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iPads are expensive when compared to their Android counterparts. This has given rise to a huge market for iPad cases. Whether you're looking for a hard case or a classic iPad folio case, protecting your investment is an important part of owning an Apple tablet.

Apple currently offers 2 "Pro" tablet models. If you're looking for a folio-style iPad case, you're either looking for an iPad Pro 11-inch 4th generation case, a iPad Pro 12.9 6th generation case or possibly even an iPad Air case. While this article focuses on how to choose a 2024 iPad Pro 11-inch leather folio, the ideas presented can be applied to any leather tablet cover.

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Are Leather iPad Cases Good?

Choosing a premium, top-grain, or full-grain leather iPad case is a decision rooted in luxury and craftsmanship. The tactile experience of running your fingers over the supple, rich leather, and the deep, alluring aroma create a sensory connection to your device.

When shopping for a quality, iPad Pro 11 leather case, it's essential to consider various factors to ensure you choose a case that provides the best protection, functionality, and style to meet your needs. Here are the top 8 things to consider.

• Compatibility

The first and most crucial factor is compatibility. Make sure iPad Pro cases you're shopping are designed specifically for your 11" model. This ensures a proper fit and complete access to all ports, buttons, and features without hindrance.

• Protection

Your primary goal of the leather iPad Pro 11 case is to protect your valuable Apple tablet. Look for an iPad Pro 11 case that offers all-around protection for your device. This should include coverage for the front and back of the tablet to guard against scratches, bumps, and accidental drops.

• Materials

For anyone looking for a quality iPad leather folio, the first thing you want to consider is the materials. If you're going to pay for leather as opposed to "genuine imitation leather" or PVC, plastic, vinyl, or vegan, make sure the hides are of quality.

Look for full or top grain. You don't want a case made from bonded leather at a full-grain price. If you see an iPad leather folio and the price seems too good to be true, it's probably bonded leather. There are plenty of them out there.

All leathers are not created equal. They may all start wrapped around a cow, but a lot can happen to them before they end up wrapped around your iPad. In the case of bonded leather, it doesn't start out wrapped around a cow. Well, at least not all of it.

Bonded leather is made from scrap leather, scrap vinyl, polymers and fillers. It's ground up into a paste and smoothed out very thinly onto large tables to dry. It's then cut like any other fabric. Is it leather? It doesn't smell like it. It doesn't smell like anything. Again, don't pay a full-grain price for a bonded leather cover. 

Many companies will list their products as made from "genuine leather". This is typically bonded leather or worse, polyvinyl chloride or PVC. Made companies on mass-market shopping sites use the term "genuine leather" deceptively or they just don't know the difference. Either way, never pay the price for a "genuine leather" case as you would for one made from full or top-grain hides.

Educate yourself.

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11 iPad Pro Smart Folio

• Functionality

Evaluate the functionality of the folio. Consider features like multiple viewing angles, a built-in stand, a secure closure mechanism, and the ability to store your Apple Pencil. The right features depend on how you plan to use your Apple tablet, whether for work, entertainment, or both.

• Auto Sleep / Wake Function / Magnetic Closure

An essential feature for convenience and battery life preservation is the auto sleep/wake function. This is often referred to as an iPad Smart Folio. This technology ensures your tablet automatically enters sleep mode when you close the folio and wakes up when you open it. It's a handy feature that helps you save power and extends battery life.

• Aesthetic iPad Case

If you're shopping for a premium leather iPad Pro 11 case then the design should matter to you. A relatively expensive leather cover should not look like a child's toy or look like a child designed it. It should look like the professional iPad case that it is and have an air of luxury about it.

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Who Makes Your iPad Pro 11 Folio Case?

• Brand Reputation

The company that's making the case is important. Look for folio cases from reputable brands with a history of producing quality products and offering excellent customer service. Reading reviews and considering recommendations can provide insights into user satisfaction.

How long has the company been around? In this market, you will not last long if you're not delivering quality and value long-term. This is important if you're looking for a professional leather 11-inch iPad folio.

• Value

Determine your budget and shop for a folio case that offers the best balance of features and quality within that price range. High-end genuine leather cases are typically more expensive, while synthetic materials offer cost-effective options.

Taking these factors into account, you can confidently select the perfect 11-inch iPad Pro folio that meets your device's needs and matches your style preferences. Whether you're protecting your iPad for professional use, creativity, or casual entertainment, the right folio case enhances your tablet experience.

Shopping for a premium iPad Pro 11 case is about more than protection; it's about elevating the everyday. The leather ages gracefully, developing a unique patina over time, making each case a story of its own. You're not just choosing a case; you're selecting a piece of functional art that embodies quality, style, and sophistication while providing the ultimate protection for your iPad.

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Jody K. Deane
by Jody K. Deane June 14, 2017
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future Customer

future Customer said:

Trying to understand how the iPad Air 10.5 folio infinite viewing/typing angles work. Seems to me that the iPad would slip all the way flat without having ridges or something to stop/secure the angle chosen? I’m skeptical of the video? Please advise. Thanks!


jody said:

Future C-

The genius of our Folio design is choosing the right materials to do the right jobs.

The infinite viewing angle adjustability is achieved by using 2 materials in unison that create a great deal of surface friction. This surface friction prevents the slippage.

This advanced use of such materials negates the need for unsightly grooves or ridges found in so many inferior designs.

This type of innovation is found throughout our folio designs. Thank you for your question.

John S

John S said:

The folio cases look fantastic. Please let me know when you make one for the 2020 iPad Pro 11" with Magic Keyboard as I would like to order one.


Gloria said:

I ordered a leather case. With pockets for paper ,pens etc. I had to return it cause the rubber bands on corners held the off and on button down so I couldn’t shut it off. I liked it with all the compartments, great for class.
Hope someone comes up a design that won’t do that!


Jody said:

Gloria: It sounds like the case you ordered (which was not a MacCase, just to be clear) was poorly designed. MacCase Folios are designed and engineered by professionals with nearly 25 years of experience in keeping Apple portables safe. We’ve been around this long because our designs work.

If you’re looking for a folio style case with added functionality, be sure to check out our Folios with our Magnetic Accessory System. You can add options to carry the Apple pencil (or writing pen), papers, your charger and business cards. And I promise there are no rubber bands to mess things up! :-)
Tuyet Flatt

Tuyet Flatt said:

Hello mac-case.com owner, Great content!

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