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  • The MacCase Leather iPad Case Bundle reviewed by iBusiness Magazine
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

The MacCase Leather iPad Case Bundle reviewed by iBusiness Magazine

The following is a reprint of the recent iBusiness Magazine review of the MacCase Premium Leather iPad Flight Jacket / Folio bundle by David Holan

MacCase has designed two premium leather iPad cases for your Air, and in this instance, are sold as a bundled pair.



MacCase Premium Leather iPad Air Case Bundle

The Flight Jacket

The first is the Flight Jacket, a portrait-style messenger bag designed to carry a laptop or iPad Air and a few essentials. Mine is the distressed leather in “Vintage”, or brown. It’s a lovely leather, put together with care, and looks very stylish as well. I did not get the should pad with mine, and wish now that I had. There is also a set of optional backpack straps that I did not review.

The larger of the two cases has an open sleeve pocket on the back, perfect for quick access to your flight documents, a zippered pocket on the outside of the top flap (where I store my head- phones), a handle at the top, and a removable pocket on the lower front. It’s nice to see an old fashioned metal clip for this pocket, and this pocket is large enough for a MacBook power supply and cables. Under the top flap, there is also an- other sleeve pocket, and the main compartment flap is held closed by some pretty strong magnets. It come with a shoulder strap which is easily long enough to be worn cross-body. All in all, its very stylish and functional - a pleasing combination.

The case is fully lined and padded, and will protect whatever you put in it with style. Keep in mind that this is not ‘hard protection’ so will not likely protect from a significant fall, but is more than enough to protect from everyday bumps and transport.

MacCase leather iPad case shoulder bag

The Premium Leather Air Folio

The matching vintage leather iPad case is just as pleasing and well-made. The folio utilizes a black velour interior, well padded with an internal hard protection, and, of course, the external is the same vintage distressed leather used in the Flight Jacket.

The folio uses smart sleep technology magnets, so the Air sleeps when the cover closes, and wakes when the cover opens. In regards to fit, there was one small issue with the case I reviewed. The cutout for the home button is not quite large enough to allow full and complete access, but access is sufficient and does not impede function significantly; it would be nice if it were lowered enough so that there was full access to the home button, but it’s not a deal breaker.

In terms of functionality, the case stands for viewing or typing via a flap on the back that the cover tucks into.

the best leather ipad cases

Things I like: the vintage leather, the contrast stitching, the logo, the designer’s logo on the back, the padding (protection) - even if it makes the folio a bit thicker.

And I like the set immensely, the Premium Leather Air Folio and the Flight Jacket. They look stunning together and provide stylish protection for the Apple tablet. Taken together, these are two of the best leather iPad cases you will find anywhere for any price.

The Air folio is a snug fit in the Flight Jacket, but for me, that feels more secure than the Air in the larger case without a cover. It doesn’t need one, to be sure, but that’s my preference. I prefer to keep the Air in a cover anyway, just to avoid dropping it or for further functionality and protection. Aluminum and glass is slippery.


Overall rating: The MacCase Premium Leather iPad Case Bundle is Highly recommended.


The Premium Folio for Air has an MSRP of $129, the Flight Jacket is $199, and the bundle is sold exclusively at for $299.

  • Jody K. Deane

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