Messenger Bags

The Universal Messenger Bags are featured in this episode of MacCase Unboxing. Built to hold your laptop, your tablet and anything else you need to carry to get you through your day. The video covers the key features such as design, materials, functionality and comfort. And as mentioned, it's an incredible amount of bag for under $60 bucks. More information about the feature rich Messenger Bags here.


Universal Laptop Backpack

 The Universal Laptop Backpack is featured in this episode of MacCase Unboxing. Designed with the same intent as the Universal Messenger, it's built to hold your laptop, your tablet and anything else you need to carry to get you through your day. The video covers the key features such as design, materials, functionality and comfort. And as mentioned with the Messenger, it's an incredible amount of bag for under $60 bucks. More information about the feature rich laptop backpack here. 


Laptop Accessory Pouches

For a long time customers called or wrote to ask what these are for or why they would need one. In this episode of MacCase Unboxing we take a look at these lightweight, sturdy pouches that are perfect for transporting and protecting the video monitor adapters, sync or AC cables, hard drives, earphones, AC power bricks and the other small accessories that accompany laptop and or tablet ownership.