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  • Premium Leather iPad Cases and Covers - Custom Specials
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Premium Leather iPad Cases and Covers - Custom Specials

The first shipment of products done as part of our new Custom Program has arrived and it's dominated by Premium Leather iPad cases and covers. There were a few customers who had us build some wonderful cases for their 15" MacBook Pro, but the majority of the pieces were Premium Leather iPad cases and covers for the 9.7 and 12.9. 

Custom Premium Leather iPad Pro Sleeve in Pink by MacCase

Once of the most unique pieces was a Premium Leather iPad Pro 9.7 Sleeve finished in pebble grain pink with a unique embossed logo. Pink is a color MacCase had in production when the Premium Leather Collection first launched in 2007 along with tan, chocolate, red, cream and the still in production, black and vintage brown. It was great to once again see pink cases around the MacCase offices as everyone had a look at these new arrivals. 

Another unique piece was another pink model, this time a 9.7 Folio. The combination of the buttery soft pink leather and the white stitching gave the case a real adult, upscale quality. The gray interior carried the softer look into the interior and will make the perfect match to an iPad Pro 9.7 with a white bezel. 

Several of the Premium Leather iPad cases and covers were spec'd in the newly popular blue vintage. This is a truly one of a kind color for one of a kind pieces. Each area of a given hide is different so when the panels are cut and assembled, no two cases will be alike. This guarantees anyone purchasing one of these handcrafted works of art is indeed getting a truly bespoke case. 

Premium Leather iPad Pro Folio by MacCase

All the blue vintage models were custom tablet cases and no two were the same. One customer had his entire name embossed into the leather that makes up the pocket for the Apple pencil. This looked both stylish and professional. 

Customers have asked what the blue vintage looks like in person. It's an even harder color to photograph than our famous vintage brown. In some light is looks almost purple, or lapis blue. In others, it becomes much lighter in tone than you thought it was originally. What we've yet to see is what it will look like when it patinas in. Hopefully, the lucky customers who get one will send a photo or two after a few months so we can have a look. 

One thing that makes the blue vintage, and to a certain extent the brown vintage as well, so perfect for Premium Leather iPad cases and covers is the amount of character the hides contain. Slight shifts in color and hue, varying amount of oil, marks, scraps, and other details, even a shifting level of glossiness all combine to create deep, rich interactive experience with your case. 

This of course, is juxtaposed against the cold, clinical precision of the iPad itself. With it's near seamless tolerances and hard metallic and glass surfaces the iPad can be a forbidding thing to try and hold let alone carry. Wrapping it a MacCase Premium Leather iPad Pro Folio changes the experience entirely. It warms it up, humanizes it and makes it a joy to carry and transport. 

custom leather iPad Pro 12.9 sleeve by MacCase

Another unique piece that was part of this initial custom iPad case production run was an iPad Pro 12.9 Sleeve. The customer asked if we could add some D-rings to the rear exterior panel and include a shoulder strap with the build.

This was not hard to do as we use D-rings extensively on our Flight Jacket models. But instead of the 4 that we use on our Flight Jackets, the customer spec'd only 2 on the opposite ends of the rear panel. This customer had a very clear idea how they wanted to carry their 12.9 and we worked with them to make their vision a reality. That is what the MacCase Custom Laptop and Tablet Program is all about. 

Overall, the depth and scope of the custom Premium Leather iPad cases and covers that customers ordered was quite impressive. No two were remotely alike. Everyone here tried to deliver exactly what the customer had in their minds eye when they placed their order. 

If you're interested in having us create a custom laptop or tablet case for you, your company or organization, please visit our Custom Program page and submit a build. We'd love to see what you come up with. 

Custom premium leather ipad cases and covers from the MacCase Custom Program

  • Jody K. Deane

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