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Messenger Bags: Two Solutions, One Goal

It doesn't matter whether you're looking for a universal messenger bag or one custom designed for a MacBook Pro or iPad Pro, our goal is the same: To protect your investment while helping you move through your day. Our Universal Messenger Bag will hold any laptop up to 15.4" plus any tablet along with all your other stuff. Our proven iPad Pro Messenger Bag offers unparalleled versatility in a custom, Apple-specific design.

Better Messenger Bags Through Design

Messenger bags are no different from any other product. There are inherent conflicts between features. Customers want the bag to be as light as possible, they also want them to be as protective as possible. Well, adding more protection usually means adding more weight. Hence the conflict. At MacCase, we have been walking the product development tightrope longer than anyone and our iPad Pro Messenger Bags reflect this know-how providing extremely lightweight designs that provide industry leading protection.