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12 MacBook Cases: Protect the Latest Jewel in the Crown

The new 12" MacBook is as much a jewel as it is a functioning laptop. All that beauty needs protecting and the proven protection of our 12 MacBook cases do the job. Choose from custom fit sleeves to day use packs in nylon or leather. Any of our 12 MacBook cases will provide the superior protection and security you need.

Our 12 MacBook Cases: The Gold Standard

It's fitting that Apple chose gold to highlight the design of the new 12 MacBook. MacCase has been the gold standard in Apple portable protection for over a decade. Our 12 MacBook cases are brimming with innovative design solutions to match Apple"s latest offering. 

First Review for our 12 MacBook Cases is in!

Fits new MacBook 12 PERFECTLY

"Today, the new 12 MacBook showed up in the mail, and the MacCase fits PERFECTLY.
Hooray! oh, yeah.... they are worth it."