iPad Folio cases are as ubiquitous as the tablets themselves. iPad Folios come in a variety of materials and price points. From rugged, protective iPad cases to elegant leather iPad cases, book-like folios are a popular option for Apple tablet users.

But what about Apple's own Smart Folio? Many people have questions about its ability to protect, hold the Pencil and how it works. This article will address those questions. Let's start with this one:

Does the Smart Folio Hold the Pencil?

No, the Smart Folio does not hold the Apple Pencil. The Smart Folio, designed by Apple, is a sleek and minimalist cover that provides front and back protection for the iPad. However, it lacks a dedicated holder or compartment for the Apple Pencil.

While the iPad Pro itself has a magnetic strip on the side where the Apple Pencil can attach and charge, the Smart Folio does not offer any additional support or secure storage for the Pencil.

This can be inconvenient for users who frequently use the Apple Pencil, as there is a higher risk of losing or misplacing the Pencil without a secure holder. For those who need both protection for their iPad and a reliable way to store their Apple Pencil, third-party iPad Pro cases, such as the MacCase 13 iPad Pro Case with Pencil Holder, or the MacCase 11 iPad Pro Case with Pencil Holder may be better options.

These cases include a built-in holder for the Pencil, ensuring it is safely stored and easily accessible when not in use. This integrated solution offers enhanced convenience and reduces the risk of losing the Apple Pencil, providing a more comprehensive protection and storage solution for iPad users.

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Is the Smart Folio Good Protection?

The Smart Folio offers moderate protection for the iPad, but it may not be sufficient for all users. Designed by Apple, the Smart Folio covers both the front and back of the iPad with a slim, lightweight polyurethane material. It effectively protects the front and rear panels of your iPad from scratches, minor impacts, and everyday wear and tear.

The folio's magnetic attachment ensures a snug fit and adds the convenience of automatic wake/sleep functionality when the cover is opened or closed. However, the Smart Folio falls short in several critical areas. It provides no protection for the iPad's corners and edges, which are particularly vulnerable to damage from drops and impacts.

The lack of reinforced corners and the absence of shock-absorbing materials mean that the Smart Folio is not ideal for environments where your Apple tablet might be subjected to rough handling or frequent drops.

For users needing a more robust, protective iPad case, there are 2 great options. If you're someone who wants excellent protection and an elegant experience, a leather 13 iPad Pro case  or a leather 11 iPad Pro case is the way to go.

If you're working or traveling in a hostile or demanding environment, alternatives such as the MacCase rugged 13 iPad Pro Case or the rugged 11 iPad Pro Case come with reinforced corners and durable materials that offer significantly better impact resistance.

While the Smart Folio is sleek and functional for everyday use, it may not provide the level of protection required for those seeking to safeguard their tablet against more severe damage.

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What Does the iPad Smart Folio Do?

The iPad Smart Folio, designed by Apple, is a multi-functional accessory that provides protection and convenience for iPad users. It covers both the front and back of the iPad with a slim, lightweight polyurethane material.

One of its primary features is the automatic wake/sleep function: opening the cover instantly wakes the iPad, and closing it puts the device to sleep, helping to conserve battery life and offering quick access to the device.

The Smart Folio also doubles as a stand. It can be folded into different positions to create a stand for the iPad, providing two main viewing angles. One angle is ideal for watching videos and making FaceTime calls, while the other is suited for typing and drawing.

Moreover, the Smart Folio attaches magnetically to the iPad, ensuring a secure and seamless fit. This magnetic attachment also makes it easy to remove and reattach the folio as needed.

How Does an iPad Smart Folio Work?

The iPad Smart Folio, designed by Apple, operates through a combination of magnetic attachment and intelligent design features that enhance both protection and functionality. Here's how it works:

The Smart Folio uses built-in magnets to attach securely to the iPad. These magnets align with corresponding magnets embedded within the iPad, ensuring a perfect fit. This magnetic connection not only holds the folio in place but also allows for easy removal and reattachment.

One of the key features of the Smart Folio is its automatic wake/sleep functionality. When you open the cover, the iPad instantly wakes up, ready for use. Conversely, closing the cover puts the iPad to sleep, conserving battery life.

The Smart Folio can be folded into different positions to serve as a stand. This versatility makes it convenient to use the iPad in various situations.

While the Smart Folio provides protection for the front and back of the iPad against scratches and minor bumps, it offers limited protection for the corners and edges. Its sleek design maintains the iPad’s slim profile but is not ideal for heavy-duty protection needs.

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What is the Difference Between the Smart Folio and Smart Cover for iPad?

The primary difference between the Smart Folio and the Smart Cover for iPad lies in the level of protection and coverage they offer.

• The Smart Folio

The Smart Folio provides full front and back protection for the iPad. Made from a single piece of polyurethane, it covers both the screen and the back of the device. The folio attaches magnetically to the iPad and features an automatic wake/sleep function that wakes the iPad when the cover is opened and puts it to sleep when closed.

• The Smart Cover

The Smart Cover, on the other hand, only protects the front of the iPad. It attaches magnetically to the side of the iPad and also features the automatic wake/sleep function. Like the Smart Folio, the Smart Cover can be folded into a stand to provide different viewing angles.

However, it leaves the back of the iPad exposed, offering less protection compared to the Smart Folio. The Smart Cover is ideal for users who want a lightweight, minimalist option that primarily protects the screen and adds some functionality without covering the back of the device.

What is a Smart Folio for iPad Pro?

A smart folio for iPad Pro is a case that protects the front and rear surfaces. It features a front cover that turns the tablet on and off automatically when the cover is opened or closed.

This is where the term "smart" comes from. The iPad Pro Folio knows when you want to use it so it turns the iPad Pro on when you open the cover and off when you are done using it. It's a very convenient feature to have in a protective case.

The nice thing is that that allows a "work-in-case" experience. Most Folios offer some protection when you're using your iPad Pro. Using a Folio on your Apple tablet is one of the most popular ways to protect it.

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