Yes, iPad Pros come in different sizes! The 2024 iPad Pro lineup includes two main size options: the 11-inch and the 13-inch models. These sizes refer to the diagonal measurement of the display, a standard method for indicating screen size.

Though they might come in a variety of sizes, all iPad Pro have one thing in common: They're expensive. Like most expensive things, it's smart to invest in protecting them. In this instance, a quality iPad case, iPad sleeve or even a specific iPad bag should be at the top of your list.

Whether you're looking for a rugged 13 iPad Pro case, an 11 iPad Pro case with a pencil holder or a luxurious leather 13 iPad Pro case, each will go a long way to keeping your Apple tablet safe.

What Are the Different iPad Pro Sizes?

Now let's take a look at the different iPad sizes.

• 11-inch iPad Pro

This model offers a compact and portable option while still providing a substantial display area. It's ideal for users who need a powerful device on the go, balancing portability with performance. The 11-inch iPad Pro features a Liquid Retina display with ProMotion technology, ensuring smooth and responsive interaction.

• 13-inch iPad Pro

This larger model is designed for users who require more screen real estate for tasks such as video editing, graphic design, and other professional applications. The 13-inch iPad Pro boasts a Liquid Retina XDR display, which utilizes Mini-LED technology to deliver superior brightness, contrast, and color accuracy.

Both sizes of the iPad Pro are equipped with the M3 chip, ensuring top-tier performance across a wide range of applications. Despite their different sizes, both models offer the same high-end features and capabilities, making them suitable for professional use and creative tasks.

What is the Largest iPad Screen Size?

As of 2024, the largest iPad screen size is 13 inches, specifically found in the 13-inch iPad Pro model. This size refers to the diagonal measurement of the display, providing a substantial amount of screen real estate for a tablet device.

The 13-inch iPad Pro features a Liquid Retina XDR display with Mini-LED technology. This advanced display technology offers superior brightness, contrast, and color accuracy, making it ideal for professional tasks such as video editing, graphic design, and other creative applications.

The larger screen size allows for a more immersive experience and greater ease in handling detailed visuals and multitasking with multiple apps open simultaneously. The 13-inch iPad Pro is equipped with the M4 chip, which ensures top-tier performance across a wide range of applications, from intensive professional software to high-end gaming.

Despite its larger size, it maintains a relatively lightweight and slim profile, making it portable enough for users who need a powerful device on the go. For those looking for the most extensive display available in an iPad, the 13-inch iPad Pro is the optimal choice.

As with any premium device, investing in a high-quality iPad folio case or iPad sleeve is crucial to protect it from drops, scratches, and daily wear and tear, ensuring its longevity and maintaining its performance.

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What Sizes of iPads Are There?

 As of 2024, Apple's iPad lineup includes various sizes to cater to different user needs and preferences. Here are the main sizes available:

• iPad Mini (8.3-inch)

The smallest and most portable iPad, ideal for reading, casual browsing, and portable note-taking. Its compact size makes it perfect for users who need a lightweight device for on-the-go use.

• iPad (10.2-inch)

This is the entry-level iPad, offering a balance of performance and affordability. It's suitable for everyday tasks such as browsing, media consumption, and light productivity.

• iPad Air (10.9-inch)

The iPad Air provides a slightly larger display and more powerful features than the standard iPad. It’s a versatile option for students, professionals, and casual users who need a bit more power and screen space without the premium price tag of the Pro models.

• iPad Pro (11-inch)

The 11-inch iPad Pro combines portability with high-end performance. It's ideal for professionals and creatives who need a powerful device that’s still easy to carry around.

• iPad Pro (13-inch)

The largest iPad in the lineup, the 13-inch iPad Pro offers a massive display perfect for multitasking, professional creative work, and immersive media experiences. It features the most advanced display technology and the highest performance specs.

Each size caters to different use cases, from ultra-portable options to powerful, expansive screens for professional use. Regardless of the size you choose, investing in a quality iPad case, iPad bag or Magic Keyboard sleeve is essential to protect your device and ensure its durability.

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Jody K. Deane
by Jody K. Deane July 05, 2024

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