Though it's only been a few years, it seems like a lifetime ago that there was only one iPad. The original "magic" tablet was the last of the great Apple keynotes given by Steve Jobs.

Just like their Apple laptop brethren, if you are going to move your Apple iPad through the world, it will need to be protected. Especially if you're carrying the largest Apple tablet, the 12.9.

carry your ipad safely in an ipad bag

But is it safe to carry an iPad in a bag? Are there specific iPad bags available? So here is a spoiler alert. Yes, it is safe to carry an iPad in a bag. In the right bag, in the right way. It comes down to an iPad bag vs. a general use bag.

This post answers the question. More importantly, it answers, "How to safely carry an iPad in a bag" whether you're using an iPad Pro bag or a general use bag.

Let's take a closer look.

iPad Bag vs. General Use Bag

There are two types of bags that can be used to carry an Apple tablet: an iPad-specific bag and a general-use bag like a messenger bag, shoulder bag or purse.

Ensuring the safety and protection of your Apple tablet while it's inside either bag is essential to prevent potential damage. Let's explore how to safely carry your iPad in a bag, whether you're shopping general-use bags or iPad bags, and the benefits of using an iPad sleeve for added protection.

Carrying an iPad in a General-Use Bag:

The idea of a general-use bag is that you throw everything you need to carry in one large place and cross your fingers nothing gets damaged. This is not how to safely carry an iPad. If you're using a general-use bag, such as a messenger bag or purse, to transport your Apple tablet, consider these precautions to ensure your device's safety:

• Use an iPad Sleeve: Placing your iPad inside a sleeve before putting it in your bag adds an extra layer of protection. The sleeve acts as a barrier against potential scratches and minor impacts from other items in the bag. This is a key factor in carrying your iPad safely in a general-use bag.

• Positioning: When placing your iPad inside the bag, try to position it in a dedicated compartment or a section where it won't come into direct contact with other items. If your bag lacks separate compartments, ensure that the iPad sleeve is well-padded.

• Secure Closures: Make sure zippers, clasps, or closures on your bag are in good working condition to prevent accidental openings that might expose your iPad to damage.

• Avoid Overloading: Avoid overloading your bag with heavy or bulky items, as this can increase the risk of pressure or impacts that may affect your Apple tablet.

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Crossbody Bag That Fits iPad

Let's define what we mean by iPad bag. What we are talking about is a case whose purpose is to safely carry and transport your Apple tablet. The iPad slides inside and the opening is sealed by a zipper, magnets or a latch.

There is usually a handle and a shoulder strap that allows the bag to be carried or worn over the shoulder or cross-body. An iPad briefcase, one designed to specifically hold the tablet and other items can also be included on this list.

For users who prioritize the safety and organization of their iPads, a specific bag for carrying an iPad offers a tailored solution. Whether it's an iPad crossbody bag, a simple iPad case with a strap or a larger iPad shoulder bag, all are designed with dedicated compartments and features to accommodate your Apple tablet and its accessories. Here are some advantages:

• Custom Fit: iPad bags are designed to snugly fit your tablet model, ensuring a secure and precise fit. If any iPad carry bag, purse or briefcase you purchase doesn't protect and keep your Apple tablet safe for the long haul, it's failed. This is what you want to avoid. Having a custom fit goes a long way to ensuring your iPad's safety.

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• Dedicated Pockets: Look for designs that feature a thoughtful collection of pockets, compartments, and organizers so you'll have a place for everything. They often include places for your Apple tablet, Apple Pencil, chargers, and other accessories, helping you stay organized. Having several places to put your items will keep things from rattling around inside the bag, keeping your 12.9 or other Apple tablet as safe as possible.

• Protection: These bags are crafted with padding and reinforced interiors to protect your Apple tablet from impacts and scratches.

• Style and Aesthetics: iPad Pro bags come in various styles and designs, allowing you to choose one that suits your taste and complements your professional or personal look. Choose a leather iPad bag for a more upscale aesthetic.

Whether you choose a specific iPad Pro bag or a general-use model, make sure it's comfortable. Comfort is Important. Like a pair of shoes, if any bag is uncomfortable to wear and interact with, you're not going to be using it for long. Make sure the contact points where the bag meets your body are well-padded.

Carrying an iPad in a bag can be safe and convenient with the right precautions. Using an iPad sleeve provides an additional layer of protection, whether you're using a general-use bag or an iPad-specific bag. When choosing a bag, consider your specific needs, lifestyle, and style preferences to find the best option that ensures your iPad's safety while you're on the move.

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