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  • To Our Customers Waiting for Their Premium Leather iPad Air Cases
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

To Our Customers Waiting for Their Premium Leather iPad Air Cases

As a product based company, a company that puts real products into the world, the worst thing that can happen is to have orders for a product that is out of stock. We design and build products to ship them, not to not ship them. A bad situation can be made worse if the product that is out of stock is something that is popular, a best seller or new.

At MacCase we are constantly humbled by our customer's willingness to wait for our products if they are out of stock. We have been receiving quite a few orders for Premium Leather Air Folios in the last several weeks. The Air is a hot seller for Apple right now and many of the customers who are purchasing them are skipping the case options immediately available to them and are finding their way to to purchase one of our iPad Air cases. For this, we are very grateful. The process works great until you run out of product. This is what is going on at the moment.

All of our Premium Leather models take an in-exorbitant time to make. From the time to choose and approve the hides, to the cutting and assembly, our production process has more in common with the 19th century then the 21st. The fact that there are so few things made with such care and quality is what our customers tell us they love about our products. With our leather iPad cases, even more time and care must be taken to make sure all the elements are aligned and work perfectly. The tablet controls and ports are quite small and require great attention to detail when making the Folios to allow these controls to function properly. These details can be easily overlooked to save time and cut costs. We take calls and read emails all the time from customers unsatisfied with tablet cases made by other companies who did.

We do work very hard to insure that inventory is available but a number of circumstances can conspire against our best efforts: Availability of hides, strikes, floods, monsoons, protests, holidays and festivals that close businesses, the list goes on. Many times a large customer will come in and purchase remaining inventory leaving us weeks without product until the next production run can arrive. Combine these real world issues with the long production times and you have a situation where customers can be waiting despite our best efforts to keep solid inventory.

If you ever find yourself waiting for a MacCase model, be it one of our cases, Flight Jackets or our new Flight Case, please know that we appreciate your patience and everyone here at MacCase is working diligently to get you the product you have ordered as soon as possible. We are humbled by your loyalty and thank you for your trust and giving us the chance to put products we truly believe in into the world.

Leather iPad Cases for the Air 2 will be in stock shortly

  • Jody K. Deane

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