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Shoulder Bags - Time to Make a Statement

While we make several type of shoulder bags, our goal is the same, to provide an outstanding user experience that is rewarding and protective of the things you place inside. You can spend more, but the leather won't be any richer or smell better. It will not be sewn with any more care nor the design any more classic.

Leather Shoulder Bags / Sleeve Bundles - Save $60

By adding a matching MacBook Pro or iPad Pro Sleeve, you can turn one of the best leather shoulder bags into one the best leather laptop / tablet carriers you can buy. Adding the sleeve adds versatility and protection while maintaining the day use or overnight bag functionality. Purchasing the shoulder bag bundle saves $60 over purchasing them separately representing an outstanding value.

Do you have an idea for Shoulder Bags?

While we offer a full breathe of case designs and styles in both nylon and leather you might have a idea that we don't. We're always interested in getting feedback from customers and potential customers on what they're looking for and ways to make our products better. Write us and let us know