One of the most popular blogs we ever did was one on choosing a quality case for your iPad. Given the popularity of Apple's latest MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models, we though it was time to address why it's important to choose a quality piece when looking at MacBook Pro cases

Let's state the obvious first: Apple makes some of the most expensive laptop computers  on the planet. If you're a professional of any kind, you typically order the most powerful version of a given size ( 13" or 15" currently)  and then add some extra memory or other type of upgrade. This tends to drive the price higher but again, you need the best to do the best work so the investment is well worth it. 

Back when MacCase first started, our customers tended to be creative professionals who were stick to death of the plethora of boring black cases available at their local big box store. We applied a designers touch to the idea of a laptop case and a new market was born. 

As the market has grown and matured, the customer base has expanded exponentially. So have the options for MacBook Pro cases. Just like their iPad brethren, Apple's laptops have seen an onslaught of cheap, poorly engineered, poorly designed cases being dumped on the market by the Chinese. 

Result of not using quality MacBook Pro Cases

The Apple forums are littered with threads of MacBook Pro users complaining about any number of issues resulting from these cheap, poorly engineered, poorly designed MacBook Pro cases. This is unfortunate. 

The question is, why does someone choose the most expensive thing of it's kind then turn around and choose the cheapest thing of it's kind to protect it?

This question baffles us here at MacCase. 

MacBook Pro Cases - The Bad and the Ugly

Someone sent me a thread they saw on Reddit where the person was bragging how he or she had cobbled together MacBook Pro Touch Bar case from a padded US Postal envelope. Why I applaud their creativity, I am not sure if my brand new $2000 MacBook Pro would be the best application of a creative, low rent, protection solution. 

If you purchased a Ferrari would you drive it home and park it in a garage you cobbled together from some old refrigerator boxes and some duck tape? 

For the longest time, polycarbonate clip on shells have been very popular in the same way that neoprene sleeves were popular a generation before. While both offer seemingly cursory protection, in the long run dragging the temperamental finish of an Apple laptop over the zipper teeth a few times a day proved to be destructive.

In the same way, the polycarbonate shells trapped dust and dirt between the laptop surface and interior surface of the shell causing damage. Moreover, the touch points of the shells, where they clipped to the body of the MacBook Pro would, over time, abrade the surface of the laptop, eating away at the finish. And these were MacBook Pro cases designed to protect. 

In addition, the added weight of the polycarbonate shells when added to the back of the screen can prematurely wear out the hinge mechanism causing the screen not to be able to remain open.  And these were MacBook Pro cases designed to protect. 

MacBook Pro Cases - The Good

At MacCase we take the responsibility of protecting your Apple portable very seriously. We don't look upon our designs as widgets or units, trying to pump out as many as we can regardless of whether they can actually do a good job or not.

Our MacBook Pro cases are designed and engineered with great care. Do we always get it right, every time? Of course not. If you do something for nearly 20 years you're bound to have a low point or two. Ask any person with a 20 year career in the music industry. 

As Apple portables, more specifically, their laptops, get thinner and lighter, the need to purchase a quality case increases. Thinner and lighter hardware tends to be more fragile. Things that are more fragile need to be protected with cases whose priorities are discussed below. 

The Best Quality MacBook Pro Cases Are Custom Fit

So what does it mean to design quality MacBook Pro cases? Let's start with fit. If you see a case that says " For 13" Laptops" and you have a new 13" MacBook Pro, there is a pretty good chance the fit is not custom designed for your new baby.

It's a generic 13" case that will fit most 13" laptops regardless of whether it's an Apple, a Dell or an HP. Typically, the more the custom the fit for your specific laptop, the better the protection will be. 

The second thing to consider is materials. For years, laptop case makers used neoprene for their sleeves. (Many still do). Neoprene traps heat baking your processor when you're done using your laptop and zip up the sleeve. MacCase has only used the highest quality nylons and our premium leather hides to create our MacBook Pro cases. 

One of the best macbook pro cases - MacCase Leather Sleeve

The Best MacBook Pro Cases Use Quality Materials

Each material has it's advantages and disadvantages and we try to maximize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages in each one of our MacBook Pro cases. What's beneath the exterior skin is just as important as the skin itself. We have gone through a lot of different kinds of foams over the years. Every few years someone shows us some new kind of foam that we test and move towards if it will improve the protection provided by our designs. 

This is such a easy area to skimp on. Why? Because no one sees it. It's sandwiched between the exterior material and the interior liner. If a MacBook Pro case that you are looking at seems more expensive than the aforementioned, cheap, poorly engineered, poorly designed cases being offered on eBay or Amazon, one reason might be they are using a higher quality foam.

This means it's a more expensive case to produce but will offer better protection. And better protection should matter to someone who is looking to protect the most expensive thing of it's kind. 

The Best MacBook Pro Cases Are Designed From Experience

 At MacCase we understand that not everyone is in the position to purchase one of our Premium Leather MacBook Pro cases. This is why we continue to offer our nylon models. If you choose a nylon MacBook Pro case, you can be sure that it's infused with the design experience spanning almost 2 decades.

Shortly our new 15" ultralight nylon MacBook Pro Sleeve will be arriving. It will be the single lightest protection product we have ever produced. Lightness is mattering more and more to our customers. They want protection but minimal bulk. We have designed our new sleeve to be just that.

It's a surprising simple product but encompasses all the design and engineering talent we have. (It looks pretty cool too). Why do we push so hard to make the best MacBook Pro cases regardless of price point? Because, even after all these years, quality matters. It will always matter to everyone at MacCase and it has been our experience that is matters to you as well. 

"Choosing the best quality MacBook Pro cases is easy of your know what to look for..."


Jody K. Deane
by Jody K. Deane April 13, 2017

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