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Meet Our Flight Jacket

Are you searching for a great MacBook Pro case and feeling like finding a quality case is getting harder and harder to do? Frustrated with the lack of intelligently designed options you've come across so far?

We'd like you to meet our Flight Jacket. Designed in 2008, our iconic leather MacBook Pro case has been in production for 10 straight years. In an industry with 6 month product life cycles, how have we able to keep a design in production for a decade? Because the design just works.

People love it's ruggedness, durability and timeless, professional aesthetic. Does that sound like the type of case you're looking for? Spend some time and get to know this Apple laptop case. It's crafted with all the passion we can muster and quality that stands up to real world use. Whether you're headed around the block or around the world, find out why our Flight Jacket is the first choice of Apple laptop users worldwide.

Why The Flight Jacket

• There's a custom designed model for each Apple laptop size, not a one size fits all case

• The vertical design moves with you, is more comfortable and more protective

• Strikes the perfect balance between enough room to get you through a day but never feels bulky

• Quality you can believe in: Handmade from some of the finest hides available

• Designed by the person that created the Apple- specific case market in 1999

• Limited lifetime warranty

• Unparalleled customer service: Have a problem? Call and speak to the boss.

What Customers are Saying

( Actual customer cases shown )

Leather case for 15

"I paid a bit over $200 for this case 7 years ago. Who makes a $200 bag that last seven years? The quality is excellent. Perfect size too. If you need a laptop bag, buy this one"

- Dan B. Los Angeles CA USA

Buckle detail for Apple laptop case

"I love the fact that the leather can be restored. This speaks to the quality of the case. It's made for the long haul. Parts may wear but can be replaced so the case endures...it's amazing"

- Monica J. Montreal Quebec Canada

MacCase Premium Leather Case for 13 MacBook Pro Touch Bar well worn

"I was a bit skeptical but after a few days, I'm a believer. I travel a lot and this case is a revelation. It actually makes it easier to get on and off a plane. The vertical design works"

- Chris C. Palm Beach FL USA

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Reviewer: finetunes, Los Angeles, CA on Nov 14, 2013

4 Year Review

After four years of use it has held up well with little wear. Only some of the edge piping has worn through, just at corners. Developed a nice patina, get more complements about it now than when it was new. Have MacBook Pro 17" 2009 mid year model...mad at Apple for discontinuing this model, but case has served me well. Customer service was excellent when I bought it. The pouch fits the power cord and transformer.


Reviewer: Matthew on Aug 26, 2014

Superior Bag!

I've gone through numerous bags before... less expensive, but after a while they tear through, or the stitching comes apart. The MacCase Flight Jacket is extremely sturdy, comfortable, and good-looking and I expect it will last a very, very long time. Pretty much a perfect notebook bag!


Reviewer: K on Mar 08, 2016

Simply The Best

I've been using my Vintage case for over 6 years and it is still flawless. Best MacBook Pro case ever!


Ron Schrimpf on Apr 25, 2016

Best I've had!

I bought a "FJ" five years ago to carry my MacBook Air and iPad. On a typical day, I walk 2-3 miles, so a comfortable and rugged case is essential. The bag is still in great shape after all of this use and the leather (vintage style) is even more attractive than it was originally. I frequently receive positive comments about its appearance. The front storage pouch is perfect for carrying a charger and video adapter. This is by far the best bag I have used.


Fred D. on Jan 06, 2017

Excellent Product

This is the case I have been looking for. It protects my device and gives me just the right amount of storage. It also looks great.


Mats F. on Mar 08, 2017

Vintage Flight Jacket 15"

I like it! A lot…!! The new MacBook Pro 15” fits perfectly along with the charger, cord, USB-adapter and a few smaller items. Not too much room but also not too tight fit. Just what I need. On top of that I must say that the vintage look is perfect, and it just gets better and better the more you use it. Another good thing was that the shipping only took 6 days - to Sweden!


AHMED A. on Jul 09, 2017

Great brief case, nothing like this in the market

Great quality for the my MacBook 13”. Looks very elegant and professional and expensive .. I have not enjoyed a briefcase as much as this one. Everything exactly as you see in the videos and the website. Also the delivered to me within few days.

What Comes in the Box

Leather MacBook Pro Case - Tech Drawing

Premium Leather MacBook Pro Case

Removable Storage Pouch

shoulder strap

Shoulder Strap


Size and Weight

• 13" MacBook Pro Case - 13.5" x 13" x .75" / 22 oz.

• 15" MacBook Pro Case - 16.5" x 11.75" x .75" / 24 oz.

• Small Pouch - 6" x 6" x 1"


Explore Your Options

swatches for black and vintage hides

Choose From 2 Distinct Hides

Choose from classic satin, pebble grain black or authentic, full grain distressed vintage brown. Our hides are the real deal, not "bonded leather" made from scraps and glue.

macbook pro leather backpack by maccase

Optional Backpack Strap Set

Add hands free functionality to your leather MacBook Pro case with the optional, matching backpack strap set.

optional shoulder pad

Optional Shoulder Pad

Increase the style and comfort of your Flight Jacket with the optional, matching Shoulder Pad. It's made from real foam rubber not aerated plastic.

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Further Reading: Creating The Best MacBook Pro Case

Jody K. Deane had to chance to sit down with the designer of the MacCase Flight Jacket, Michael Santoro, and ask him a flew questions about one of his most successful creations.

Jody: You publicize that the Flight Jacket was called "the greatest laptop case ever designed". What’s the best MacBook Pro case to you?

MS: The best MacBook Pro case is protective, beautifully made, thoughtful designed, looks timeless and is easy to use. It will endear itself to it’s owner.

Jody: Do you feel the MacCase Flight Jacket expresses that ideal?

MS: Absolutely.

Jody: Why?

MS: Let’s look at product lifer cycles. Cars: 4 years. Sneakers: 6 months. Apple iPhone: 12 months. MacCase MacBook Pro Flight Jacket case : 10 years and counting. 10 years is a lifetime in this industry. This product has continued to win fans after all this time.

Jody: Yes, but why?

Creating an Iconic Design

MS: It seems more and more of the "things" that we buy are designed with what General Motors original design director Harley Earl called "planned obsolescence". Planned obsolescence is exactly what it states: a plan to design and build something that will, in a short time, become obsolete.

Not necessarily due to advances in technology or materials but simply because of how it was originally designed to look. Don't try to make it perfect, timeless, a future classic or any of the other qualities that are the hallmarks of the the everyday objects that wind up in the automotive or product design museums. Just make it OK. Decent. Acceptable. Dull.

Every once in a while a product comes along that bucks this trend, that was not designed to become obsolete. Of course achieving this is much harder than turning out mediocre things in the same way that a great painting is much harder to do than the mass market "art" that you can purchase as a discount store.

For 10 years and counting, our MacBook Pro leather case has been such a product. A deft combination of proportion, elegance, grace, materials, details and functionality that has defined what a laptop case could be for a generation of Apple laptop owners. This DNA is what has kept it at the forefront of what Apple users consider the best MacBook Pro case, leather or otherwise.

Flight Jacket Design Influences

JKD - What was your initial inspiration for the MacCase Flight Jacket design?

MS - I had experimented with vertical cases for several years trying to create a form factor what would work and they always looked like we were trying to hard. People familiar with the creative process will know what I am talking about. For the most part, I was still working in nylon and polyester and I could not get the quality in the details that I was after.

The design was going to be small relative to our other models and when you make things smaller, the construction details become very important. This is much harder to do on high speed lines than if something is hand made.

In 2007 we launched the leather collection and that really changed everything for me. Once our customers showed me that they appreciated the quality we had built into the products and that they were not frightened by the prices, that opened up the door to do the vertical case that could have the quality that I striving for.

As far as direct inspiration, it was not one thing in particular. Doing the exterior design for the Jeep Wrangler before leaving Chrysler, I got a chance to really gain an understanding of working on an iconic product. Like Harley Davidson and Levis, Jeep is as American as it gets when it comes to history, authenticity and sub-culture.

There is a whole community of people to whom this product is part of their life, their family. You cannot mess that up. I learned from working on that design that you don't keep adding, you keep subtracting until all that is left is the essence of the thing. This is the approach I took with designed the Premium Leather Collection. It came to full fruition when I sat down to draw the MacCase Flight Jacket. This has evolved into the leather MacBook Pro case you see today

Creating the Best MacBook Pro Case

JKD - Looking at these early concept drawings, is it hard to choose which one to bring to production?

MS - Sometimes. Other times the right choice just speaks to you. That's the major difference between say, a student and a professional. As I have gotten older, I draw less and less and then things I draw are closer to what I want more and more. I can do all the preliminary work in my head.

For me now drawing is just proving what I have been constructing in my head will work. Most of the time it does. Sometimes it doesn't and that leads you down a different path. With the Flight Jacket, I had to strip away a lot of the "cultural baggage" to get to the essence. These drawing represent that process of cleaning and letting go so the true nature of the design could be revealed.

JKD - Was there a "eureka" moment when designing this Apple laptop case? Tell us about the gestation....

MS - Just like a musician or architect, product designers have a personal vocabulary, a design language that you cultivate that is your unspoken signature. Living in California, there is a lot of history here though you would not know it by looking around (laughing).

That history was created by people with intense courage and grit. I wanted to marry my personal design vocabulary to this idea of courage and grit. What would that look like? At the same time, I did not want a retro piece that copied what had already been done.

There are a lot of companies out there that make leather bags just like the ones you could by in 1880. I wonder if they are still using candles to light their homes as well. Doing retreads of anything is not interesting to me in any way.

So we use modern details and fittings and combine them with this classic, American leather to create something that no one has seen before, yet somehow looks familiar and attractive. There was no "eureka" moment with the design, just a honing away of all the unnecessary elements until all you are left with is a pure statement.

Response From the Apple Community

JKD - What was the initial reaction by Apple owners and users?

MS - We were fortunate that we received a lot of press for the design early on and because people had never seen anything like it before the momentum built very quickly. It's the type of moment you wait for as a creative person. It was the equivalent of having a hit record. I use that analogy all the time. Looking back now, the design was like a number one record. It's a tough thing to do twice.

One thing that was very rewarding and still happens all the time is when I talk to customers about their experience with the product. I had an commercial airline pilot call me and tell me he had to change the time he arrives to any given airport for work.

He shared he now needed to get to the airport 15-20 earlier than before he brought a Flight Jacket. I told him that the vertical design should make it easier to walk through a crowed place like an airport. He should be able to move through faster. He agreed but informed he what I am not realizing is how many people stop him to ask about the bag!

Where did he get it? Who makes it? Was it expensive? How much they like it, etc. He told me that no matter the airport or city he gets stopped several times between the curb and the gate going in and between the gate and the curb heading out to the point where he had to change his life. That what wearing the best MacBook Pro case will do for you, (laughing).

Beyond the MacBook Pro

JKD - Yes, but here we are 10 years later and not only do you still make it, you make more versions than ever and it's still a top seller....

MS - Yes to all of the above. As Apple's line of laptops and tablets has expanded to include all kinds of MacBook Pros and two to three different iPad form factors we have been able to create more and more models of the MacCase Flight Jacket for each of those users.

It just shows the flexibility inherent in the original design. The iPad version was the most difficult to do. It's really small. I was never happy with the original iPad version and now that we have sold the inventory down, a replacement model is coming that fixes what I didn't like.

JKD - What didn't you like? Tell us....

MS - Well, it's bad form to talk badly about something that you've done that someone might love. It's like talking bad about one of your kids. I'll say that the original iPad Flight Jacket was a bit compromised in it's proportions in order to make sure the iPads were protected as well as possible when inside.

Now that the 12.9 and 10.5s are the dominate iPad form factors, that compromise can be addressed. The new model is probably the best looking version ever. Most people will see it and see the same case, but believe me, it's better.

Anatomy of the Best Case Design

JKD - Looking at a sketch, what makes you say "this is the one" vs. the others?

MS - There's nothing left to take away. It's all there. In automobile design you have three elements you have a control. In movies it might be 4 or 5. Each discipline has it's variables. It's car design it's proportion, surface and details. In case design, it's proportion, materials and details.

The dominate, sub dominate and sub-ordinate relationships of any good design have to be present. I was going for something timeless, that would not become dated. I wanted the design to be one that would have "legs". It had to have that balance and perfect proportion.

JKD - So 10 years later, this model is still popular and resonating with technology users. Why do you think that is?

MS - As much as people love technology, at the end of the day, it's inherently disposable. A new iPad will be unveiled in 90 days and the current models begin their quick trip down the road of obsolescence at best, or irrelevancy at worst. Our MacBook Pro cases, all our Premium Leather models actually, stand in a stark contrast to this disposable culture.

I had a customer call from Miami a week ago to ask about our leather briefcase and I found out that he purchased one of our original premium leather shoulder bags 9 years ago. He said the bag has outlived all his laptops and it looked better today than the day it arrived.

This type of thing resonates with people who are surrounded by mostly temporary, short term things. When you are designing the best MacBook Pro case, all the elements have to be there. You have to have the best materials, beautiful proportions, the best build quality, all of it. Despite the market being flooded with cheap, poorly proportioned knockoff made from plastic, people who want the purity of the Flight Jacket design will continue to seek it out and purchase one.

Flight Jacket vs. MacBook Pro Case

JKD - I noticed on the MacCase website you have the product listed as "MacBook Pro cases" vs. calling the product Flight Jacket. Is there a reason for this?

MS - Yes and it makes me sad to say. While our hard core group of customers knows what the Flight Jacket is, the rest of the world thinks it's a piece of clothing left over from WW2. And for a long time a flight jacket was a piece of outerwear left over from WW2.

But potential customers are looking for MacBook Pro cases when they are looking for a case for their Apple laptop. In order to be found, we needed to have what it was that people are looking for on the page, not our model name. It's a cause of consternation.

JKD - You compared this design to having a number one song and how hard it is to have two number ones, to repeat the process. Do you have that in you, is there another number one waiting to be released?

MS - I knew this was coming... (laughing). Of course, that is what you work for. Creative people who only want to exist in a vacuum and complain when people like their work are liars. But having a hit is much more than doing everything you can to make the product perfect.

Your iPad or phone is full of songs that should have been big hits that most everybody else has probably never heard of. So having a successful product is about a great product yes, but it's also about the right product at the right time for the right price to a market that is looking for it and can find it.

Every product we have done since the Flight Jacket has been one of the best products in its category. It's takes a combination of many elements, many of which are out of your control to get it to the top of the charts. But you never stop trying!

A Leather MacBook Pro Backpack

JKD - One thing that sets the Flight Jacket apart is the backpack option. Where did you come up with that idea?

MS - I'm a big fan of hands free functionality. The first product under my own company was a backpack for artists. With this Apple laptop case, it was just a question of "why not"? I didn't know if customers wanted to pay $110 for a laptop sleeve.

I didn't know if a case as small and compact as the Flight Jacket was going to be accepted and having a backpack option just seem to make it all even more difficult to predict. But that's what makes it fun. Customers love the backpack option. It really expands the functionality of the case. It's not for everyone, but I am always surprised by how many people go for the backpack option and how cool it looks when it's worn that way. I think about 60% of customers get their Flight Jacket with the backpack option.

JKD - So where do you go from here? What's next for MacCase and the Flight Jacket.

MS - Long term, we'll have to see. The market is changing a lot. Not only for bags but for all consumer products. Will you need a laptop case if you can fold up your laptop and put it in your pocket?

Whatever happens though, one constant will remain. MacCase will continue to provide the best customer service in the industry. Name another company where you can call and talk to the boss or the person who designed the product you're interested in buying?

If you have a problem, I make sure it gets fixed. If you have a product question, who better to answer it than the person who designed the product? This is one of the things that sets MacCase apart and hopefully people will continue to value this.