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Recently we've noticed a bit of a trend here at MacCase: Customers ordering iPad Pro Cases and iPad Sleeves and then contacting us to inform us that we have shipped the wrong size. Upon checking their orders, we found we did indeed ship the size they requested. They ordered the wrong size.

Throughout the history of MacCase, the problem of customers ordering the wrong size case was not an issue. What had changed that suddenly customers were ordering the wrong size iPad and iPad Pro cases?

No one enjoys the process of placing an order for a case only to receive the wrong size and then have to have it replaced with the correct size. We certainly don't want to ship the wrong size and have the customer be disappointed. Maybe we should do a blog post about how to measure an iPad for a case? Here we go. 

How to measure an iPad for a case

A Brief History of iPad Size

Before Apple created iPads in different sizes, there was only one size. You either had an iPad or you didn't. Buying the right size iPad case was easy. It was either for the iPad or it wasn't.

Following the product strategy of the iPods, when it came time to refresh the iPad, Apple released the iPad 2 and a smaller sized Mini version. So now we have the original which was one size, the new iPad 2 which was slightly different and a new smaller Mini. We went from a single iPad size to 3 in one step. Yikes!

As the iPad line grew, Apple wisely changed their naming program. They switched it up and followed the strategy of their MacBooks, naming subsequent the newer models based on size of the screen ( 9.7, 10.5, 12.9 ) not on generation (iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3). Of course they did this after releasing 3 or 4 versions of the original iPad further confusing things if you were looking for a case for an older model. 

The inevitable switch to and current use of naming by size helps when searching for the right size case. "Which iPad do you have" or "What size is it?" is often heard when someone here is on a call with a customer. Most of the time the customer knows which size they own and we can get them the right case. 

Once you have the iPad or iPad Pro home and you are using it a while and realize you need a way to protect it, the actual size of the iPad you are using can be long forgotten. It's not like the size pops up on the login screen every time you turn it on.

The size isn't even etched into the aluminum on the back. (That might help, if you're listening Apple). So you either know you have a 10.5, a 9.7 or a 12.9 or you don't. And if you don't, you can order the wrong size case. 

How to measure an ipad for a case

How to Measure an iPad for a Case

The current Apple iPad lineup has three sizes but the good news is one of those sizes, the 9.7, is not an iPad Pro. It's just referred to as an iPad. So if you did not purchase an iPad Pro, you have a 9.7. Easy enough. 

Say you did purchase a 9.7 but don't realize is just the iPad and not an iPad Pro. Then someone asks you what size it is and you don't know. The 9.7 and 10.5 are pretty close. It would be very hard to know which size is which without having them next to each other. This can making purchasing a case difficult and can lead to buying the wrong size case. 

The purpose of the blog is to give you some guidance in how to measure the size of your iPad so you can then purchase the correct size case. Here is the "Rosetta Stone" of how to measure an iPad for a case: All tablets and laptop computers are measured across the screen diagonally.

This measurement is the size of the product. An iPad Pro 10.5 will measure 10.5 inches when measured diagonally across the screen. The measurement does not include the bezel. If you are measuring, only measure the active part of the screen. 

Consequently, a 12.9 iPad Pro will measure just under 13 inches when the screen is measured diagonally as shown in the image above. Many people think that measuring the length of the tablet will give you the correct size. This is not the case. Again, the nomenclature of the product comes from the screen measured diagonally. 

How to measure an ipad screen to find the size


What Size is My iPad?

If you measure the screen and it shows 12.9 inches, you have a 12.9 iPad Pro and need a case that is designed for the 12.9 iPad Pro. Some sites will have the iPad cases offered by size others will have a style and you can pick the size on the product page of that specific style. Some sites might have a combination of the two. 

The point is to know what size case you need and be sure to order the correct size for your iPad 9.7 or iPad Pro 12.9 and 10.5. The same system is used for measuring laptops. Measuring the screen diagonally will yield what the manufacturer considers the size of the computer. 

If you have an iPad that pre-dates the current 9.7, 10.5 and 12.9 sized models, you can find out which model you have and the relative size by turning it over. On the back in very, very small type will be a model number. If you google that model number, you'll be able to find which generation iPad it is and it's respective size.

how to measure an ipad for a case serial number

If you are shopping in a traditional brick and mortar store, the packaging the case comes in should clearly show the size of iPad the case is designed to hold. Now that you know how to measure an iPad for a case is to measure the screen diagonally, buying the wrong size case should be a thing of the past. 

Please leave a comment below and let us know if this post was helpful. If not. let us know how could we have made it more informative. 

 "Measuring an iPad for a case is quick and easy!..."

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Jody K. Deane
by Jody K. Deane January 19, 2018


Marylou Oudshoff

Marylou Oudshoff said:

Need help, I don’t know what generation my iPad
Is, am not sure what year I bought it. Need a cover for protection, the one that came with it fell apart. Thanks


Jody said:

Mary -

Thanks for your inquiry about how to measure and iPad for a case, or in your situation, which iPad you own.

If you look on the back there should be a serial number.

If you google that serial number, one of the sites that come up will tell you which iPad model you have.

Please let me know if you have any questions about choosing a better quality case!


Cindy Wilson, NP

Cindy Wilson, NP said:

Lovely Blog Post! Very informative and well written. Thank you.
Off to purchase a case and keyboard.


Jody said:

Cindy – Thank you so much for your kind words.

We hope you like our products even more than you like our blog post about how to measure an iPad for a case.

Thanks again and please let us know what you think of the Folio once it arrives.

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